Faithful wife lets loose with a regular lover

Katie had been working in our small vegetable patch all afternoon and it had been a very warm summery day. I had been helping her too and when we were finished we had showers together as we usually did. Katie is my lovely wife of 11 years. We married soon after college and we were both young and inexperienced but we managed very well. It had been love almost at first sight – we had both dated a few lovers but these hadn’t been very serious. Certainly I had fucked a few of the girls I had been going out with and I knew Katie had fucked at least 5 of her boyfriends.

We placed all of this previous experience behind us and concentrated on our own sex life. Fucking Katie was the best thing in my life. We had learned everything we could about sex from each other, porno films, books and experimenting between ourselves. Everything had been very enjoyable and we were both completely true to each other – neither having fucked anyone else since our courting and marriage.

After our showers on this afternoon Katie said she thought she would go to the local bar for some drinks and a bit of dancing – how did I feel about that? Well to put it bluntly, I am not much of a dancer but I do like dancing with Katie. We had our evening meal and then headed for the bar. We have a few drinks but we don’t drink much. This night we had our few drinks and a few dances together when I started to feel drowsy, probably from the sun in the afternoon and the few drinks tonight. I told Katie I thought I would head for home and she could stay if she wanted to or come with me. She is a bit of a party animal so she decided she would stay a bit longer with some of her girl friends and then they would drive her home. We only live about 3 blocks from the bar but it would be late at night when she was going home.

I walked home and felt very tired so I sat down in our large easy chair and was soon off to sleep. I woke up with a start as I heard her key in the front door. I shook my head several times before I was fully awake and then jumped up to greet her with a kiss as I always do when we are separated like we were tonight.

Katie walked in the door a couple of steps and when I approached her to kiss her she held up her hand and stopped me. This was very unusual for Katie – she loved to be kissed because that usually led to sex. She stood just inside the closed door and looked at me with a sort of silly grin on her face. She then said, “Walter, I have to tell you something before you kiss me. I know you will have difficulty understanding what I am about to say but you know I love you and only you and I just have to tell you the truth otherwise you won’t respect me! Tonight I let a man fuck me! There I have said it. I let this man fuck me! I know you will be an understanding husband and this is the first time I have fucked anyone but you since our marriage but tonight I just had to fuck this man – he is a really wonderful man and he fucks divinely!”

Her words hit me as if she had hit me with a sledgehammer! I just couldn’t take in the meaning of what she had said. My first response was “What! You are just joking, aren’t you?” But Katie has the ability to get every word she says through to me no matter how thick I might seem at the time. She simply reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, which was hanging about knee level, and hoisted it up so that it was under her chin. Exposed to me by this action were her lovely long legs with the beautiful black triangle of pubic hair and her belly button with the thin hairy trail between her bush and her navel. Worst of all, her pubic hair was all wet and had lots of cum in it which was not yet dry and crusted! She was only a little bit drunk and still retained her senses when, holding her dress up with her chin, she reached down between her legs and separated the hairy pubic bush to show me her cunt lips which were very red and swollen and were dripping cum!


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