First anal with her

Although i and julia were became good sex partners but i never did anal with julia. As i was 23 and she was 33, so i thought she might not be ready for this. We met on that friday night, started sex as usual. My hand was in her panty and i was rubbing her hairy pussy with my palm while kissing her sweet lips. She was enjoying. She removed her shirt and then loosen her bra. Her big melons were again in front of me and i burried my mouth between them. She pressed both boobs. then i grabbed her one boob and started to squeeze her boob with my hand. she was rotating her hips in air.
i was on my knees now and pulled her panty down and started to kiss her thighs. She started moaning. now my tongue was touching her vagina. i was rubbing my tongue between her pussy lips. She kept on moaning softly. Then she opened her pussy lips for me to insert my tongue. i inserted full tongue in her wet pussy and started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. She was shaking her hips more wildly now. then she started to rotate her hips. while i was continuosly fucking her pussy with my tongue. my cock was rock hard at this moment. now her pussy was dropping pre-cum on my tongue. my tongue was covered with a layer of her pre-cum. i did not close my mouth and stood we both were standing in front of each other. i pointed her about my tongue. She accepted that. i pulled my tongue out it was covered with her pre-cum and she started to lick her own pre-cum badly. and after licking all she demanded for more. i again repeated all the process. then she asked me to remove all of my clothes. i removed my clothes quickly. She asked me to lie on bed. i was lying now and she was standing beside me. She took my cock in her mouth and started to rub her tongue on my pink cock. she was sucking it badly while she was also inserted a finger in her pussy and started moving it slowly. i knew her finger was covered with her pre-cum. so i asked her to put her pre-cum covered finger in my mouth which she did happily. i licked her finger nicely and asked for some pussy juice. She again inserted her finger in her pussy and then in my mouth. Our bodies were burning like fire.
She then made Rockygy pos in front of me, i thought she wants cock now. i started to rub my cock on her pussy. she said “no…….please i need some more licking..”.
i said”sure julia”.
i was behind her so i started licking her wet pussy. i again inserted my tongue and started to fuck her with my tongue. Then she stopped me and said”can you lick my….?”
“what?” i said.
“can you lick my….a…ass hole…….if you don’t mind?” she asked
i was stunned. it was the first time that she demanded for ass licking. so i said”anything for you julia”.
She smiled.
i saw her big round butts and in the middle of them there was a very small hole. i put my middle finger on her asshole and started rubbing her asshole. She moaned again. Then i put some spit on her asshole and with that spit i inserted middle finger in her ass a little first. she moaned loudly this time as she was enjoying this. Then i inserted two fingers, one of each hand in her asshole and stretched it little. It was pinkish from inside. now i inserted my tongue a little bit in her asshole. Her body shivered badly. i Started rotating my tongue in her asshole. She was moaning”ooohhhh…….fuck……its won…..derful…….oh baby……..fuck it…..fuck it hard………oh my god…….mmmm”. I was listening her words and her words were making my cock even more harder. Her asshole was wet now so i inserted 2 fingers in her ass and started moving in n out.
she started to move her body against my fingers like she was fucking my fingers. And i did not want to loose such a golden opportunity so without asking her i started rubbing my cock head on her wet stretched tight asshole. Now she was trying to intake my cock. I guided my cock head in her tight wet ass and gave her a little hard stroke. Nearly half of my 8 inch cock was gone in her ass and she screamed with fun at that time. She pressed her body against me. I bent on her body and grabbed her one boob in my hand and started squeezing it hard while i started stroking her ass. She was moaning all the time. Now she was speaking some never listened words”fuck my ass…..its for you….open it wide……tear it…….fit your full cock in my ass”. And these words were making me more tough now i was fucking her ass like a mad bull. When my full cock went in her ass my balls were touching her hips. After pumping her ass again and again with hard strokes,i could feel that my big balls were now filled with hot cum and now my cock wanted to shoot all. Julia was also fingering her pussy hard while i was fucking her ass in Rockygy pos. And then suddenly volcano errupted, Thick spurts of hot cum one after one started to land in her ass. Her body became still for some time until i finished my load in her ass. And then she exploded her love juice on bed as i finished.
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