First Time With My Own Daddy

If you would’ve told me a year ago that i’d be fucking my father everyday, I would’ve spat in your face and called you a nasty piece of shit.3

I never thought my dad would be the only one I wanted inside me, and it all started on the night of my 18th birthday…
My daddy pushed me on the bed face first, and then roughly lifted my waist so I was face down ass up. He gripped the hem of my shorts along with my panties and pulled them down hard and immediately stuck his entire face in ny pussy. He was eating my pussy from the back. He was devouring my pussy, sucking my clit while fingering my tight butthole, smacking my ass and jiggling my cheeks on his face. All I could moan was, “Yes daddy! Don’t stop!” and as I started to cum I yelled, “DADDY. FUCK YES IM CUMMING, DADDY!!”4

Suddenly, I woke up to the sound of my bedroom door opening and my dad standing in the entrance, looking at me nervously, “Kayla, you awake?” I immediately sat up straight in my bed, rubbed my eyes, and shook my head yes. Did I really just have a dream about my FATHER eating my pussy?? I was so confused.11

“Happy 18th Birthday babygirl!” He brought me a mini cake with two candles that made 18. He sat on my bed, it creaking under his weight, and he lit the candles. I smiled brightly at my dad as he sang happy birthday to me, even if he does this every year. After my dream, I looked at my father differently. I suddenly noticed how attractive he was: 6’3, 210 lbs, pretty muscular, a chiseled jawline w a salt & pepper beard and the dark black hair salt & pepper hair to match. He was in shaped and had the prettiest green eyes I ever saw.

After he was finished singing, I abruptly hugged him. “I love you daddy.” My nipples immediately hardened as I came into contact with my father so I quickly pulled back, then smiled shyly. “I love you too, baby.” He kissed my on my forehead and ruffled my hair, playfully.
“Alright, get up and get dressed kiddo,” my dad got up and said, “your mother will be here soon to pick you up and take you shopping.”
I groaned. Ever since my mom and dad got divorced a year ago after she cheated, our mother daughter relationship had been very strained. “Do I have to daddy? I rather go shopping with you!” He smiled warmly at me and said, “I know how you feel about your mother since everything happened, but she’s still your mother Kayla.” “I knowww daddy, but can’t we just reschedule?”
“Well sweetie, call your mother and ask to reschedule. If she’s okay with it, i’ll take you shopping.”

He left the room and I picked up the phone to call my mom. After a lot of begging, she agreed to do something with me tomorrow and I squealed in excitement. I ran to my dad’s room but stopped when I seen the door cracked open. I looked through and saw my dad in his chair, cock out, masturbating. I heard the “fap fap fap” sound of his cock against his balls and his deep groans. His cock was massive, at least 8.5 inches. He was looking at a picture at his phone and moaning, “Fuck, Kayla. I love your tight little pussy Kayla.” And I realized the picture was me in bikini from our beach trip last year. My eyes were glued to his cock and I reached down my shorts and noticed I was soaking wet. I began to run my finger back and forth across my clit as I watched my dad play with his cock to me. After awhile, I began moaning and my dad looked back and we locked eyes.11

Neither of us moved. Neither of us stopped. We continued playing with ourselves, maintaining eye contact. We kept going and I took one of my 36DD breasts out of my tank top and twisted my nipple as I rubbed my clit. My dad was directly facing me now, jerking his beautiful cock. As he moaned Kayla, I moaned daddy and before I knew it, we were climaxing at the same time. I screamed, “fuckkkk daddy cum in my pussy!!” and he groaned, “fuckk Kayla, daddy’s cumming in your little cunt”
We caught our breath, and I think we both felt post-climax guilt. He turned away and I left to go back to my room.5
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I lay in bed, thinking about what just happened. Me and my dad, knowingly, masturbated and came together. At that moment, I knew our relationship would never be the same again.

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