first time for a teenager with a girl he’s lusted for for years

Louise was my first and you never forget your first. She lived in the same neighborhood and we rode the same bus to school. It was a rural neighborhood and everyone knew everyone. When I was lucky I got the seat next to her on the bus. She was a senior and me a sophomore. I spent hours masturbating thinking about her. It should have worn my pecker down to a nub I did it so often thinking of all of the parts of her I lusted after. She had luscious full lips with a sweet smile that was always painted with pink lip stick . Dark brown eyes smiled every time her mouth did. Shiny brunette hair that fell loose around her shoulders or sometimes in a pony tail. I dreamed of planting kisses up that soft smooth neck. I was a much better lover in my fantasies than in real life…more confident and experienced.) She also had a lovely pair of full breasts that she kept harnessed with Dixie cup bras covered with tight sweaters. I was totally in lust with her, especially her breasts. Normally Seniors don’t associate with sophomores but we were always good friends growing up with her brothers and she was always hanging around watching us play ball or just hanging out. She knew I lusted for her badly but she was hooked up with another guy who had already graduated and had a reputation of a bad ass and I’d seen what he did to a guy that tried to make a move on Louise. So, I didn’t mess with her. The most we did was tell dirty jokes, steal a smoke sometimes and mostly talk.. Louise was the first girl I’d ever heard talk dirty. She knew some of the filthiest and sexiest jokes I’d ever heard.. She was easy to talk to and I never felt nervous or shy like I did with some other girls at school… guess it was because we had known each other so long.

I had to walk almost a mile to catch the school bus and we usually met about half way since she lived closer. When I’d see her in the morning it excited me and an excited teenage boy gets a hard on in 2.3 seconds flat. I carried my books in front of me every time. She always greeted me with a smile and a wink and a ‘hi cutie’. That would make my day. I wasn’t very experienced. There had been some necking (or scrounging as we called it back then) Some back seat tries for second base and dreams of 3rd or home. Most young girls in the 60’s thought the ground would open up and hell snatch them down if they even touched a penis much less lick one. Every now and then you’d find an ‘easy’ girl that would let you feel her up and she might rub your dick through your jean in the back row at the movies. Today is a lot different. Anyway, back to luscious Louise….

I remember my 16th birthday… we were walking home from school on a Friday afternoon and she asked what I was doing for the weekend. I told her that it was my birthday and we were going out to dinner to celebrate. She stopped dead still in the middle of the road, pulled me up against her in a nice soft hug ..pressing those nice firm breasts against my chest and said “Happy Birthday, Cutie” then she kissed me… kinda of a friendly birthday kiss… but square on the lips. I nearly had an orgasm right there.. Then she turned up her street and waved bye saying “enjoy your birthday” like nothing happened at all. It took me a minute or two to get my feet working… I just watched her walk away savoring the view and the taste of her lipstick. It was the best birthday gift I’d ever gotten !!! up to that point !

Summers were great because Louise wore shorts… short shorts. She had long firm ‘woman’ legs, not skinny teenybopper legs and years in the sun left them freckled and tan. I didn’t have a car yet but lots of my trips to the store for a coke strangely went by her house… which was about two blocks out of the way ! I was always hoping to see her laying out on that quilt in the sun in her bathing suit… Those nice full breasts sticking up and those long legs bent at the knees and slightly apart…her flat tanned stomach slathered with baby oil and iodine…. lots of fantasies there.

By :fabman9693

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