Faithful wife lets loose with a regular lover

Katie had been working in our small vegetable patch all afternoon and it had been a very warm summery day. I had been helping her too and when we were finished we had showers together as we usually did. Katie is my lovely wife of 11 years. We married soon after college and we were both young and inexperienced but we managed very well. It had been love almost at first sight – we had both dated a few lovers but these hadn’t been very serious. Certainly I had fucked a few of the girls I had been going out with and I knew Katie had fucked at least 5 of her boyfriends.

We placed all of this previous experience behind us and concentrated on our own sex life. Fucking Katie was the best thing in my life. We had learned everything we could about sex from each other, porno films, books and experimenting between ourselves. Everything had been very enjoyable and we were both completely true to each other – neither having fucked anyone else since our courting and marriage.

After our showers on this afternoon Katie said she thought she would go to the local bar for some drinks and a bit of dancing – how did I feel about that? Well to put it bluntly, I am not much of a dancer but I do like dancing with Katie. We had our evening meal and then headed for the bar. We have a few drinks but we don’t drink much. This night we had our few drinks and a few dances together when I started to feel drowsy, probably from the sun in the afternoon and the few drinks tonight. I told Katie I thought I would head for home and she could stay if she wanted to or come with me. She is a bit of a party animal so she decided she would stay a bit longer with some of her girl friends and then they would drive her home. We only live about 3 blocks from the bar but it would be late at night when she was going home.

I walked home and felt very tired so I sat down in our large easy chair and was soon off to sleep. I woke up with a start as I heard her key in the front door. I shook my head several times before I was fully awake and then jumped up to greet her with a kiss as I always do when we are separated like we were tonight.

Katie walked in the door a couple of steps and when I approached her to kiss her she held up her hand and stopped me. This was very unusual for Katie – she loved to be kissed because that usually led to sex. She stood just inside the closed door and looked at me with a sort of silly grin on her face. She then said, “Walter, I have to tell you something before you kiss me. I know you will have difficulty understanding what I am about to say but you know I love you and only you and I just have to tell you the truth otherwise you won’t respect me! Tonight I let a man fuck me! There I have said it. I let this man fuck me! I know you will be an understanding husband and this is the first time I have fucked anyone but you since our marriage but tonight I just had to fuck this man – he is a really wonderful man and he fucks divinely!”

Her words hit me as if she had hit me with a sledgehammer! I just couldn’t take in the meaning of what she had said. My first response was “What! You are just joking, aren’t you?” But Katie has the ability to get every word she says through to me no matter how thick I might seem at the time. She simply reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, which was hanging about knee level, and hoisted it up so that it was under her chin. Exposed to me by this action were her lovely long legs with the beautiful black triangle of pubic hair and her belly button with the thin hairy trail between her bush and her navel. Worst of all, her pubic hair was all wet and had lots of cum in it which was not yet dry and crusted! She was only a little bit drunk and still retained her senses when, holding her dress up with her chin, she reached down between her legs and separated the hairy pubic bush to show me her cunt lips which were very red and swollen and were dripping cum!

My first reaction was to demand to know who had fucked her and then go around and bash this bastard to death! How dare he fuck my Katie! She suddenly looked a complete slut standing there with her body all exposed and showing me that she had been recently fucked!

Katie has a gorgeous body and a lovely face. I fell in love with her when I first got to meet her. Her legs are very long and beautifully shaped and her breasts are divine with their lovely hard nipples pointing at me when she stood in front of me. But this picture of her divine body was being replaced with that of a drunken slut who had just been fucked!

Her next words were truly insulting – she said, “Well Darling, I know you will understand and still love me so now, how about having sloppy second and fuck me like the other man did!” I certainly didn’t want to have sloppy seconds and I could tell from looking at her that it would certainly be very sloppy seconds if I fucked her now. I wanted to walk over to her and slap her face hard to relieve my frustration but I loved her too much to ever strike her!

I walked around the room while she was still standing near the door with her dress still held up and her used body exposed to me. I tried to cool down quickly before I said or did something crazy but my mind was whirling around with millions of thoughts about my Katie and another man!

I poured myself a stiff drink – for the first time since we were married I didn’t pour one for Katie and, after a very big gulp, I placed the glass on the table and walked over to her. The first thing I did was to grab the hem of her dress from her mouth and pulled it down to hide her fucked body! I then tried to understand if I had heard her correctly. Did she actually say she had fucked another man! Of course she said that but was she fooling around with me and teasing me for some silly reason? I knew in my own mind she was serious – she had obviously just been fucked by another man and I wasn’t even a little bit pleased about it! I decided not to speak but to let her do the talking.

Katie began talking because she knew I was waiting for an explanation and she would just have to tell me about it all sooner or later. She began with, “Honey, you know I have never fucked around with anyone since we married. But tonight I was dancing with Michael after you had gone and he held me tightly to him with his hand on my bottom and his finger wriggling in between my ass crack and he was turning me on rapidly. He was holding me tightly to him and I could feel his other hand on my breast and for some unknown reason, I didn’t take his hand away. I could also feel his hard cock pressing into my lower stomach and I was getting very wet indeed. He danced me over to a dark part of the dance floor and when I was out of sight of most of the dancers he lifted my skirt at the back and moved his hand inside my panties at the back and fingered me making me all the more excited. I started kissing him and he kept on playing with my breast but brought his hand around to the front of me and slid it down my panties until he was playing with my bush. He then slipped his fingers down and into my cunt! I just couldn’t stop him so I spread my legs a bit and gave him a better entrance into me. He fingered me to orgasm and then whispered he wanted to fuck me and didn’t wait for a reply, he just walked me to the door after I had grabbed my purse and we went out to his car. He placed me in the passenger’s seat and then drove me to his apartment all the time holding his hand on my thigh and playing with my cunt lips and clit! He had taken my panties off when he helped me into the car so he had free access to my lips.”

I knew she was telling the truth – this is just how she tells the story about anything and I knew straight away she had really fucked another man! She continued “He drove me to his apartment and took me inside. He carried me into his bedroom and undressed me although I was only wearing my dress at this time. When I was lying naked on his bed, he stripped off his clothes, spread my legs and played with my clit until I came several times. He then had my hand on his cock and we both knew he was about to fuck me and I also knew I didn’t want him to stop. So he pushed his very large and hard cock into my cunt and fucked me! Well I suppose it is more accurate to say we fucked each other and we came together. We cuddled for about another half hour before he fucked me again! I am now telling you this is exactly how it happened – he then dressed me and drove me home to you! Can you see I really wanted him to fuck me so badly I was prepared to risk losing you, my lovely husband!”

I still couldn’t get my head around her story – why on earth would she want to fuck this man when we have such wonderful sex together all the time. She couldn’t offer any reasonable reason and just kept saying “I really wanted this man to fuck me and now that he has I want him to fuck me again and again!”

I just couldn’t stand this any more and walked out the front door past my wife and slammed the door behind me in temper. I walked for about an hour not really knowing where I had been walking but when I returned I knew I was a lot cooler than I had been before. Once I was back inside the house I looked at Katie and she was lying on our bed stark naked with her legs spread widely showing her abused cunt! She hadn’t showered and so all of the dried cum was now showing on her cunt lips and her bush! She wasn’t asleep but she was drowsy. She then asked me to fuck her because she knew I always wanted sloppy seconds! I don’t know where she got that idea from because we hadn’t discussed it together but now she seemed sure that was what I needed.

It is true we had talked a couple of times about her fucking another man and me watching but there hadn’t been any serious discussion about it – it was more of a fantasy. Perhaps she was now enacting the fantasy. The more I looked at her naked body the more I wanted her but I still had reservations. She solved that dilemma when she said, “Turn out the lights Darling and you won’t know the difference.” So I turned out the lights and climbed on her lovely soft body and soon had my hard cock inside her. She was right, I couldn’t tell the difference and so I went ahead and fucked her! I didn’t make love to her – I fucked her! We then went to sleep.

Next morning when we woke she asked me to fuck her again and this time I didn’t hesitate and just fucked her as usual. When we had finished and were resting on the bed she started to talk seriously with me again. She said, “I know it is hard for you to accept that I fucked another man but I want you to know I still love only you but I must fuck this man again soon. I want him to keep on fucking me. Do you think you will be able to accept this man fucking me in this bed or do I have to go to his apartment every time he fucks me?” She seemed to be a different woman and I wasn’t sure I liked this one!

I tried to reason with her that I was her husband and I was the only man she should even think about fucking and it just wasn’t right for her to think of this other man. She countered by saying she thought it would be good for our marriage and we should at least try it! The conversation continued for another hour with no definite decisions made. We both showered and dressed before eating our breakfast and then she said, “I can still feel how wonderful it felt when Michael fucked me. I think I will ring him and see if I can go around there now and fuck him again.”

It suddenly became crystal clear to me. Katie was going to fuck this man again no matter what I thought about it and that was that! I just couldn’t have her running over to his place to be fucked so, against my better judgement, I told her if she was so hell-bent on fucking him she had better invite him here so I could at least see what they were doing! She smiled at me and said, “You will like Michael, he is a very nice man and you will be very excited when he fucks me with you watching. I will ring him right away because he isn’t working as it is Saturday morning.” Katie rang her Michael and she told me he would be arriving in about 30 minutes. What had I let myself in for?

Katie was just wearing her thin housecoat and I told her she should get dressed properly but she laughed and said, “Darling, he will have my clothes off me within minutes of arriving so that would only be a waste of time!” She remained in her housecoat. The ring of our doorbell sent shock shivers down my spine and I felt I wanted to run out of the house but somehow I stayed fixed to the spot. Katie opened the door and immediately kissed the man with a long hard passionate kiss. She then brought him over to me and said, “Darling, this is Michael my new lover. He has come over here to fuck me. I want you to know I don’t love Michael but I do want him to fuck me. You are the only man I love so I want you to accept Michael not as a rival but as a friend whom your wife wants.”

Grudgingly I shook hands with Michael and, despite my initial hatred for him, I saw he was a reasonably decent man. Katie continued to kiss Michael and he returned her kisses passionately although I think he was fairly embarrassed with me standing there watching him. He soon opened her housecoat to reveal her body and he played with and caressed her breasts right in front of me. I thought I was the only person, except perhaps a doctor, who would ever play with her breasts but now she was showing me another man was doing just that. When he had his hand between her legs and was playing with her clit, she suggested they move into the bedroom and that I should come with them. Reluctantly I followed and watched them continue kissing and playing with each other on our bed. Soon they were both naked and the caressing had reached a stage where she had cum several times and she was just taking his cock into her mouth to suck. I felt very confused. I detested what she was doing with this man but at the same time it really was exciting watching her take his cock into her mouth and suck it.

Katie will always suck my cock for me but she isn’t always willing to have me cum in her mouth. She has this unusual thing whereby she will suck me for a while but before I am ready to cum, she slips a hard mint sweet into her mouth and then continues sucking me until I cum. With the taste of the mint in her mouth she is able to accept and swallow my cum without tasting it very much. Her system works and she sucks me off regularly. Today she wasn’t looking for a mint sweet – she was just sucking him and eventually when he came she just swallowed his cum and licked her lips as if she loved the taste of it. I was amazed she would be like this.

They remained on the bed together and kissed and caressed each other until his cock became hard again. This time he waited until she had cum from his playing with her clit before he climbed onto her body and she pulled his cock into her cunt and they fucked with me watching! Apart from watching porno films I had never seen two people fucking in real life and it was so much more dramatic than the porno films. I could see Katie’s cunt lips moving in and out with his cock as he moved in her and I could also see the flesh on their bodies which was becoming damp with sweat and the passionate way they clung to each other made it so much more realistic. I still had deep reservations about him fucking my wife but I had to admit they looked beautiful while they were in action. Gradually their activity increased intensity and I knew they were about to cum. I was about to see this man cum in my own wife’s cunt! As they were moaning and groaning as they were cumming, my cock was so hard I didn’t know what to do with it so I pulled it out of my trousers and started playing with it. The clenching action of Michael’s backside told me her was shooting his load of cum directly into my wife’s cunt. This was accompanied by Katie’s scream as she came at the same time. I had to accept this was a beautiful sight even if I hated it.

They fell apart and lay on the bed alongside each other. Katie looked so lovely lying there having just been fucked and I loved her all the more. She held her arms up to me and told me she wanted me to fuck her now while Michael was there alongside her. I hesitated but she kept telling me she loved me and wanted to show me how much so, somewhat reluctantly, I slipped off my clothes and, sporting a huge erection, I moved onto the bed and Katie. She spread her legs and pulled me by my cock until I was against her very wet and cum filled cunt. I took over then and plunged right into her as far as I could go. Indeed she was sloppy with Michael’s cum inside her but now I didn’t care – I just went ahead and fucked her as my wife! Katie must have been very turned on indeed because she not only came with me as I did but she also came several times while I was building up to my climax.

I rolled off her lovely body and laid beside her on the opposite side to Michael with both of us holding her breasts and we had our hands on her thighs and between her legs each feeling the wet and sloppy hole which we had just enjoyed entering so much! We remained on the bed for perhaps an hour before Katie moved so she could take Michael’s cock in her mouth. She then started to suck him hard and his cock responded beautifully. For the first time, when she took her mouth off his cock, I saw he wasn’t circumcised whereas I am. The skin which now covered the end of his cock didn’t seem very long and didn’t give the appearance of being uncircumcised. I couldn’t help but ask Katie how she felt sucking an uncircumcised cock and she said, “I don’t notice much difference once it is in my mouth but it has a different taste when I first begin to lick it – I prefer a circumcised cock like yours though.”


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