Ellie likes to chain up her men before making love

Ellie unlocked her front door and led Ben inside her small basement flat. This was only their second date, but he was already having an effect on her. She closed the door behind him with a firm, satisfying thud and led the way to the small lounge at the back of the flat.

There was only one sofa and that was covered in baskets of washing, some clean some not, but there were also large coloured cushions positioned on the floor. On the walls were photos of Ellie cycling, skiing and playing various other sports that required endurance. She always had been able to push herself to the physical limit and she was hoping to again tonight.

“I didn’t expect to have visitors.”

Ellie smiled bashfully and gestured towards the floor cushions that were in front of the door that led out into the small garden. On the inside of the door was a heavy security grille, not uncommon for flats in this area. Hanging from the one of the bars on the grilled door was a pink, high security ‘D’ shaped bicycle lock with the key still in the hole. The lock was hanging now very close to Ben’s neck.

“Sorry, it looks as though I chain people to that door, doesn’t it,” she smiled shyly.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t object… providing the coffee’s good.”

“The coffee’s very good here.”

Ellie walked up to where Ben was sitting and was now standing only inches away. In this position, the black dress that he’d been discretely glancing at all evening was now almost touching his face. Sleeveless and tight at the top, swooping down to a slim waist and then curving out around her arched back to her pert butt and then long legs that the dress did little to hide. Beneath the dress her long legs were enclosed in sheer stockings, leading down to ankle high boots.

Ellie was now unlocking the bike lock.

“What are you doing?” he smiled.

“I take it you won’t object then?”

Ben was mesmerised by her slim body with perfect pale skin and when Ellie lifted her left leg and rested her thigh against the side of his head it sent a jolt through his body. He couldn’t help but look up inside her skirt. The stockings stopped just below her black panties revealing a section of bare thigh.

She lifted her left thigh further to give him a better view inside her skirt, but by doing so she also shifted his head a few inches to the left. He felt the cold metal and heard the clinking of steel on steel as she positioned the lock around his neck. His overwhelmed senses were still playing catch up. It had all happened too quickly.

Ben was now mesmerised by the the frill around the hem of her tiny black panties, her slim pale fingers with their long perfectly shaped nails and the way they flicked the key around and pulled it out of the keyhole. She stepped away and he instinctively tried to follow only to find his neck now locked to the heavy barred security door.

“Cute,” she purred, tossing the single silver key from one hand to the other.

“Hey, you’ve really locked this.”

Ellie stepped forward and used her pointed ankle high boot to tap his erect cock that was showing through his chinos.

“I’ll make the coffee then,” she said as she blew him a kiss.

She put the key down on the kitchen bench and smiled to herself. The reason the bike lock was there in the first place was because she’d actually locked herself to the barred door. The bike lock had felt heavy around her neck and the notion of being trapped and totally unable to escape had excited her. Even though she’d had the key in her possession, it had given her a tingling sensation through her body. She had the same tingling feeling now.

By :AndreaJordan

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