Died and gone to farm hell

Shannay lay on her overstuffed taking a long puff of her cigarette. Who knew that Chad would turn out to be such a huge fucker. Fucker in the sense of using her, then dumping her when he found new material. He’d blown her away with his suave, his tactics, and his smooth lies, she had never suspected a thing from the start. He had always seemed so sincere with her, always claimed he loved her but really, all he was interested in was a good fuck and stealing the little money she had, that was all. She tapped the end of her cigarette with her index finger and watched the ashes fall to the carpet. Chad’s photo still sat on the glass table in the middle of the living room. She looked at the picture surrounded by a lovely frame he had bought for her for her birthday using the money he had stolen from her. They had taken that picture when they’d gone backpacking through Europe last summer. She stared at his deep brown eyes that was filled with laughter, probably laughing at the fact that she was falling head over heels with a liar and a thief, probably laughing at the fact that she had been so gullible. She stared at herself right beside him. Her blue eyes were also filled with laughter, her jet black hair was shoved into a messy bun at the top of her head with loose curly tendrils hanging from the sides of her face, a style that he had called hot, her big tits barely staying in her tight bikini. She looked at the picture disgusted at him but more disgusted at herself for being such an idiot. What a fucker she thought again, I hope he’s getting fucked over right this moment. She crossed her long velvety smooth legs. “What a fucker” she said to herself quietly, “What a damn fucker”.

She’d quit smoking so long ago but after Chad left her, she’d returned to her disgusting habit. Getting up from the couch, she walked to the closet, opened her tool box and brought out a hammer. She walked to back to the glass table and picked up the photo. Placing the photo on the ground, she attacked it with the hammer shattering the glass of the expensive frame.

“FUCKER, FUCKER FUCKER, YOU RUINED MY LIFE YOU DAMN FUCKER” she screamed as she felt the unmistakeable tears falling from her eyes; the tears that indicated that she still had feelings for him.

Ripping the picture from the frame, she pulled out the lighter from her pocket and lit the corner of the photo, she watched it burn and listened to the quiet hissing of the flames. She watched as Chad’s face burn away; first his smile, his beautiful eyes, and then his dark brown hair. Sniffling, she blew out the fire before it burned out her face on the photo. She stared at her reflection in the broken glass, her eyes were red, her black hair messy. She was still crying over him even after two months since the incident when he had traded her to an old bastard for 7000 dollars. He had literally traded her. They had been going on a picnic that day, she had been dressed in tight blue cut off shorts and a raggedy white top. Their car had “broken” down in the middle of nowhere and that’s when fat fucking farmer Tanner Dashwood had come trucking along. He just happened not to have any tools with him but his farm just happened not to be too far from where they were “stranded” He had also just happened to have tools in his barn. When she thought about it now, the whole scenario had just been too obvious.

Maybe she had been too happy to see all the obvious signs or maybe the strong liquor that Chad had given her before the car had “broken” down had played with her senses, but before she knew it, it happened. Farmer Dashwood stopped on his farm and she and Chad had followed behind him into his barn. Once inside the barn Chad locked the door and cuffed her wrists behind her back. Farmer Dashwood had stuffed a ball gag into her mouth panting as he did so, his fat belly jiggling. Pushing her to the center pole in the middle of the barn, Chad had tied her to the pole. She had watched and listened in horror as Dashwood handed Chad 5000 dollars promising to pay him the other half after two weeks of enjoying her. Chad had smiled at her as he left telling her to have a good time. She shuddered as she thought of the hell she’d been through in those few months with Dashwood. Her pussy still felt sore even 2 months after the incident. Chad knew her too well, he knew that she wouldn’t report to the police because she would be too humiliated and he had just planned everything out so that it would seem she was away on vacation and not missing. The animal fucking and the Dashwood fucking had been too much. The bald ugly farmer never left her pussy alone for one day. He had abused her pussy and he had abused her body. She didn’t go one day without him making her feel like the scum of the earth. He had treated his barn animals better than he did her. She felt nausea beginning to rise in her throat just thinking about it all. As she was about to wretch, she heard a knock on her door.

Who the hell could that be now wondered Shannay. She never had any visitors. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she walked to the door of her apartment. She lived in a small apartment at the edge of Brooklyn in New York City. That was all she could afford on her small salary. Pulling down the hems of her shorts and straightening out the crooked big tee shirt she wore, she walked to the door. She looked through the peephole in the door to see a blonde woman adjusting her boobs in a top that was way too small, it looked like those things were about to pop out of the top. Wondering, she unlocked the 7 locks on her door and opened it. The woman, surprised to be caught in the act, quickly removed her hands from the balloons on her chest and smiled.

“Hello, I’m Katie, I’m your next door neighbour” she said indicating to the door on the very end of the hallway.

“Ummm I think you’ve gotten me confused with Mr. Rattison, see your door is 8 doors away from mine, meaning we’re NOT next door neighbours” replied Shannay emphasizing the word not.

“Yes I know, but I mean, all we’ve got between us is a bunch of old folks, we’re practically neighbours” replied Katie in a voice that Shannay found annoyingly ditzy and sultry at the same time. Her southern accent was quite noticeable.

“Yay, good for us, well I have other things to do so bye!” answered Shannay attempting to end the conversation. She closed the door and was about to begin redoing her locks when she heard another knock at the door. She looked through the peephole to see the annoying blond bimbo knocking again.

“Dammit what do you want, can’t you see that I’m busy” asked Shannay angrily. She stared at the woman who looked like a complete porn-star from her sunny blond hair to her green eyes pert nose, lightly tanned skin and luscious lips, not to mention the big boobs (that sat perfectly on her chest yet jiggled with every movement to indicate that they were not fake), the flat stomach (which Shannay could see due to the fact that the woman was wearing a belly top), the pierced navel, the softly rounded hips, the ass that looked round and the long legs. Porn star or porn star in the making thought Shannay.

“C’mon” pleaded Katie, “I need some sugar, I’m baking cookies. “

“Okay look lady, go ask Mr Rattison, or the other neighbours. I don’t have any sugar, now leave me alone and get the fuck away from my apartment before I call security”

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Who pissed in your cornflakes?” asked Katie shoving the door open with surprising strength for her stature. “Just borrow me some sugar and I’ll go away” she said batting her eyelashes.

Sighing, Shannay walked into her apartment and she heard Katie’s light footsteps behind her.

“Did I say you could come in”?

“It sure is hot in here” replied Katie ignoring her question and working at the top buttons of her top. “What did you say your name was again”?

“I didn’t” replied Shannay – – “It’s Shannay”. Sighing once again, she walked to the kitchen and opened the cupboard to retrieve the box sugar. Shannay turned to see Katie sitting on the counter and swinging her legs back and forth staring at her intently.

“What’s Shannay?” asked Katie distractedly

“My name…you asked. Here, take the whole box and get out” said Shannay indicating for the door that Katie had left wide open when she walked in..

Katie jumped off the counter and turned around to reveal a tribal tattoo on her lower back and a black thong that left things to the imagination. What am I thinking thought Shannay, I am straight, I like men, I love men, I don’t like women.

“You’re really pretty” replied Katie staring at Shannay. Shannay stood about an inch taller than Katie, jet black hair, smooth velvety skin, crystal blue eyes, perky C cups, long legs, and a perfectly modelled ass. Though many guys considered her pretty, she felt as though she were the ugliest thing on earth; that of course changed when she met Chad.

“Thank you” replied Shannay sarcastically pushing Katie out of the kitchen. Shannay looked in front of Katie to see a piece of shattered glass glistening on the carpet. “Watch out for the –“ her words were interrupted as Katie stepped right on the sharp edge of the glass.

“Ouch. What the hell” screamed Katie grabbing her right foot and hopping on her left. She turned around to question Shannay when she lost her footing and fell forward. Shannay, in a dire attempt to grab Katie, tripped on the hammer that she had thrown carelessly on the ground and fell backwards with Katie falling perfectly on top of her.

Oh God thought Shannay as she felt her breath leave her lungs immediately. She opened her eyes to see Katie lying right on top of her, her boobs pushing into Shannay’s and her luscious lips just centimetres away from Shannay’s.

“Dammit get off me you freak” barked Shannay angrily attempting to push Katie off only for her long slim fingers to get intertwined in the buttons of Katie’s top. In the blink of an eye, Katie’s top burst open to reveal lush firm soft breasts with tan lines. Shannay stared in surprise at what hung before her. The thick long dusky nipples protruded forward almost touching the skin on Shannay’s chin. Sucking in her breath, Shannay pushed Katie off her and stood up wiping her shirt. “Okay, just get out, take your top with you.”

“But I’m hurt” replied Katie indicating to the bleeding mess on her right foot. “Aren’t you even sorry?” asked Katie on the verge of tears. Wow, and this just confirms what we already knew about blonds thought Shannay

“Well it’s not my fault that you barged into my apartment. It’s not my fault that you didn’t wear shoes, and it is certainly not my fault that you disregarded my warning. Now get out!” replied Shannay harshly.


“I said GET OUT” yelled Shannay indicating to the door and tossing Katie’s top at her.

“You’re gonna pay for this you stupid bitch. I thought we could be friends but I guess not and anyone who isn’t my friend becomes my bitch“ replied Katie quietly yet extremely harshly.

She grabbed her top and tied it to the bottom of her bleeding right foot. She limped out the door her head held high despite the fact that she wasn’t wearing a top.

What a fucking freak thought Shannay feeling somewhat guilty for refusing to give Katie a band aid. Leaning forward, she picked up the big pieces of broken glass then she moved to lock the door. She closed her eyes afraid that she would think of Chad. She could feel the tears forming again. How could she still feel things for a guy who had used her……who had sold her. She sighed as she stood to throw the broken glass away. Chad was a fucker……a heartless fucker.

Katie limped towards her apartment door annoyed by what had just taken place. She saw Mr. Rattison closing the door to his apartment. As he turned to look at her, she watched as his eyes grew at the sight of her. Yah she was topless, but she could care less and if this old man had nothing else to do but jack off to that, well good for him. She flashed him one of her innocent smiles before unlocking the door to her apartment. This was her first time in the big city. Papa Dashwood had warned her about coming here. She had only been here a couple of days but she already missed the farm…..and papa Dashwood. On her first day in New York, she had gotten lost. The throngs of people coming from the metropolitan station had set her off in the wrong direction. No one had wanted to help her except for a few horny men who wanted a fuck in return and just because she had a southern accent, the horny men had assumed she was stupid. She understood what they wanted when their straying hands “accidentally” brushed her breasts or her ass. “Well daddy didn’t raise me like that” she murmured to no one in particular. “He raised me not to fuck anyone but him, raised me knowing that my body was his only to fuck, raised me the right way” she continued. She smiled as she thought of papa Dashwood’s thick cock sliding into her wet pussy. Still smiling she sat on the couch and closed her eyes.

Papa Dashwood wasn’t really her father though he was old enough to be. He was in his late 50’s or early 60’s, she didn’t know and he never let her find out. He had adopted her when she was young when her parents had died in a car crash. Her parents had been good friends with papa Dashwood and even when they were still alive he insisted that she refer to him by papa Dashwood only. One day when she was small, she and her parents had been staying over at Dashwood’s farm for a reason she could not remember. She had had a nightmare so she had gone to look for her Ma. When she got to the barn, she was horrified at what she saw. Her Papa and Papa Dashwood were fucking her Ma and she was enjoying it. They were throwing insults at her and pulling her hair and were being harsh to her and her ma was begging for more. She had wondered how a man so fat could have so much energy to fuck. Dashwood had begun fucking her even before her parents died and she had enjoyed it. He had driven her to the point were all she good think of was sex but he had also trained her to restrain herself from fucking any man….her body was only his.

Katie missed the farm greatly, but more than anything, she wanted to find a way to make that Yonker snotty not so next door neighbour pay. She wanted revenge. She wanted that bitch Shannay to pay but there was no denying that Shannay was sexy. She wasn’t your all American girl….she was sort of exotic, especially her eyes….it held some secret….like something she knew that she was hiding from the world. Katie picked up the phone smiling, she knew how she could make that bitch hers for good. She picked up the phone and dialled the number of the only person she knew would help her.
“Hullooooo Papa Dashwood, it’s me” purred Katie into the phone. “Yes I miss you too, my pussy is absolutely wet for you but I found a new bitch for us Papa” said Katie sweetly.

Three weeks later

It had been three weeks since Shannay had last seen Katie, and she had almost forgotten about her. She stepped out of the shower and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She had also almost forgotten about Chad. It was as if when Katie arrived, Chad had left her thoughts. She stepped out of her bathroom towel drying her hair while she glanced at the clock. Damn I’m gonna be late for work she thought. Not like there was much to look forward to in work. Being a secretary at an extremely boring firm which paid little was one of the few accomplishments of her sad pathetic life. She quickly brushed her teeth, her hair and dressed without bothering to put on makeup. She could do without it and she rarely wore makeup anyway. She grabbed a raisin bagel, stuffed it into her mouth, and picked up the folders of company work that she was supposed to have sorted out last weekend. She ran out of her apartment without even bothering to lock all seven locks. If anyone wanted to break into her apartment they should go ahead, her boss was looking for any reason to fire anyone and that held more priority than a dingy little apartment.

As she dashed down the apartment door towards the elevator, she smacked right into none other than Katie. The folders flew out of her hand and her bagel dropped from her mouth. “So much for breakfast” she murmured. Anywhere else, she would have applied the 5 second rule but this was New York.

“I am so sorry hun” said Katie sweetly with her Southern accent.

“No, no, it was my fault” replied Shannay, truly sorry this time. She still hadn’t apologized to Katie about their first encounter. Shannay looked to see Katie two pink luggage behind Katie and a matching pink carry on resting on the bigger pink luggage.

“Where are you going” questioned Shannay.

“Well I’m moving back to the farm. I miss the Southern hospitality. Y’all just don’t have that down here”.

“Look, if it’s about when you came over, I’m awfully sorry about that. I was just having a……meltdown”.

“Oh no hunnie, it’s not about that. I just miss the farm, and my papa. I’m homesick” she replied bending to help Shannay pick up the folders.

Today she was dressed in a top that screamed “wet tee shirt contest” to Shannay. The top was tied right below her chest. Her hair was in braided pigtails with ribbons on the end of each and she was wearing cut off jean shorts. She looked just like a slutty incestial farm girl except she wore sexy heels instead of sneakers. The heels were extremely high. On her right hand she carried a pink fuzzy teddy bear with a bow tie. She pouted her lips just like a child would except sexier.

“Well, I hope you like the farm, wish we got to know each other better. I’ve…got to get to work. Sorry Im late ”

“I noticed that you’re always late” replied Katie laughing. “My Papa’s coming to pick me up in about 5 minutes. Want a ride?”

“No, no I don’t want to trouble you and besides, it’s faster to take the train”.

“It’s no trouble at all. He’s gonna be here soon anyway. We weren’t going to leave right away, we were gonna do some sight seeing and window shopping first. “

“Okay, thank you so much. You don’t know how much trouble this is going to save me”.

“Glad I could help. Could you help me with my suitcases though, can’t carry them by myself. Mr. Rattison helped me last time.”

Shannay nodded and moved to help her new friend. Wow, she’s like the sweetest person ever and I was such a bitch to her. I feel so bad thought Shannay.

Katie smiled inwardly. This bitch is mine mine mine she thought. She had been monitoring Shannay for the past couple of weeks and had memorized her religious routine down to the minute. So far, things were going according to plan. Before she knew it, the unsuspecting Shannay would be stuffed into the trunk of Papa Dashwood’s truck. She would be gagged, blindfolded, tied down and sedated and soon they would be on Papa Dashwood’s secluded farm in the middle of no where.

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