Emma becomes the sugar baby of a wealthy businessman for the summer

My name is Emma, blue eyed, blonde, white, bubble butt, nice round boobs. I was an honors student in high school and I was also the cheerleading captain.

After my high school graduation ceremony, I was spending the summer in our family farm in Iowa, until my college in Boston starts.

My BFF Emily, who is a redhead with green eyes, and a year older than me, introduced me to an app called Tinder, and I installed it on my phone.

Emily said I should put some photos with my friends showing I am social, another photo with my swim suit to show my body is perfect, and add some more seducing photos, then I will have thousands of guys chasing after me!

It sounded too good to be true, nevertheless, I created my profile, put a close up portrait showing my big blue eyes, well shaped small nose, luscious lips, and oval baby face.

Next, I put photo of me in my high school cheerleader uniform, posing sideways and pulling my skirt up so half of my bare butt cheek shows, that always worked to drive the boys crazy at school.

Emily told me I forgot to add some cleavage and also swimsuit photos. I uploaded my photo with camera pointing down showing my face and my boobs peeking through my unbuttoned shirt. I put another photo showing me sunbathing in my pink polka dotted bikini.

Emily said most people on Tinder are for one night stand, so I should put something subtly communicating that I am down for it, without sounding slutty.

I wrote “Looking for fun times before heading to college” in my profile, and published to 20 miles radius.

In a matter of minutes, I had thousands of people liking me, I swiped right all the young good looking studs, and I ran into another profile with a one letter name, J:

“40 year old wealthy married business man is looking to spoil a bubbly 18 year old and have discrete fun”

The guy was looking sharp, in a nice fitted suite, his face blurred in the photo, I guessed he was trying to hide himself from his wife, and I wondered how he would spoil me, so I swiped right.

Almost instantly, I got a message from J, “Hi Emma! Have you read my profile?”, “yes, I did, you are married”, I replied.

“Are you OK with a discrete arrangement, and relationship with a married man?” J wrote back, “I am not looking for a relationship anyway, and since you are married you wouldn’t be a stalker haha” I replied.

“Glad to hear that, Emma, I am a wealthy businessman visiting Des Moines every other week, and would love to meet you at my hotel suite” J wrote.

“I don’t know you” I said. “Let’s have a video call” J replied, and we connected. He was a famous businessman that I see in the news all the time. “You are very pretty, Emma! I want to spoil you and treat you well” J said. “Thanks Mr J” I replied.

“Call me daddy” J said, “I like it that way”.

“OK, daddy” I giggled, and he gave me his hotel address, room number, and we decided to meet in the morning.

I told my mom that Emily and I will go to Des Moines, have breakfast there, and spend the day shopping, and she said OK.

I told Emily about it, and she agreed to give me a drive, and wait for me in case of emergency, until I text her all is OK.

Before I go to bed, I shaved my legs, pussy, and ass, then put my aloe vera body lotion to moisturize my soft skin.

I had a restful sleep, waking up to the roosters, and headed to shower.

After my morning shower I dried myself off and applied my makeup. After I finished applying the makeup I gave myself one last look. I smiled at myself and pulled my hair into a braid.

I put on my blue one piece dress showing my shoulders and cleavage. My dress was short barely covering my butt.

I wore a g-string under my dress, and no bra, making my nipples recognizable through the soft fabric of my dress.

I called Emily, and she said she will pick me up in five minutes.

I stepped out of the house and sat on the rocking chair by the entry door, looking at the corn fields.

I saw Emily’s car, my mom stepped out, “Ah, Emily is here!” Then looked at me with a frown “isn’t that a little bit too inviting, Emma?” “Moooom!” I said angrily, “I am not a baby, I am 18 now”

“Be careful OK” she said, then went inside, mumbling to herself.

I got into Emily’s car and we headed Des Moines. “Why an old guy?” Emily asked. “He is not just any old guy, he is Mr J” I answered.

Emily’s jaw dropped, “Mr J?! The Mr J?!”

“Yep, he is the one and only Mr J he is” I replied proudly.

“What does he want from you?” Emily asked with a grin, “he promised fun times and said he will spoil me” I replied proudly.

“So you will be a sugar baby and he will be sugar daddy” Emily commented. “This is kind of veiled prostitution, you know”.

“Emily! I take care of him and he takes care of me, better than fucking with our classmates, they do everything until they get into our pants, cum in less than two minutes without satisfying us, then disappear! Mr J says he will satisfy me and spoil me, so it is good for both him and me!”

“Well, we’ll see” said Emily, “I hope he is not a psycho behind closed doors, keep me in speed dial if something happens and I will call the police, what is the room number he gave you?”

“he said he is in the presidential suite, and there is only one” I replied.

When we arrived in Des Moines, I video called Mr. J, “Hi daddy!” I said, “Hi Emma!” Mr J replied.

Emily frowned looking at me puzzled, “daddy?” she said silently.

“My BFF Emily is dropping me off, I will be there soon” and pointed the camera to both me and Emily.

“Wow! You are both so pretty and so hot!” Mr J exclaimed “Emily, are you legal age too?”

“Yes, I am, why do you ask?” Emily giggled.

“If you both are OK with it, I can host you together today, three of us would have a lot of fun” said Mr J.

Emily looked into my eyes for an approval, I nodded, “That will be fun!” I said, “see you soon”

“I will send my assistant to meet you in the valet parking area, and take you to my presidential suite” Mr J said.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, Mr J’s assistant was waiting outside, he knew us because Mr J shared our pictures with him.

He paid for our valet parking, and took us to the special elevator with direct access to the presidential suite.

When the elevator doors opened at top, we saw a huge luxury place with fresh flowers, a giant jacuzzi by the window, and a floor to ceiling water feature along one of the walls. That was quite a culture shock after growing up in a farm.

Mr J’s assistant said “Mr J is waiting for you at the terrace”, and took us through a stairs to the upper floor of the suite. It was a garden on top of the hotel, with trees, grass, and another giant hot tub.

Mr J was in the hot tub, smoking a cigar, “Hi Emma, Emily, nice to have you here!” He said. “Come join me!”

“We don’t have a swimsuit with us daddy!” I replied, with a giggle.

“I am skinny dipping, you should too!” laughed Mr J, and make a go away hand gesture to his assistant, and he disappeared.

Emily and I looked at each other, communicating through our eyes, giggled, and jumped into the hot tub with our clothes.

“You are crazy!” laughed Mr J. Our clothes were wet, and sticking to our boobs, making us look even sexier than being naked.

“Let me tell you what I think, I want all of us to be clear on our expectations” said Mr J.

“OK, we are listening” I replied, and Emily nodded.

“I couldn’t tell this on the phone because you could have been a bait set up by a cop who thinks sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is prostitution, in reality, it is about making each other happy” Mr J asserted.

“I think the same” I replied. “I am not sure” Emily said.

“That’s OK, Emily” Mr J continued. “Every time I am in town, I will call you, we will get into my hot tub, talk, have fun, and I will take you to shopping and pay for whatever you want to buy”

“Do we have to have sex with you?” Emily asked.

“Only if you want to, I don’t want to have sex because you think I buy you gifts and you owe me. I want to have sex because you desire me, if you don’t like spending time with me, you can stop seeing me at any time” Mr J replied.

I thought there is nothing to lose, and if we don’t have to have sex, then it should be OK, and it shouldn’t be prostitution. “I am OK with that” I said, “Same here” Emily added.

“I am a little bit touchy feely and you are hot women, if my touching and fondling bothers you, tell me, and I will stop, and you can leave any time you want”

“We like kissing and fondling” Emily and I giggled, and took our place on each side of Mr J, starting caressing his arms and crotch.

He put his arms on our backs, and gave me a kiss on the lips first, then gave Emily a kiss on lips.

“I like talking about sex, does that bother you?” Mr J asked.

“No” I replied, Emily nodded.

“I love blow jobs, all my sugar babies so far gave me wonderful blowjobs, and I rewarded them with my affection, love and generousity. Do you like giving blow jobs?” Mr J asked.

“I love deep throat and swallowing” I said, pushing my fingers in my throat “I manage my gag reflex! see!” I demonstrated, seeking an approval. “Good girl!” Mr.J. cheered.

“I gag from deep throat” Emily replied, “but you look nice and clean, you can have unprotected sex with me, I am on pills” Emily added. “I am on pills too” I said, not to be left behind.

“That’s wonderful, girls!” Mr J cheered, “shall we go into my bedroom?” and got out of jacuzzi.

Mr J was totally nude, and his member was like a horse cock, almost touching his knee, even when flaccid, we inadvertently opened our mouths in awe!

“Follow me” Mr J said, and we headed to his bedroom, his cock slapping his leg while he walks.

His bedroom had a glass walled shower with whole ceiling was a shower head, raining water, a living area, a king size bed, a massage table by the corner, and another jacuzzi by the window.

“Emma, Emily, we will have a great threesome today!” Mr J exclaimed. “Yes, daddy, yay” I said, jumping up and down. Emily was looking at me “slow down” she whispered.

Mr J got Emily and me naked, taking off our wet clothes, and we were ready to begin the threesome!

Mr J laid on his back, “show me your talents girls!” he said.

I giggled, “daddy, I will first suck your cock” I said and put his cock in my mouth, and Emily started sucking his balls.

Emily looked at me and Mr J, and said “I want to sit on your face so you can eat me out, while Emma sucks your cock!”

“Yes Emma, Emily, suck my cock, sit on my face” Mr J commanded.

Mr J was eating Emily out and her pussy lips were stretched wide apart.

Her cunt was swollen and red from licking and sucking.

Emily had her head thrown back and was pushing her pussy towards his face.

Mr. J was licking Emily’s cunt and sticking his tongue in her asshole while I sucked Mr. J’s cock.

This was a sight to behold.

Emily stood up, grabbed Mr. J’s cock and sat on it slowly with her back facing Mr J, until Mr J’s horse cock is completely inside her, now I was licking Emily’s pussy and Mr J’s balls.

“Daddy’ I want you to cum in Emily’s tight pussy as I suck your balls and her clit” I said.

Emily was bouncing on Mr J.

I extended my tongue, which was moving up and down Emily’s slit as she bounced on Mr J.

Emily moaned.

“God, can’t I have just one with you, daddy?”

I asked.

“No, have to wait until I cum deep inside Emily’s pussy, I just enjoy pleasing a woman, when I see a nice pussy and fuck it, I have to cum in it before I fuck another pussy“ He smiled at me.

I smiled back.

“Look, can you cum now then?”

I asked.

“Yes, I will fill Emily with cum soon” He replied.

I stopped licking and laid there watching Mr J fucking Emily.

Mr J seemed to be enjoying his new role of being the inseminator, and he and Emily were fucking away.

“Your manhood made me warm and relaxed daddy, I think I am going to have an orgasm before too long.” Emily said, as she continued moving her ass up and down on Mr. J’s thick long cock, engulfing it in her warm wet and tight pussy.

“Get up, and take daddy’s cock in your ass, so I can fuck your tight ass too.”

“Oh, Daddy, I am so wet and horny, now fuck your little girl, fuck your daughter’s ass.”

Mr. J could feel his balls tightening up, and his cock swelling, he removed his cock from Emily’s pussy and shoved into her ass with a big “ahhhhh”.

As he slammed his cock into Emily’s tight ass, his fingers digging into her hips. “Oh, ohh, ohh, now daddy is going to cum.” he said.

Emily said. “Cum in me, cum in my ass, now daddy, I want to feel you fill my ass with your sweet cum.” “Shoot your hot cum in my daughter’s ass, make me feel your hot cum, ohhhhhh, so good.”

Mr. J slammed his cock into Emily’s ass, each stroke driving her tighter and tighter. He felt his cock swell, as cum filled his ass, and his balls exploded.

He pumped three loads into Emily’s tight little ass, they collapsed next to each other. Emily had cum in her pussy, and her ass at the same time.

Emily pulled her exhausted body up, and rolled over to blanket Mr. J.’s body with her body “I haven’t cum that hard for a long time”

Emily sat on Mr. J’s face, “eat my pussy juice, eat your own cum, daddy”, she said. Mr. J started eating Emily out, sucking and swallowing all the cum and juices from Emily’s pussy and ass.

He could taste his own cum still on Emily’s pussy and ass.

He stayed there eating Emily out until she told him to stop.

I was watching them and I said “Heyyy! it is now my turn!”

I told Mr. J to get on the couch.

I got on the couch and bent over to make it easier for Mr. J. “I “want you to fuck my tight wet pussy as hard as you can”, I said.

Mr. J rubbed his cock all over my pussy to get it ready for his big cock.

Mr. J slowly pushed his cock into my pussy.

I started moaning.

I let out a little scream as I felt the cock enter my pussy.

I started rocking back and forth on Mr. J’s cock.

“Its so big, I love having it in me”, I moaned.

Mr. J could not hold back any longer.

He started slamming his cock into my pussy.

He started playing with my nice teen tits and sucking my nipples.

I had never had an orgasm with a horse sized cock up my pussy before but I was very close.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”, Mr. J said.

I started moaning again and reached my hand to the back of Mr. J’s head.

I pushed his mouth on to my tit and held it there.

I started pushing Mr. J’s mouth into my tits, bobbing his head on my tits, my nipple going in and out his mouth.

My orgasm started and I knew I was about to cum, convulse and squirt.

He grabbed my head and fucked my pussy as hard as he could.

I was screaming and moaning as Mr. J let out all his cum, pressing his balls against my ass, his shaft buried as deep inside of me as he could, shoot strings over strings of hot warm cum covering my cervix. It was so much, started to leak from sides.

“Wow, thats a lot of cum”, I said to Mr. J.

He leaned down and kissed me.

Mr. J slowly moved his cock out of me.

I kissed Mr. J’s cum covered cock and smiled at him.

“Its time to clean you up, I’ve been waiting for that”, I said to Mr. J. Mr. J rolled me over on my back and got between my legs.

He rubbed my pussy with his cock.

“I should not need to be cleaned”, Mr. J said to me.

He got between my legs and slowly, but firmly, began fucking me again, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy.

“You’ve made me cum twice already, let’s make sure I make you cum a third time”.

I was laying on my stomach, my hips were raised and Mr J was fucking my pussy.

He must have taken Viagra or something because his cock was staying hard even after cumming.

Emily was watching us and it was causing her to moan in delight.

I was filled with joy and happiness as Mr J thrusted into me, feeling his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I was almost ready to cum when I felt Mr J’s cock swelling inside of me.

Mr J was about to reach his climax and just before he relaxed, he pulled his cock out of my pussy.

“Oh god, what a beautiful sight” Emily said, looking at his horse cock.

Mr J got off the bed and commanded me and Emily kneel down in front of him.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” He commanded.

We opened our mouths as he held his cock at our faces, and we took in his hot cum as he shot loads over loads over loads of hot sweet cum on our tongue, face, tits.

Mr J gave us a little kiss, as if to say thanks and then walked into the bathroom.

When he came out, he walked over to me and kissed me on the lips.

“Thanks for being such a great sugar baby, and bringing Emily too, I enjoyed the whole experience” He said. “Same here” we said.

We had decided, we would take a shower, before we fucked one another again.

Mr J nodded, and went to the bathroom.

I and Emily put on a movie and laid down on the bed while Mr J showered, and then Emily and I took a shower together.

I pulled out my phone, turned on the video recording, and stood in front of the bed, with my legs spread wide, allowing my pussy to be seen on camera.

Mr J was ready to be the next porn star, he lost no time and shoved his cock deep inside of me in one big push. I pushed him on his back and mounted him, pushing his cock deep inside my pussy.

I recorded as I took in Mr J’s cock and began sliding up and down on it.

Emily’s pussy was still wide open, showing off her little pussy lips, her clit swollen and pink, she was fingering herself and rubbing her clit as she was watching us.

I pointed the camera at Emily and continued shooting.

“Oh god, fuck me hard” I moaned.

“I love how big your cock is” I said.

“I love fucking you, oh fuck it feels so good” Mr. J. replied.

I started pounding my own pussy with his cock, bouncing on Mr J.

Emily continued to rub her pussy, obviously ready to cum, and I watched as she gently stroked her clit, she was also rubbing her tits, which was causing her to moan, while I continued sliding up and down on Mr J’s cock.

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