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Sweet white girl meets BBC by mistake

Summary: Sweet white girl meets BBC by mistake and…. Note 1: This is an April Fools Day 2020 so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, and Robert for editing this story. Wrong Place, Right Time I felt weird going on a blind date… but after over six months …

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Voluptuous beauty loses her virginity

I first met Amy when I began working out at a gym. I’m a 38 year-old guy who has played a lot of different sports all my life, and was used to being in shape, but a knee injury had stopped me participating and I’d got out of condition; too …

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Virtual Mother

When I was a young man of 28 – recently married, with two young children–the last thing I expected was to become the head of a major company. But that was just what happened when my father the owner and president of Joycor Industries died suddenly on the golf course. …

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Vera the slutwife and her boss

Vera was a beautiful young woman who worked at my bank. She had a problem in her marriage, but I was able to help her. Vera worked at a bank where I do some business. When I first came to know her, she was what we would call a teller. …

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Young Boys Help Me Teach my Wife a Lesson

I was pissed at her for being so rude to my friends at a party we were at. They were just flirting with her a little like young-virile men that they are and she got upset. She is always like this so uptight about herself and her fuckin’ stupid ideals. …

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76 year old woman fucked while camping

It was late summer and I was on a cross country trip on my motorcycle. I pull a camper with it so it makes it a lot less expensive to stop for the night. Campgrounds are usually good with showers, laundry facilities and a convenience store. I had ridden about …

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Sex fantasies

Of course I was worried when Tammy didn’t come to school. And it wasn’t only because we had an oral presentation due in our Senior History class. I was concerned because we had been dating for nearly 5 months, and for as long as I knew her she hadn’t missed …

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Sex parody

Charlie Brown lay on his bed in his room playing with his little dick and thinking about the pretty little red-haired girl. She was so cute and he was sure he was in love with her. He wanted her so badly and she was all he ever thought about. He …

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My First Fat Pussy, My First Sex Slave

Always one to date thin, tight-bodied girls, I was between girlfriends for a couple of weeks and was getting horny for pussy, any pussy. It’s proven I guess that as the night at the bar goes on the girls get prettier, they also get thinner as you drink more. When …

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