Farmer Fucked His Own Daughter

At first, I couldn’t believe my ears. As I walked around tending livestock and crops, I heard the soft moans of a female coming from the barn. Several bicycles were laying on the ground nearby. When I peeked inside through a crack in the wooden barn door, I also couldn’t believe my eyes. There was my sweet little sixteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, naked on all fours on the ground. She was surrounded by half a dozen teenage boys jacking their little dicks, and one kid was fucking her from behind! My daughter was being fucked like a slut right in front of my eyes! Rage crept over me. Getting fucked in my barn, on my farm! The farm where I broke my back working from dawn till dusk in order to put food in this slut’s belly and clothes on her back after her mother left me!

My blood was boiling, yet I stood frozen in my tracks, too blinded by rage to think clearly. The minutes ticked by. One after another, the boys stepped up and took her from behind. Each one spermed in her cunt. With each disgusting load of cream pumped into her womb, my anger grew exponentially. My fists were balled up at my sides. She was sucking the cocks of the ones who weren’t fucking her, blowing their dicks back to life so she could keep taking them up in her dripping whore-hole! I had no clue she was sexually active. And yet there she was, looking so, so… ripe. I could see her engorged pussy gash, her lips so pink and swollen from all the cocks penetrating her. The dangling folds of succulent cunt flesh were pushed in and out with each rhythmic thrust. It was utterly hypnotic. Though her cunt mound looked nearly hairless, I caught glimpses of what appeared to be a tiny patch of blond pubic hair right over her slit.

I realized my dick was twitching in spite of myself. It was growing harder at the sight of her moist cunt flesh, her supple asscheeks, her tiny puckered asshole, her hips… From my vantage point I had a great view of her pussy but not such a great view of her tits, though I could hear them slapping against her chest. It seemed nearly overnight she’d gone from flat-chested to a nice C cup! Every so often I’d catch a glimpse of her tits swinging, her nipples looking large and as pink and puffy as her cunt meat! The sight and the sound of my teen daughter’s penetration was driving me insane!

It was difficult to tear my eyes away from the scene, but I finally turned and ran back to the house. I came out with my shotgun and my big, black, male German Shepherd named Lucifer, also affectionately known as Luke. Then I hurriedly cut a path through a big cornfield towards the barn. As I neared the exit of the cornfield, my heart skipped a beat when I heard the faint moaning and slapping sounds again coming from the barn. Her cries grew louder until I was standing outside the barn door once more peering in on the sight of her getting fucked hard by a bunch of teen boys. They were still taking turns hammering her Rockygystyle with an endless parade of cocks going in and out of her slutty mouth. Rage overwhelmed me anew, but I could also feel my prick twinge with arousal. She was, after all, a succulent blond teenage girl with a gloriously wet and thick pussy!

Luke stood obediently at my side, waiting for my next move. Taking a deep breath, I flung the barn door open while simultaneously cocking my shotgun. Everybody screamed. Luke barked loudly and then growled, baring his sharp white teeth. It scared the shit out of the boys — two of them ran out naked, leaving their clothes and bikes behind. The rest managed to get their clothes and leave my daughter prone on the ground on her hands and knees, her pretty blue eyes wide with surprise. Her wavy blond hair was slick from sweat and pulled back in a loose ponytail.

By :somebastard69

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