Double Trouble

I rent out a small house that my grandmother had willed to me, about 10 miles from where I live. My tenants are a pair of twins, lovely young ladies, really, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, grey eyes, pretty, delicate features, and slim figures, rounded in the right places. They are 21, living away from home to go to college in the nearby city, and I have met their parents once, a meeting that turned out to be very informative.

The girls, Tina and Anna, are so identical as to be very easily mistaken for each other, and, over tea with their parents, I found out that they often played tricks using their identical looks when they were growing up. According to their mother, there is only one physical difference between them, and that is that Tina has an oval-shaped birthmark low on her right buttcheek, and Anna has the same mark on her left cheek. Laughingly, their mother told me that when they would be annoying about which twin they were, she would threaten to bare their bottoms and check the birthmarks, and, if she found that they were lying, she would take advantage of their bare-bottomed state and spank them for it. In parting, she mentioned to me; jokingly, I assumed; that I should spank them if they disobeyed any of my rules or misbehaved, after all, they may be away from home, but that did not mean that they could behave as they felt like.

I have a very good relationship with the girls, despite the 20 year difference in our ages, they look upon me as a sort of mother figure, I suppose, being far away from their own, especially as I share recipes and ideas with them. They were fairly neat around the house, and kept to my rules, which were basic – no smoking inside, no big parties, etc. I often dropped by to just spend some time with them, which habit is what led to this incident.

I had been out grocery shopping for myself and had picked up some bagels on special, and was taking them for the girls. It was a Sunday morning, and as I pulled up outside the house, I noticed some beer bottles on the front porch. Frowning, I made my way to the front door and rang the bell, waiting for almost a minute before the door was opened. The sight that met my eyes was amazing! There were beer cans and bottles all over the living room, a CD player with numerous discs scattered around it, cigarette butts floating in a couple of bowls, sofa pillows all over the place (a couple with burn marks on them), and other forms of chaos. Tina (I assumed) was dressed in a big T-shirt, and Anna was in a baby-tee and panties. I walked in, surveying the damage, shaking my head. “What on earth happened here?”
“Oh, hi, Mrs. P. We had a little party last night.”
“A little party? With what – about 20 cans and the same in bottles of beer? How many people did you have over?”
“About 10.” Came the reply from Anna, who was just rolling off the couch. At my raised eyebrow, she hung her head, and Tina owned up, “Actually, about 18 or so people showed up, but we did invite 10.”
“So you broke my rule about no big parties, and obviously the one about smoking too. Very well, I’m going to go home now, and I’ll be back around 4 this afternoon. I expect to see the house clean, and you two as well. We will go over the rules again.” With that, I turned and left.

About half an hour after I got home, I got a phone call from the girls’ mother. She said that they had called her and told her what had happened, and that she was very upset, especially about the smoking. That was an absolute no-no in their house, and even though the girls were old enough by law to smoke, they were not supposed to. She told me that she had only caught them smoking twice, and had dealt with it the same way both times – she had bent them over the back of a couch, bared their behinds, and then paddled them red. Then she asked me to deal with the situation as she was too far away to do so. I protested, citing my lack of paddle, and she said that it didn’t matter, a hairbrush, wooden spoon, anything like that would do, as long as they learned their lesson. I promised her I would deal with it appropriately.

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