Elaine’s Breeding

Elaine awoke from her nap glad to be off from work even
if it was for a Doctor’s appointment. It was time for her
annual physical. Elaine always dreaded these exams; they
were so private, so intimate, but knew they were
necessary. She wanted to take a long shower and prepare
herself. It was almost noon and her appointment was for

At 35, Elaine was in great shape for a mother of two. She
had been married for 10 years and she and her husband
continued to have sex just about every night.

It was difficult to abstain for three days for this
examination. Elaine stood at the side of the bed,
stretched and looked at herself in the full-length
mirror. She shook her head and caused her long blond hair
to flow over her ample breasts. Even after two children,
her 40D breast showed no signs of sagging. Elaine had
just in the past couple of weeks stopped breast-feeding
the youngest.

She cupped each breast in her hands and turned them
upward lightly touching her lips to each nipple.
Breastfeeding the two children had left her nipples very
long, almost a full inch. Elaine’s breast still had
remnants of milk remaining. Her husband loved to suck her
nipples hard and produce milk.

He then placed small clamps at the base to keep the
nipples erect and prevent the milk from leaking out.
Sometimes when being exceptionally playful, he had forced
her to go to work like that. Elaine remembered padding
her bra so her co-workers would not see those nipples
straining to break through. Just that memory of breast
play caused Elaine to become moist between her legs.
Elaine continued to gently pull at her own nipples with
pouting lips, watching herself in the mirror. Her husband
also enjoyed the fact that Elaine’s breasts were large
enough to allow her to touch them with her mouth.

As Elaine placed her pouting lips around one nipple, then
the other, and gently massaged it with her tongue she
felt her arousal growing. The three days without sex was
definitely noticed as the moisture between her legs grew.
Elaine continued to look in the mirror at her neatly
trimmed bush between her legs, just a small straight line
of closely cut pubic hair that ended at the entrance to
her cunt. She kept her cunt completely bare of hair
because her husband liked it that way. She looked at her
long legs, what she thought were her best feature and
decided they needed to be shaved prior to her visit.

Her husband found those legs almost as irresistible as
her breasts, at 5 feet 10 inches tall, Elaine had the
stature of a model and was the perfect height to make
love to standing up, one of their favorite positions. As
Elaine released her breasts, she turned to admire her
ass, still very tight; a testimony to the aerobics
classes she attended three times a week. Although she
allowed her husband to occasionally place his tongue
there, she had extracted a promise from him of no anal

With such a tight ass, she tempted him frequently and
would excite him into making love to her from behind. She
raised her arms toward the ceiling, stretched, and shook
the carnal desire that the breast massage and thoughts of
lovemaking produced from her head. Her appointment was in
two hours and she still had to shower and dress.

His planned had worked perfectly so far. The large clinic
on the first floor of the hospital was easy to access. He
entered through a side entrance and immediately went to
the Physicians’ locker room and found the lab coat and
scrubs. He put on the scrubs, the lab coat and draped a
stethoscope around his neck to complete the “Doctor
look.” He wandered the halls of the clinic and nodded to
the greetings of “Good Morning, Doctor,” as he collected
the items he needed and looked for his prey.

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