Father Fucks Me HARD !!

They lay side by side for a while. When Jack opened his eyes he saw Eleanor’s face close to his on the pillow. Her eyes bright and smiling and full of

Jack woke up with a raging hard on. Thinking about the 100% verified real incest videos he watched on realincestvids.com the night before. Morning wood was the best wood as Marion often observed, thick and hard with the skin smooth and tight over his engorged shaft. On the weekends they would often delay getting up and make love in the soft dawn glow filtering through the curtains. When the children were little this was often the only time to be alone and the faint sound of morning cartoons had been a frequent soundtrack to their lovemaking through the years. But Marion was at work already as he lay in the sheets with his erection making a fine tent. He had had a very erotic dream about Eleanor.

In his dream she stood before him naked, her mouth open in hot desire as she looked up to kiss him, their tongues thrashing as he squeezed her full breasts. As he fondled her breasts he felt his arousal grow and his need became desperate as he tried in the dream to enter her. Then he woke up, still hard and desperate, the bed beside him big and empty, so he couldn’t roll into Marion’s waiting and welcoming embrace for a morning quickie.

He reached for the laptop and opened a tab to his favourite porn site, searching for “big tit POV” videos to continue the dream. He found one that looked sort of like Eleanor, longish blonde hair, young, curving thighs, large breasted. He pushed his boxers and the sheets down and started stroking himself.

Eleanor padded quietly down the hall. She was always light on her feet thanks to ballet classes when she was little. She needed some info from dad for her student loan for the next semester at university and hoped that he was awake. The door to mom and dad’s room was ajar. She heard some rhythmic breathing and peeked around the corner, assuming that dad was still sleeping heavily. Pulling her head back, she stifled her gasp so that he wouldn’t know she was there. Dad was very naked on top of the bed and very much rubbing his very large and erect penis while watching some porn on the laptop.

She took a few moments to compose herself and then risked another peek. Dad’s attention was on the computer screen, so she could risk a better view. She knew she shouldn’t be watching, but she couldn’t help herself. She was transfixed by her daddy’s open sexuality. She admired his middle aged body and hairy chest. She was in awe of the size and thickness of his erection. Mesmerized, she watched how he varied the touch on his hard shaft, stroking slowly, sometimes circling his swollen purple head, and sometimes gently brushing the tight skin underneath. With his other hand, he would cup and caress his large balls, pulled tight in their scrotum. Slowly she unzipped her shorts and pushed her fingers inside to rub at her swelling clitoris as she watched. She was fascinated when his breathing quickened and his grip tightened into the classic closed fist she had used to give boyfriends hand jobs. Faster and faster dad stroked as she rubbed her clit harder and harder. With his free hand he reached over and grabbed a tissue from the bed side table, quickly spreading it on his abdomen while he continued to pump his cock and watch the screen from which Eleanor could hear moans as the woman in the video reached her own climax. With a grunt, dad shot his thick load onto the tissue, continuing to gently work his cock as it softened, extracting every bit of come and pleasure from it. Eleanor pulled her head back, jamming a hand into her mouth to stifle a moan as the tremors of her own orgasm shuddered through her.

By :Melanie Lorie

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