Erotic Photographer And My Wife

Jane and I had often had silly conversations that despite being married 5 years, when we had sex it was more like fucking from a porno. She was usually loud and yelling out lots of graphic lines, while I was almost posing as I slid my cock in her and having her move into awkward positions so I could fill her from all angles.

We had taken a bunch of photos of us together. Many with of graphic close-ups; my cock in full frame about to enter her, her lips wrapped around my cock, and the cumshot on her breasts. We were slightly disappointed that the shots just weren’t professional looking. So then came an interesting idea, let’s have a pro come and photograph us in the act getting nice and dirty all for just our own use.

Jane was initially excited about the idea until she had two reservations. While she wasn’t shy about performing in front of someone, she didn’t want to take the chance that any shots could end up on the net. This had an easy solution, we would supply the memory card for the photographer and then take it back at the end of the shoot. The second issue was that she preferred a female photographer. I agreed, as that was even better I could perform in front of a nice hottie. When looking for suitable local photographers though, there just wasn’t any females. The only one that came up rejected the idea as soon as I asked.

After a month of sitting on the idea, one day Jane said, “Fuck it, let’s just do it! I don’t care who takes the photos.” When I asked what changed her mind, she said she had a girlfriend recommend a photographer that would be discrete and was a really nice guy who would make her feel comfortable.

So we booked the guy, Matt, and one Saturday afternoon he came over to the house to begin the shoot. Jane greeted him at the door enthusiastically and expressed, “Glad to see you again Matt!” She then turned to me and said that she, her friend Kate and Matt had coffee the week before so they could discuss what we wanted. This was news to me, but I was glad that she was all on board and ready to do it.

Matt took thirty minutes to setup his gear, put up some screens, lights and lighting reflectors. While he got started, I went to the bathroom to shave around my cock one more time while Jane changed to a small bra and tight shorts. She then got out some drinks and went to talk with Matt. I didn’t hear what they were saying but they were having some laughs and she was doing some giggling as she does.

When I came out, Matt was shirtless, just in his jeans, holding a glass of champagne. He was a good looking guy no doubt about it. Jane had another sip and yelled out that if she was going to be naked then Matt wasn’t getting off easy either!

For the first part of the shoot we were on the bed just making out semi-naked. Jane had put on some pink fishnet stockings I loved and a slutty skirt with a loose shirt. I just had on boxers and lay on the bed. By now Matt was giving a lot of instructions and we followed his every command, he was the professional after all.
He looked up from the camera and told Jane to lose the shirt. She turned her back to me, faced Matt and undid the buttons slowly. He kept taking a lot of shots. Her shirt was now off and she had a black fishnet boob tube style top, very short and let her nipples poke through the fishnet material. She was starting to enjoy the attention.

“Shoot me, Matt.”

“Take a close-up of my nipples!”

“Do my breasts look good?”

Jane’s chatter continued until Matt ordered her to suck my dick. She took his command and said, “Of course baby, whatever you want me to do.”

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