Forced Bad African Experience

June and Ray accept a two year contract in Nigeria with
great anticipation and excitement, but end up
regretting their decision. (MF, nc, blkmail, intr)


June and Ray had been married for a year. Ray couldn’t
believe his good fortune to have found a woman as
gorgeous as June. He didn’t consider himself very
appealing to women and as a result lacked confidence
when he was around them.

He wasn’t a particularly good looking man, and by the
time he reached 25 he still hadn’t dated much. He stood
5′ 8″ tall, was slim, and not too well endowed. As a
result, he all but worshipped June and tried his best
to give her everything she asked for.

Often, he marveled about how beautiful his 22 year old
Irish bride was, with her pale white skin, flashing
green eyes and long, red hair. She was slender and
tall, standing about 5’7″ with long, shapely legs, flat
stomach and an incredibly tight ass. Though of medium
size, her boobs were cone shaped, almost pointed, with
a slight up tilt. Her large pink nipples, surrounded by
pale, puffy areolas, stood out prominently when

Because her breasts were so firm, she often chose not
to wear a bra, even when she went out in public. She
knew she was attractive and loved to embarrass her
rather straight laced husband by sometimes wearing
tight, see-through cotton tops so that her nipples
could be easily seen by everyone as they jutted against
the thin material of her top.

The only problem with going to Nigeria, where Ray had
accepted a two year contract, was that June just didn’t
care for black men, even though her encounters with
them had been quite limited. In her brief experience,
she had found them sweaty, smelly and poorly spoken.
Worst of all, they had seemed overconfident in the way
they spoke to her, almost to the point of being
overbearing and intrusive. She felt uneasy around them
in other ways she couldn’t explain.

Still, they had jumped at the chance to go to Nigeria
when Ray’s company asked for volunteers. It had been
explained that Ray’s wages would be tripled (in
American money), that they would have servants and a
live on a large property secured by a tall fence and
heavy gates. And all for the equivalent of about $20 a

It had seemed too good an opportunity to pass up and
Ray told her excitedly that it was a change to have the
honeymoon they could not afford a year earlier. In
truth, June would have preferred almost any other
destination, but she had kept her fears and misgivings
to herself.

In Nigeria —–

In the beginning, everything went well. As promised,
they lived on a lovely property and had three
domestics, two women and a male gardener. The grounds
were large and full of greenery which June enjoyed
looking after. To their surprise and delight, the
property even had a small swimming pool.

To help pass the time, June decided that she would
attempt to write a book. It also provided her with a
handy excuse for not associating with the wives of the
other white workers, most of whom she found boring and
not her sort. Since their arrival, June had received
many invitations to join various women’s groups, go to
morning coffees and other such, but she had declined
most of them, as she felt vaguely uncomfortable around
many of the other wives.

After a few months, June had found it almost impossible
to go shopping. Whenever she went to the village she
would be followed closely by a small group of black men
who would stare at her and make comments amongst
themselves, speaking in a language June couldn’t
understand. The situation so unnerved her that she
finally began sending her domestic to do the food

By :Savvas

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