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Hi to all and I’m 25, male and married from Colombo. I am a guy who needs sex at least twice a day but unfortunately my wife is not that much interested.
She comes only once a week or it takes more than that and therefore I visit this site regularly to satisfy myself.
Let me come to the story, this is about one of my close friend, her name is Sarah (name changed) who shares everything with me. She is 26 now and fair with a cute face and she has a very nice pair of boobs of 36″ and 28″ and 32″ I guess.
I am always attracted towards her boobs and she also knows that. This happened when she was 21, after so much of compelling she told me this incident as she was suffering from gastritis for a long time so I suggested her to consult a specialist.
Her father knew a specialist at oasis hospital and made an appointment. Since the doctor is a male, after so much of hesitation she agreed to go there. Let me tell the story from her words now on. I went to the hospital and I paid the cashier the channelling fee and my num was teenager.
I was waiting outside till they call my num and finally my num came. I told my problem and he checked and told me to do some tests and bring the reports back as he is consulting other patients. While I took the tests and came back with the reports he seeing the last patient.

So after that when I went in, he checked the reports and said he needs to do a MRI scan (not sure with the scan name) where they put a small cam via mouth to check inside my stomach. I agreed and paid the scan charges as I wanted to cure this somehow.
Till then I did not know how the scan is done. So the doctor took me to the scan room with a nurse and she showed me a room and gave a kind of a hospital frock and told me to change wearing nothing underneath. I was shocked at once but I had no other choice after some hesitation
I went to that room it was small with a small mirror and did not have a door but only a curtain to cover. I was wearing a salwar and I removed the top and bra and quickly wore the frock and then removed the trouser and panty. The frock was light blue in a thin material with a deep neck till 2 inches above my knees.
I was totally shy to go in front of a male, my nipples were easily visible. The doc should be in his early 40s I guess. So finally I went in front of the doc, while I was going closer to him my leg accidentally got stuck into a crossing wire and when I was falling soon I grabbed docs chair and got up.
And said sorry while I was in bending position surely he should have noticed my deep cleavage. He just smiled and said no problems started check my heart rate with his stethoscope and I noticed he was trying to press my boobs. Then he put some gel on my mouth and did the Mri scan.
Once the scan was done he asked me to lie down on the bed again and came with the stethoscope. This time he took more time on checking my chest, slowly he moved to my boobs, he would have felt my nipples. I was feeling something new for the first time it was feeling good.
But I did not react when I turned my face towards his side, as he was in standing position his pants was right in front of me and I cud see a bulge on it. Now slowly he moved his hand further down and stopped just above my puss.
And then started to massage as he was checking he touched my puss as well. It was feeling great for me. He might have noticed, he said he needs to put the stethoscope on my bare stomach to check as it was heavily wounded.
I was scared and also enjoying but even before my permission, he started put his under my frock from the bottom and slowly raised till my chest. The further he rise further my frock was also raised. By the time he reached my boobs my bare puss was totally visible even before I could stop.
Now he knew that I’m enjoying so he asked me to raise my hip and pulled my frock some more up and then made me sit totally removed it. My bare boobs were hanging first time I was nude in front of a stranger.
He then grabbed my boobs brought his crotch close to my face and slowly and opened zip and took the tool out. First time I saw and didn’t know what to do. It was around 5″, he and slowly pulled my face closer and put his tool in my mouth at first it smell and then I started enjoying.
He increased the speed and started fucking my mouth while pressing my boobs and suddenly he climaxed and soon I spat everything out. He was exhausted. Soon I went inside the room and changed my dress and came out.
He gave a prescription of medicines and said that I was not severely diseased. He gave some medicines and gave his card and told me to visit any time and I want and I did not speak anything, before leaving he started kiss my lips and fondled my boobs over the salwar for about 15 minutes left me.

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