Finally persuaded my girlfriend to go to the swingers club

My girlfriend and I have been together over 11 years, she’s not very adventurous but loves to dirty talk during sex. She especially loves to talk about gangbangs, dogging etc while we fuck. I’m bisexual and she’s curious.

I’ve been trying to get her into the lifestyle for some time but she’s never ‘confident’ enough with her body to go any further than fantasy, her excuse is always ‘when I lose a bit of weight’.

She’s no BBW but a nice size 16, long brown hair and an amazing pussy.

I managed one day to convince her to attend a local swingers club one day under the guise ‘we’ll go, wear masks and just play with each other and watch’…. She had other plans!

We planned it all out, she dressed up in black stockings, suspenders, a leather collar and bunny mask, she covered this all with loose fitting joggers and a hoody.

We got to the club on a bisexual Saturday evening and the nerves kicked in for her.

“It’ll be fine” I said, “no one will recognize you and we will just stick with each other”.

We got out and walked in, payed the entrance fee and headed straight for the locker room.

We both stripped off as I attached the lead to her collar, she loves the control.

I then told her to explore. We always talked about gloryholes and how she would love me to be one the other side. This was the safest place for her as she would be secluded.

As we walked around, I could see her confidence growing, from holding her hand in front of her pussy to slowly moving it to the side.

The building was a maze of 3 floors and we double backed several times walking around. There were guys standing strategically in the corridors that gently reached out and touched her ass as she walked. I could tell she loved it as she would slow down each time.

Needless to say, I loved it too. Watching her walk near naked, exposed in lingerie in front of all these people.

After some exploration, we stumbled upon the gloryhole room. There were 6 cubicles in two rows. We checked and I told her to go in the middle as I went into the one adjacent.

We peeked at each other through the hole first before I got up and stuck my dick through the hole.

She started slowly sucking and lapping at my cock. From the moment her lips touched I could tell she’s never been this horny in her life.

I heard her moans through the wall as she sucked and licked my cock and balls, taking it as deep as she could, gagging on my dick.

Suddenly, she stopped. She gently pushed my dick out of the hole and I bent down.

“Someones stuck their dick through” she whispered.

She moved her head slightly and in the dark light I could just make out a cock poking through the hole opposite.

“Do you like the look of it?” I said.

She turned her head and stared at it for a while before turning back.

“It’s huge”

I could see the lust in her eyes, through the hole I just said “Touch it”.

“No, I don’t think I’m ready” she said. “Just put your dick back through”.

I stood up and put it back through. She started sucking again as I held on to the top of the wall. The saliva coated my dick and I could feel it tripping down my balls.

She then stood up and I could feel the warm moist wetness of her pussy slowly push back on me.

I’ve got a girthy 8″ dick so she always takes it slow to start.

I stayed completely still as she slowly backed up, getting faster each time. Before long she was pounding me, the wall of the cubicle started shaking and her moaning intensified.

Her moaning got louder and louder and before long I could hear her cumming through the wall onto my dick. She squirted against the wall, some of it coming through onto my side, running between my legs.

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