First time with my sexy sister

My sister is a 17 year old brunette. She’s about 5’10 with legs that don’t stop, a perfect ass and a medium set of tits. She didn’t hide her body from me at all and I think she knew I liked looking at her.
My sister and I weren’t really close when she hit 14, she didn’t like when I was watching her, admiring her budding body. She did like teasing me though. She’d always bend over in a low cut tank top giving me a view of her milky white tits or short shorts giving me a view of her panties. Each time I had to run to the bathroom to jerk off and she knew it.

One day she caught me jerking off in the bathroom, I didn’t think anyone was home so I left the door unlocked. I was standing there stroking my cock thinking about cumming on her and she stood there with a look of shock on her face when I started blowing my load and said her name. I heard her gasp and I turned to her and blushed and she ran from the doorway. I cleaned up and pulled up my pants then went to her door. I knocked and she said “come in” so I did. She was sitting on her bed and wouldn’t look at me. I told her I was sorry and she said she wouldn’t say anything. I said thanks and left her alone.
A few weeks later I was taking a shower and she was home. She knocked on the door and said it was an emergency, so I opened the door. She ran over to the toilet and pissed so loud I could hear it over the shower. I heard it flush and thought she would leave. I kept showering and didn’t think of her still being in there until I heard the curtain open and felt two tits on my back. My cock started growing and she whispered in my ear “I see my big brother is getting a hard on for me.” She kissed my neck and gripped my cock. She started stroking it until it was completely hard. She told me I had a beautiful cock and came around my front and kissed me deep and hard. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and she sucked on mine. I squeezed her ass and felt her bare pussy on my cock. I didn’t know she shaved her pussy but what a great surprise! She told me we should get out of the shower and I quickly agreed, we dried each other off and she led me to her bedroom by my very hard cock.

She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled me close by my cock. She kissed and licked the head and then my balls. Always the tease. She stroked my cock and asked me if I had been waiting a long time for her to suck me off. My answer was, of course, yes. She quickly took my cockhead into her mouth and sucked on it. I was in heaven as my sister gave me a terrific blow job. I told her I was about to cum and she pulled off and told me she wanted my hot load on her tits. I happily obliged her and sprayed her tits with cum. She moaned in pleasure as I did this. I then laid her down and spread her legs. I slowly licked her very wet pussy lips and she moaned in pleasure, I found her clit and sucked it, she came very quickly. I asked her if she had ever been fucked and she said “no.” I was so hot then, I got to be the first person she gave head to, the first person that came on her, the first person who licked her pussy and now the first one to fuck her tight little cunt.

I pulled her legs up and put them on my shoulders and guided my cock into her pussy, it was like a vice. She winced as I broke her hymen, but got used to it very quickly. She started moaning very loudly and begged me to fuck her. I pounded her tight pussy and she groaned and came multiple times on my cock. I felt my cock starting to throb and swell in her cunt and told her I was going to cum. She quickly slid off and sucked me off to a fabulous orgasm.
Since then she sneaks into my room to suck and fuck me every night and we do it every time we can. We’ve fucked almost everywhere. She’s a terrific fuck now and can’t get enough cock.

By :Mark Billich

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