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Tick, tock…
The clock keeps ticking. I have only been here for an hour and I still have two hours to go. Usually this wouldn’t be too much of a problem since there is internet and social networking sites are very engaging. I am sitting in this mandatory training that those who get paid way more than I do deemed was so crucial. In reality it is a complete waste of time. Usually I can sit through these and make it through without wanting to jump off a cliff but today is proving to be more difficult that other days. I have not had ummm relations with another person in quite some time. It also didn’t help that sitting right across from me was Elyse Black.

Now let me describe Elyse, you wouldn’t say that she is straight out of a magazine but she just has this aura about her. She is about 5’ 6’ and if I had to guess about 140 lbs. Her eyes are the lightest shade of hazel, I would call them gray but I’m sure I would get made fun of. I’ve never met a Latin women with hazel eyes. They are very intriguing. She has a very soft yet firm looking heart shaped ass. You can definitely tell that she puts in some time at the gym and definitely squats. She wears a 36D bra, now you probably wonder how I know this. Well no I’m not a creeper, I just happened to be walking down the hall and overheard a conversation that I clearly wasn’t meant to hear. She’s never caught me looking at them but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they absolutely look amazing in a business shirt. Now I don’t get me wrong I look at more than just her chest, she has beautiful face that sits atop her gorgeous body. In reality though I wouldn’t call her a supermodel, I also can’t say that I can find anything wrong with her.

Today she is wearing a white blouse with a navy blue skirt that stops just at the knee. I don’t know why I noticed this but her legs were bare. Now I don’t claim to know everything about women’s fashion but I can’t remember any time that she or any of any of the other women had not worn some sort of hosiery.

Let me interject here, my name is Anthony. I am taller than most and have an athletic build. I played high school football but I didn’t play in undergrad because I was tired of being yelled at and told to run for no reason. So I graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and quickly got a job in a firm. Little did I know that in accepting that job would subject me to many of these awful meetings.

Time crawled on and eventually the freed me from this torture that they called efficiency training. All my peers began filing out of the meeting room, making their way back to their daily tasks. I headed back to my office when I felt someone hurriedly brush past me. When I looked to see who it was I saw that it was Elyse and she seemed to be moving with restrained haste. It was that kind of movement that you make when you are really in a hurry but you’re in a place where you can’t just run. I was ready to just shrug it off thinking she had to use the bathroom but just as I was about to turn the corner to my office I saw her glance around and quickly duck into the file room. Now even if we take out the hasty movement, Elyse’s job has nothing to do with anything found in that room. Of course I was curious so I made my way to the file room and slowly opened the door. I stepped inside the door, shutting it behind me and what did I see? Elyse spun around and almost fell over. She grasped the wall and a nearby shelf for balance, she had on a pair of light blue lace boy shorts and around her ankles was a pair of dark tights around her ankles.

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