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Girlfriend succumbs to threesome

I’ll start off by providing a little background. I’m 40 years old and have been divorced for almost 3 years now. I met Mary, my current girlfriend, the month I filed for divorce and have been with her ever since. Mary is 33 years old and recently divorced herself. Mary …

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Uncle Bob’s Gas Station

Lana Masters approached her brother’s service station with some trepidation. This was her first job, in actuality. She’d married young, when her boyfriend had knocked her up at age seventeen. The following ten years had been good, but then he’d been killed by a drunk driver leaving a bar. The …

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16th Birthday CUM Party

Though I will be 16 years old am still little in body type, but then again big in other areas for being a boy, my jelly Bubble Butt, (BB), evil smile, just the way I like it, am such a sissy bitch, hehehe, on the day of my 16th. Birthday …

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70s Summer with Mom

In the early seventies, I was taking some time off from school. I was a member of the counterculture, 22, and was living near my divorced mom’s house in the San Fernando Valley. I was then about six feet tall, and weighed about 190. A friend had taken off to …

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Lori, My Wife’s Best Friend

“You want to step outside and take a hit?” That question was asked of me by my wife’s best friend. Normally Lori would be out with my wife, but Penny was on a marathon phone conversation with her mother. I’m sure she would have liked to hit the bong too …

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