First spanking

The loud rumbling sound of a muscle car pulling in to my driveway. Broke my concentration. I put the barbell back in the rack and sat up to see who it was. The late 70’s primared gray Z28 belonged to my wife’s friend Shirley. She got out of the car and walked toward the open garage door.

“Any body here?” She yells out.

“Come on in. I’m here.”

“Is Misty here?”

“No she’s still at work.” My attention went right to her sexy body. Dressed in a tank top no bra, Daisey dukes and flip-flops. And her attention went right to mine staring at my growing cock in nothing but a pair of jogging shorts.

“It’s nice to see your still working out.”

“Yea I got to take care of my body.” Her nipples were poking through her shirt.

“Would you like to have a beer?”

“Sure” I get off the weight bench and go to the fridge and get us one. We both drink and make small talk a few minutes. She has ben my wife’s best friend for years. We have had threesomes on several occasions. So I got more and more turned on. After the 3rd. beer she took her shirt off. Kicked off her flip-flops and teasingly unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. They fell to her feet standing nakeid before me. She through her arms around me and we kissed passionately.

“I got to have you inside me! I’m so horny right now!” I push my shorts down. She watches as I guide my cock toward her pussy. Being only 4ft.8 and barely 100lbs. I pick her up my cock goes all the way in to her slick tight pussy. She wraps her legs around me and tosses her head back.

“Ahhhh……Yes….That’s so good!” We keep this position fucking until we both cum. After I empty my balls in her. I look toward the door and there stands my wife. Standing there her arms crossed with a pissed off look on her face. In a white blouse,black skirt and black high heeled boots. Her glossy pink lipstick and perfect painted up face.

“Honey this aint what it looks like.” Putting Shirley back on the floor. My white sticky go leaking from her pussy.

“I know damn well what it looks like!…….You son of a bitch I’m busting my ass every day at work while your at home fucking this trailer park tramp!” She turns and walks away. We watch her walk down in to the back yard to a yellow bell bush. She brakes a long swich from the bush and rips the leaves off of it. She walks back.

“Get your ass in the house!” I reach for my shorts.

“No! Leave them off!”

“But baby somebody might see me naked!”

“I don’t care!”

“Maybe I should go.” Shirly says.

“Oh hell no! You get inside to!”

“Baby Why you home so early?”

“Its our anniversary! You dumb ass!” She strikes my naked ass with the switch. I run across the driveway She swats it at Shirley. Striking her across her thighs. Misty chases us to the bedroom. Misty jumps on me pushing me on to the bed and punches me over and over in the face. Knowing I diserve this I don’t try to fight back. She rolls me over and drags my legs off the bed.

“Get on him and hold him down.” Shirley straddles my back and sits on me while Misty in a rage wears my ass out with the switch. Tears run down my face as I cry in agony. She finally stops after my ass is blistered red. She drops the switch. Shirley lets me up. I just roll over and look at my wife.

“I’m sorry babby!..I’m Sorry!” She stands silent I can see the gears turning in her head and wonder whats next.

“You aint never fucked me standing up before. Why not?”

“Ugh…Ugh…..Don’t know.” She is a BBW. And would be hard to do it that way.

“Maybe its because I’m fat. Be careful how you answer that.”

“Ugh… I’m not strong enough.”

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