First Real Spanking

Don’t get me wrong, James has spanked me in the past, but never for an actual offense. For the past year of so of our relationship I have been slowly bringing out the spanko in him…An element of his personality that I don’t think he even realized he had. When I first met him of course I knew he had potential, or else I could never have allowed myself to fall so head over heels. Being 9 years older than I, he has somewhat become the father figure in my life, helping me to be the best person I can be and saving me from self destructive behavior. But thus far, all of the spankings he has delivered have been somewhat experimental, to see how much pain I can handle and how much he enjoys it (And he says he loves it, he truly does).

Last week, we made up an agreement that if I didn’t stop eating sugar in the enormous quantities that I do now, he would punish me however he were to see fit. I’m only 19 so my metabolism is quite high, but I tend to binge and eat junk food until I feel sick. After a few days of healthy eating, without thinking, I ate a candy bar that I found in the pantry. Well, since I’d already messed things up, I would allow myself to have some of the Coke that was in the fridge. And then another glass. And then an ice cream sandwich. Then I went downstairs to the Duane Reade and purchased a small box of chocolate, a milkshake, a box of jelly beans and went back to the apartment to enjoy my feast and watch tv. I knew that James was headed out with some of his friends to play gold after work, and wouldn’t be back for several hours.

Feeling sick, I tried to decide whether or not I should keep this little binge a secret. On one hand I wanted to make it seem like our deal was working…I didn’t want him to give up on me…Plus I could just hide the evidence and he’d never know. On the other hand I sort of wanted to test the waters, see what kind of punishment I could expect in the future…Whatever my decision would be, I wouldn’t be the one to make it… I looked up from the bed and saw that James in the doorway, smirking.

My heart skipped a beat. I knew there was no point in trying to hide the discarded wrappers that were littered over the bed. They were in plain view and James was just nodding his head, as if this were something he would expect of me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked trying to sound nonchalent.

“The guy who was going to drive us to the course couldn’t come…So we had no way to get there. But it looks like it all worked out well, because giving you what you are about to get will be much more fun than any golf I’ve ever played.”

My heart started to pound…This was going to be interesting…I worried however that he would go too easy on me…I like to be spanked HARD, and it had been a while since he had done so.

“Okay,” he said, “I guess since you don’t care about yourself or your body, you won’t care about what I’m going to do to it now.” He was smiling, but then all of a sudden he put on a serious face and ordered me to take off my clothes and go get the wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer. Already giddy with anticipation, I hurried to go get it. When I got back he was in just his boxers and his belt was hanging over the chair in our bedroom.

“You bitch” he said, “You nasty pig, you got milk and fucking crumbs of chocolate all over the bed. (We call each other bitch and asshole regularly, the terms are used in fun, almost terms of endearment really). James is very anal when it comes to his possessions and tidiness, so it was to be expected that he’d be mad that 3 of the tiniest slivers of chocolate had escaped my mouth and found their place on the comforter…That wasn’t such a big deal I thought, but the empty, leaking milkshake bottle…That wasn’t meant to have happened…I hurried to get a wet cloth to clean it up before it stained.

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