Discovering a wet fetish

It was summer. And time for our annual extended family camping trip. We’d done it ever since I could remember, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, even friends of the family joining us. All the older kids would bring friends, and by the time we were college aged we’d bring boyfriends and girlfriends. I was nineteen and had just finished my freshman year at community college. I was looking forward to leaving in the fall for an out of state university for my sophomore year.

We went to the same campground every year, a place off the beaten path, and we’d rent several lots at the far end. It felt like we were deep in the woods, even though we weren’t a terribly far walk from laundry and shower facilities, and a nice sized town was just a few minutes away by car.

All told each summer anywhere between fifteen and thirty of us would meet out there, with tents, campers, and RVs. The RVs and campers were for the adults and small children, and the rest of us grouped up into different sized tents. The adults’ only rule was no co-ed sleeping in order to set a good example for the younger cousins. But with plenty of hiking and biking trails, and secluded places to swim along the lake no one really complained. There were plenty of opportunities for sexual fun if you had brought a date.

For several years now I’d been old enough to have my own tent. With a younger brother and mostly male cousins I’d rarely had to share with anyone. Being the only girl my age was a definite perk.

But the summer I’m telling you about was different. One of my cousins was bringing his twenty-one-year-old college girlfriend and he’d asked if I’d share my four-person tent with her since I was alone. My aunt wouldn’t let him bring her unless he arranged a place for her to sleep ahead of time. I’d always gotten along with my cousin and had met his girlfriend several times at cookouts and holiday gatherings, so of course I agreed.

I had just completed my freshman year of college and had been able to live at home instead of the dorm because we lived close to campus. While I was far from shy, I was usually quiet in crowds and would have preferred to bunk alone. Several years earlier I had discovered masturbation, and it was a part of my nightly routine to tease myself to an orgasm or two before I could sleep. Sharing a tent would certainly take that opportunity away, but I figured it might be good to curtail my masturbation habit since I’d been accepted at an out of state school for my sophomore year and I’d soon be in a crowded dorm.

Rachael and I settled into our tent and got along just fine. She was a few years into college and happily answered a lot of my questions about dorms, classes, homework, and college dating. We stayed up late most nights, each in our own sleeping bag in the dark, talking about all sorts of things. The later it got each night the more ‘adult’ our conversation would become, with me asking questions about sex. I wasn’t a virgin but had never had an orgasm with a partner and was aware that there was a whole world beyond four or five minutes of the missionary position. She and my cousin had been having sex for quite a while, and she didn’t mind answering my questions.

It started raining the second day we were there and didn’t let up until we left. A slow steady downpour that kept the air cool and the sky gray. The guys still fished, happily sitting in the drizzle with their poles, and the kids spent most of their time in the RVs watching movies and playing board games while the adults sat around and talked. Everyone got along well enough that the rain didn’t really ruin anything, it just cut down on the number of things we could do outside.

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