First dates can have some surprises

Before I start this I better explain a few things
first. I’m not gay, bi-curious, or attracted to men.
However, I’m not a gay basher or against gays in any
way. I’ve known some gay boys, and while they’ve never
been close friends I talk with them sometimes. The
reason for this disclaimer will become apparent as the
story progresses.

I’ve had my driver’s license since I was 16,
last year that is. My mom has to work long hours and
shift work since my dad left and I have to drive my
brother and sisters around, so they let me take
driver’s-ed early. It’s called a hardship allowance.
Whatever, it gave me the ability to have a date, and I
was getting ready for my first one.

There is a new girl at school. Shelly. She’s in
seventh grade with me. She’s shy and hasn’t made a lot
of friends, but she’s cute and I thought it might be
fun. We’re going to the drive-in tonight. I haven’t
even checked what’s showing. It’s the only show in
town and you go see what they play, or you watch TV.
Having a date watching TV with my little brother and
sisters in the room was not going to happen, so it had
to be the drive-in.

I told Mrs. Shaney next door I’d be home by midnight
and she said she’d look in on the kids during the
evening and put them to bed, so I don’t have to worry
about them tonight.

It gets dark early now so I left the house at 6:30 and
went to Shelly’s house. She met me at the door so I
didn’t meet her parents. We got to the drive-in and
the show started at 7:00. The places up front were all
taken and we had to park against the back fence. That
was good since no one would be walking by the car on
the way to or from the snack bar. I got us some hot
dogs and drinks and got back to the car in time to see
the start of Dracula. Good. A scary one. We had moved
to the backseat for more room.

We finished the dogs by the time things were starting
to get scary and Shelly snuggled against me. She
hugged my arm and I could feel her breast pressed
against it. I enjoyed that for a while, then put my
arm around her shoulders. She moved in tight against
me. I slowly let my hand drift down until I could feel
the top of her breast. She didn’t notice or ignored
it, so I moved it down a little further until my
fingers could feel her nipple. I didn’t move it but
just let it sit there. She seemed to get used to it,
so finally I began to stroke it gently. I could feel
it getting hard.

After a while she reached up and held my hand then
deliberately pressed it more firmly against her
breast. With my left hand I raised her chin and gently
kissed her on the mouth. We stayed like that for a
while, my heart racing, then I moved my left hand to
her breast and began working on the zipper down her
back. I got it to her waist and began undoing her bra.
This was my first attempt to undo a bra so it took me
a little while but I finally got it.

She slipped her arm out of the dress sleeve and I
moved my hand into her dress. Her nipple was hard in
my palm. I felt her breast as we kissed. I slipped my
tongue gently into her mouth and she played with the
tip of it with the tip of her tongue.

Things got hotter until I slid my hand down toward her
skirt. She jerked upright and pulled her clothes
together. I figured I’d blown it, but she kissed me
again, and holding my hand she placed it on her bare
thigh. But she held it there, not letting me move it

She hung her head and said, “I’ve got a secret.”

The silence went on until I started to say something
but she interrupted me. “I’m not just a girl. I’m a
boy too. I’m both.” She implored me to not say
anything at school, or anywhere else. I kissed her and
promised. She took my hand moved it to her pussy which
was wet, but clearly there was more equipment than was
to be expected.

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