Emma becomes the sugar baby of a wealthy businessman for the summer

My name is Emma, blue eyed, blonde, white, bubble butt, nice round boobs. I was an honors student in high school and I was also the cheerleading captain.

After my high school graduation ceremony, I was spending the summer in our family farm in Iowa, until my college in Boston starts.

My BFF Emily, who is a redhead with green eyes, and a year older than me, introduced me to an app called Tinder, and I installed it on my phone.

Emily said I should put some photos with my friends showing I am social, another photo with my swim suit to show my body is perfect, and add some more seducing photos, then I will have thousands of guys chasing after me!

It sounded too good to be true, nevertheless, I created my profile, put a close up portrait showing my big blue eyes, well shaped small nose, luscious lips, and oval baby face.

Next, I put photo of me in my high school cheerleader uniform, posing sideways and pulling my skirt up so half of my bare butt cheek shows, that always worked to drive the boys crazy at school.

Emily told me I forgot to add some cleavage and also swimsuit photos. I uploaded my photo with camera pointing down showing my face and my boobs peeking through my unbuttoned shirt. I put another photo showing me sunbathing in my pink polka dotted bikini.

Emily said most people on Tinder are for one night stand, so I should put something subtly communicating that I am down for it, without sounding slutty.

I wrote “Looking for fun times before heading to college” in my profile, and published to 20 miles radius.

In a matter of minutes, I had thousands of people liking me, I swiped right all the young good looking studs, and I ran into another profile with a one letter name, J:

“40 year old wealthy married business man is looking to spoil a bubbly 18 year old and have discrete fun”

The guy was looking sharp, in a nice fitted suite, his face blurred in the photo, I guessed he was trying to hide himself from his wife, and I wondered how he would spoil me, so I swiped right.

Almost instantly, I got a message from J, “Hi Emma! Have you read my profile?”, “yes, I did, you are married”, I replied.

“Are you OK with a discrete arrangement, and relationship with a married man?” J wrote back, “I am not looking for a relationship anyway, and since you are married you wouldn’t be a stalker haha” I replied.

“Glad to hear that, Emma, I am a wealthy businessman visiting Des Moines every other week, and would love to meet you at my hotel suite” J wrote.

“I don’t know you” I said. “Let’s have a video call” J replied, and we connected. He was a famous businessman that I see in the news all the time. “You are very pretty, Emma! I want to spoil you and treat you well” J said. “Thanks Mr J” I replied.

“Call me daddy” J said, “I like it that way”.

“OK, daddy” I giggled, and he gave me his hotel address, room number, and we decided to meet in the morning.

I told my mom that Emily and I will go to Des Moines, have breakfast there, and spend the day shopping, and she said OK.

I told Emily about it, and she agreed to give me a drive, and wait for me in case of emergency, until I text her all is OK.

Before I go to bed, I shaved my legs, pussy, and ass, then put my aloe vera body lotion to moisturize my soft skin.

I had a restful sleep, waking up to the roosters, and headed to shower.

After my morning shower I dried myself off and applied my makeup. After I finished applying the makeup I gave myself one last look. I smiled at myself and pulled my hair into a braid.

I put on my blue one piece dress showing my shoulders and cleavage. My dress was short barely covering my butt.

By :sisterinlaw

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