Father and Daughter unite in intimate love and breeding

Jess has had such an arduous day at work, at her Saturday job at the local village greengrocers. It was the start of July – the middle of summer, and the hottest day so far this year. Villagers were out in droves, stocking up on their supplies for barbecues and parties.

Jess knew this was just the start of a long afternoon into evening, as her work was not done when she finished her shift; it was her dear daddy’s 60th birthday today and her and her mum had organised a surprise party at their house. Dad was out with his boys today for a driving day at a racetrack as a present from them, leaving Jess and her mum to get everything ready for him and all the guests.

Jess brought home with her a bag full of strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes and whatever was left at the shop, one of the perks of the job. She also had salad vegetables in tow as well – that bit was always taken care of for the family these days!

Mum and Jess prepared fruit punch and bowls of salad for the party. It was going to be so great for dad to see all his friends and family in one place, gathered there just for him to celebrate his special day. Jess expertly and swiftly peeled apples, diced melons, sliced strawberries and juiced lemons and limes. Preparations for the food spread were almost complete.

Flora, Jess’s mum, was so proud of her daughter. Only 18, yet a truly maturing woman. A brain in her head, practicality and also softness and femininity. Her body was gracefully and beautifully rounding as she came to her womanhood and he was growing outwards in just the way Flora hadn’t. She already had gorgeous C cup breasts and wide curvy hips and bottom. Flora could see her future grandchildren sparkle in Jess’s eyes and reflect outwards from her bosom. She just needed to get college out of the way and then hopefully Jess would meet a nice young man and settle down very quickly. Flora and Charlie were ‘old folks’ now, pretty much, they’d had Jess late in life and it had been hard on them. Very hard.

Flora knew it was presumptuous that she hoped for all this so soon from her teenage daughter, but really, it was logical. Flo’s body hadn’t snapped back into shape at all after Jess’s birth, like a woman much younger than her would have. Still, Charlie was a patient, loving and strong man who had aged like a fine wine. He didn’t befit a man of 60 at all, with his gently greying hair, thinning slightly at the crown, the ‘designer’ stubble he saw to so intently in the bathroom each day; his slim waist only just starting to thicken in the last 5 years or so; Charlie cared for himself. His face showed laughter lines and signs of a great life led. Jess, his little girl, always idolised him growing up. Flo remembered fondly the times Charlie had placed his little girl on his lap and affirmed her beauty; how many hearts she would break when she was all grown up.

Dad arrived home about 7 from the racing day, and was looking forward to seeing his wife and daughter after all the fun, and having some beers!

He walked into the empty house, wondering where everyone was.

“Flo… Jess…?”

He wandered to the back garden, opened the back door…


The hoards of family and friends started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and party poppers flew everywhere. Charlie laughed heartily and his girls hugged and kissed him as he walked bewilderedly through crowds of friends & family. Flo and Jess heaved a sigh of relief; they didn’t need to keep the secret anymore! Charlie was on the verge of a tear or two, overwhelmed with the love.

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