Encouraged Wife

Sam (name changed) here for the very first time. Am from Gujarat.
Wife is Seema (name changed).
We are Muslims & married since last 13 years & hv a kid 11 years old.

Am an very open-minded person unlike other Muslim persons, that’s my perception , pls no bad & hard feelings of my fellow Muslim frnds here.
Now coming to my story. This is the first time am sharing with you my real true experience of my wife.
Both me & Seema are now 41 yrs old. This incident happened about 5 yrs back.
Seema is a very charming lady with a nice stats of 38 34 36. Even when we got married 13 years ago then also she had a lovely perfect toned body.

As I said am a very open-minded person and never restricted Seema at any stage.
After our marriage I encouraged her to wear Western dresses like jeans, skirts, shirts, tops , t shirts. She used to say that before marriage she never ever tried such dresses & it’s was always her dream if she could ever get chance to wear such dresses.
I always encouraged that she should wear dresses that showed how beautiful she looks wearing those. I always made it a point when someone else wether male or female would look back at her appreciating her figure.

Seema had a school friends group & she is quite active on social sites too. I never restricted her for anything when it comes to talking with old friends or going for Mee them, but I always insisted that whatever she does it should be known to me because if any complications arises I would try to solve them. The reason was when going out to meet school or college friends many known people would see them in public area and start debates so it was better to keep me known.
After the birth of our kid it’s natural that sex life becomes less active. Seema had delivery by cizer so it was obvious that her pussy was very tight.
After our marriage I used to say her that if she finds any person with whom she liked to be in bed I wouldn’t mind but only condition was to inform me and be transparent in our relationship. At these points she used to get furious on me .

In 2013, Seema had a school reunion in which she requested me that she would like to attend it. I never restricted her but I said only if wore Western dress then only I would allow her, on which she agreed. The reason for her to wear the western dress was because her school friends never expected such changes in her dressing & that too after marriage. I also clearly told her that if she finds any school friend who is good enough for her or if any of her friend approaches her I would love that she grabs this chance & experience the new person with her. As usual as a typical Indian wife she got furious, but I told her it’s not compulsory, it’s only if any luck arises then she should grab it.
The day came. Seema dressed in a low cut Yellow T-SHIRT & blue jeans. In her 38 34 36 size body she was looking amazingly beautiful & attractive.

I dropped her to the location & told her to not worry about our kid, as the function would last more than 5-6 hours. It was pre decided for me to drop her to the venue & she would be coming back with her friend.
Seema came by around 01 am at night. She was looking very happy and just hugged me and kissed and thanked me for giving her this wonderful opportunity. I felt there was some more charm in this attention she gave me.
She freshen up and we sat and I inquired about the event. Asked her about her old friends, then I started asking naughty questions about the attention she got from her male friends. At first she sceptical but later on persuasion she told that every single known friends of hers both male or female were surprised on seeing this transformation.

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