Dirty daughter never seizes to amaze her Dad

I am a little disappointed with myself but I have to tell someone. I fucked my daughter and my niece. Wow I can’t believe that it really happened but I had my cock inside my babies pussy.

I was having a bad day. I missed her mom who we haven’t seen in over two years. She calls from time to time but she chose a job that sends her all over the world over Kiley and I. It was Kiley”s 14th birthday and her mom didn’t call. It bothered me a lot more than it did our daughter Kiley.

I took kiley on a $400 birthday shopping spree. She had me bring her around to the second hand stores. She made out like a queen.

When we got home she put every dress skirt pant and shirt she bought on and came into the living room over and over to show her ole man.

She saved the best for last. A black dinner or party dress. I loved it on her but told her that it was too revealing. It showed major cleavage of her 34 C tits and was hemmed high.

Kiley said that she got it for me. I was pretty confused about what she meant. She turned music on and began dancing around. I could see that she was not wearing a bra. And when she spun around I could see that her panties were missing too. I wanted to tell her to get some appropriate clothes on but I was enjoying the way my cock was throbbing.

After a bit she come to rest on my lap leaning against the arm of the recliner and her legs dangling over the other arm. When I looked in her eyes I could see her mom within her the first time we had sex our freshman year of high school. I had never been with anyone else in twenty four years. I wanted to kiss Kiley on the lips but was too afraid of how she may have reacted.

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We sat talking. My hand rested above her knee. I watched her mouth open as she took a breath.

I didn’t realize that I was caressing her lower thigh until she took a deep breath and opened her legs. She whispered. Don’t be afraid.

I watched her slowly slip the strap down her shoulder. Her nipple was big. Her ariola was textured as it swelled up. She whispered. Think of me as mom. Then she kissed me on the lips.

I looked down as I lifted her dress up. Her pussy was full of dirty blonde hairs. She asked me. Do you want to fuck your daughter? I believe that I answered her question when I slid my hand between her legs.

Her pussy was wet and her young bush was soft. It didn’t take much to wiggle my finger inside of her.

I knew that she liked the boys so it was no surprise to me that my finger went all the way in. She exhaled a high pitch squeal. Then breathed harder as I fingered her little pussy.

She slid off me and took me by the hand and escorted me to her bed.

I slipped her dress off. And we laid down together. I spooned in behind her as she lifted her leg inviting her daddy’s cock into her 9th grade pussy. She took my entire seven inches into her cunt. Listening to Kiley moan from the pleasure of my cock was the best sound that I ever heard. Kiley’s orgasm was intense. I grabbed her boob and squeezed as her body tightened up and she screamed with pleasure. But two years without any pussy I quickly pulled out and shot my white cream all over her inner thigh.

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We fucked two more times that night. Then the next morning she got out of the shower with her pussy shaved smooth. She smiled and said. Daddy I hope that you are going to like playing with little girls. Your niece Sara will be here soon.

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