Em’s Panties

My sister Emily (Em as we call her) is a grade behind me in school. We never used to be that close growing up even though we were so close in age. She had her nerd friends and I hung with the jocks. Em is a plain looking girl compared to most. We are close in height, both have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, however her hair gets much lighter in the summer and mine doesn’t, and we have athletic builds. Em really hasn’t developed like her friends have. I’ve definitely noticed her best friend Krista has got a set on her in the last 6 months or so. They certainly grew! Em is curvy but never got a rack. Our mom is the same way.

About a year ago I was grounded for talking back to my mom. Our Dad is in the Air Force and has some strict rules about how we conduct ourselves. Anyway I was forced to stay home on a weekend and do the laundry, clean the house, mow the lawn…. All the crap I hate but was forced to do as punishment. That afternoon I was loading one of the bathroom hampers into the wash and I smelled something musky, strong, and VERY attractive in there. Instead of just dumping everything I was curious and started going through piece by piece. There toward the top was a pair of Em’s yoga pants bunched up, almost like they were rolled all the way down her legs, and inside them was a small black thong and the source of the delicious smell. I immediately went to inspect them. I’d never really been around a girls panties before. I had fumbled with a bra once on a date and barely got one boob out before she stopped me and sent me home high and dry, but panties were new to me at the time. I held them up and was amazed that someone could find them comfortable enough to wear. So small. And a small line of fabric up your ass? The real treat was the small crotch area. That’s where I found my treasure that day, and the beginning of my panty obsession. Nothing happened that day besides me getting a quick education in panties, and the smells that come with them. But from that day on laundry became my bitch.

About 2 weeks later on a Saturday I was up early and went for a run with my Dad. When we got back Mom was up and making breakfast.

“Keith, go check on your sister please. Tell her breakfast is almost ready and make sure she’s up please?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied.

I headed up the stairs and politely knocked on my sisters door. “Em you up?” I asked. “Em?” I opened the door a crack and she wasn’t in bed. I then took a look to the side and saw the light on in the bathroom we shared. I could faintly hear the shower going. I was about to leave when I saw her nightshirt on the floor and just a peek of black lace sticking out. I felt a rush come over me, and I was suddenly aware of how hot and sweaty I was from my run. I quietly closed the door behind me and snuck over by her bed. I could faintly hear the shower so I figured I’d be ok for a min to investigate. I separated the panties and pulled them directly up to mu nose. I inhaled DEEPLY and that wonderful scent filled my lungs. It was amazing. My dick immediately twitched and started to fill. Nothing to that point in my life turned me on SO quickly. I heard Em cough and the shower turn off. I panicked and put the panties in my pocket, and quietly left the room.

Once I got to my room I I stashed the panties under my mattress and waited for the bathroom light to go out. My heart was in my throat. I wanted nothing more than to spend a few minutes of quality time with the panties.

“Kids, let’s go, breakfast” Dad yelled up the stairs. Withing seconds I heard Em’s door open and her bound down the steps. I waited a few then followed.

By :DarksX

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