Drunk mother gets punished by son

We have been through a lot since my dad left us three years ago. Mom did her best but it seemed like everything slowly fell apart. The final straw was the last day of my Junior year, I had just turned 17, when the school board refused to renew Mom’s contract as an art teacher for the upcoming year. They called it a budget cut but the reality was everyone could see her falling apart.

I had been working through the summer just to keep groceries in the fridge and the utilities paid. Mom hit rock bottom and climbed into a bottle. I tried to hide them but she would simply walk to the store around the corner and buy another. Every morning she promised she would look for a job and every night I came home to find her passed out in the floor or on the sofa.

I wasn’t the only one seeing her stumbling around the neighborhood. My friends had begun talking, calling her a whore and telling everyone how she would suck their dicks for a dime. The more they talked, the angrier I got, until I eventually had to do something about it.

It was just after eleven when I came home from work to find Mom lying on the sofa in a long shirt and socks up to her knees. If not for the half a bottle of Grey Goose between her legs she would have made a lovely sight. Her milky white skin almost glowed in the soft light and her shoulder length black hair fanned out around her angelic face. Her B cup breasts rose and fell with every soft breath.

Without bothering to wake her, I went into the kitchen and pulled the coffee can off the fridge. I popped the top and turned it upside down. I gave it a shake, took a deep breath, and sat it back down. Then I opened the fridge before closing it again.

I went back to the living room and slid my arms underneath her. Her arms folded drunkenly around my neck. Her lips met my cheek before moving towards my lips. This time I let her kiss me and tasted the alcohol on her breath and tongue.

I carried her the short distance to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet before pulling the long shirt over her head, then I pulled off her socks. I turned around and filled the tub. It was just seconds later that she groaned and I heard her tinkling into the toilet. When the water was high enough I lifted her drunk ass off the toilet and dropped her into the icy cold water.

“What the hell?” she sputtered as her head came up.

“What would you do if you came home from working all day to put food on the table and caught ME drunk off my ass, passed out in the living room, the fridge empty, and not a penny left in the can?” I asked before dunking her head again.

“I.. .I’dddd… sssspank… your asssss… like a.. ttttwwwooo.. year old.” she shivered.

“But first you would make sure I was good and sober so that I’d remember right?” I said pushing her back under again.

“I… I… am… your… mother…”

“And I love you dearly, which is why I have to do this,” I sighed and pushed her under once more.

Once the drunken haze had left her eyes I lifted her from the water and carried her into the bedroom, where I placed her over the dresser just as she would have done me. To keep her from stumbling away I dug out two of my dad’s old silk ties and bound her wrists together with arms behind her back. The second I wrapped around her arms so she couldn’t untie herself.

Then I kicked her legs open before removing my belt. Holding it by the two ends I gave it a good snap, reached back and brought it down across both cheeks, leaving an angry red stripe across them. She screamed as the leather smacked against her.

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