Families Desire

Rain pattered against my apartment window as I lay back on my couch staring at the roof as the minutes slowly slid by. How was this the most exciting thing to do right now? There was nothing but shit on TV and it wasn’t like I could go outside during this storm so here I was, stuck spending a long weekend evening staring at the roof.

Suddenly the sound of my phone vibrating on the coffee table broke me out of my daze. I rolled over on the couch and almost fell off of it as I did that and I grabbed my phone.

When I read the message that I had just received my heart seemed to skip a beat and the world froze. I could not hear the storm outside all I could focus on was the message. It was from my younger brother Wyatt.

“Hey Katie…” The message read. “I am going to grandpa’s cabin with my kids and we were wondering if you maybe wanted to join us?”

Twenty years ago Wyatt and I were hormone crazed teens and one night we discovered that we were in love with each other. I wondered if we had went back in time knowing how everything turned out if we would do it again. We were so young and completely infatuated with each other. Every night that we could I would sneak into Wyatt’s room or he into mine and we would fuck the night away.

This went on for many years until one night our luck ran out and everything came crashing down. My parents forced me to move to my grandparents house while they took Wyatt and moved far away from where I was. My grandparents tried their best to love me as any grandparent would but no one could ever replace Wyatt for me. Wyatt was not allowed to contact me and for so many years I didn’t hear from him. My parents would visit every now and then but they were sure to never bring Wyatt. They blamed me and thought of me as a slut that seduced and corrupted my younger brother, if only they knew it was love.

Eventually I had to get far away from them and I moved across the country and tried to bury my past behind me. But I never could. As much as I wasted to move past Wyatt over the last twenty years I never could.

One day after several years of having no contact with my family I received an invitation in the mail for Wyatt’s wedding. I have never been as close to rock bottom as I was the day I learned that the love of my life had moved on when I could not.

That wedding was the most awkward moment of my life. For some reason after they found out about Wyatt and I, my parents thought it right to inform everyone in the family that their slut daughter had fucked their son. No one from my family would even look at me, I had to sit in the back row and watch as my younger brother, now a man got married and my dreams and hopes ended.

My grandparents practically fought with my parents to allow me to even go to the after party and at that party all I could do was sit at the open bar and drink my sorrows away.

After a couple of drinks I rose from the bar and began to make my way to the exit. But then from across the room I saw Wyatt. It was as if the party had paused and the entire world revolved around the two of us making eye contact. Wyatt left the group that he was in and motioned to behind some curtains where none of our family could see us. I practically sprinted as fast as I could in my dress over to where Wyatt was.

I don’t know why I had thought we could run off together that night, away from our family who hated me. I thought that we were meant to be with each other and that even though the universe stood in our way we could make it work.

By : Nt888

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