Do You Remember that conceited girl from high school?

I’m sure most men here knew a girl that they hated because she was a conceited bitch that wouldn’t give you the time of day but you’d give anything to have a chance to fuck her because she was just that gorgeous.

She had everything you wanted in a woman. Pretty face, great body, perfect smile and everything else you can think of, but the bitch probably didn’t know you even existed. And for that you hated her ass and bad mouthed her with your friends, but you know as well as I that it was because you could never get to fuck such a fine girl.

I’m going to tell you guys about how I got to fuck that girl. That gorgeous slut that didn’t even know your name but if she asked you for a piece of paper or a pen, even if she didn’t even look at you you’d have it ready for her in less than a second…

It was a Saturday night when it happened. I was on my way to visit a very good friend of mine; I had known him since high school so we were pretty close. We were so close that we had actually swapped girlfriends a few times, and on some occasions gangbanged the same girl together. This was the purpose of my visit today; we were going to fuck a cock hungry chick he had just met.

I was really looking forward to it so I wasted no time in getting there…when I arrived he introduced me and I couldn’t believe my eyes…this was my fantasy girl from high school, and sure enough she had no clue as to who I was. After the introduction we sat on the couch making small talk, I’m not even sure what it was that I was saying or what we were talking about, I just couldn’t believe who it was that I was going to get to fuck. My cock was swollen inside my pants, it was throbbing, so much blood was pumping to it that it was even painful. She noticed and reached for it, gripping it through my pants as I looked at her up and down. She was wearing a black tank top, fitted to her body, no bra. She had on a very tight skirt that hiked up at her hips as my friend slid his hand up her inner thigh, spreading her legs open as I leaned in and pulled her top down to let one of her tits fall for me to suck on..

I unbuttoned my pants with my free hand, pulling down my zipper then immediately taking her hand and forcing it down under my boxers, holding her by her fragile wrists as I make her try and wrap her hand around my cock, letting go as I feel her start to stroke it. Already she’s moaning like a whore as two fingers are pumped in and out of her cunt, I can even smell how wet this slut is….I pull my shirt off, then I lean in, taking her by the hair at the back of her head, pulling her towards me, I suck on her lips before I lead her head down my stomach to the very thick, hard cock of mine that I’m so eager to shove down her throat…she licks her lips, then spits at my cock, stroking it as she does so, lubricating it with her own saliva as she spreads her legs more for my friend, who’s very busy teasing and fingering her cleanly shaved pussy.

I hold her by the hair tightly, keeping her in place as she holds my cock and looks straight at me, she watches me swing my hand across her face lightly, slapping her gently as I push her down against my cock, watching her open her mouth as she looks up at me startled, sucking my cock into her mouth inch by inch….I feel her massaging her tongue on the head of my cock, tasting my pre cum as she works her mouth around it, she gags on it as I push her down, forcing her to choke on it, making her take it in deeper and deeper, making a mess of her pretty little face…” choke on my cock you conceited bitch” I tell her as she looks up at me, I can tell that she’s wondering what I would choose to say that, but at the same time she obeys, placing her hand on my thigh, pulling herself against my cock…I moan as I watch this gorgeous slut eat my cock…I almost forget all about my friend until I see him stand up right in front of us, letting his cock spring out of his pants as he lets them drop to the floor, stroking his cock a bit as he watches her feed on my cock. He rubs the length of his cock against her neck as he steps closer, rubbing the side of his dick on her cheek as she bobs up and down on my cock, choking on it as I hold her down, forcing my cock down her throat, then pulling her off of me violently, throwing her towards him, he grabs her immediately, slapping her around a little, placing one of his hands on top of her head while the other holds her by the neck, she opens her mouth wide, wanting what he’s got to give her, he chokes her a little as he pulls her in and rams his cock deep into her throat with one quick thrust….I watch, stroking my cock, thinking to myself still, in disbelief, that my cock has been deep down this whores throat, this slut that I never imagined I would get to have…

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