Died and gone to farm hell

Shannay lay on her overstuffed taking a long puff of her cigarette. Who knew that Chad would turn out to be such a huge fucker. Fucker in the sense of using her, then dumping her when he found new material. He’d blown her away with his suave, his tactics, and his smooth lies, she had never suspected a thing from the start. He had always seemed so sincere with her, always claimed he loved her but really, all he was interested in was a good fuck and stealing the little money she had, that was all. She tapped the end of her cigarette with her index finger and watched the ashes fall to the carpet. Chad’s photo still sat on the glass table in the middle of the living room. She looked at the picture surrounded by a lovely frame he had bought for her for her birthday using the money he had stolen from her. They had taken that picture when they’d gone backpacking through Europe last summer. She stared at his deep brown eyes that was filled with laughter, probably laughing at the fact that she was falling head over heels with a liar and a thief, probably laughing at the fact that she had been so gullible. She stared at herself right beside him. Her blue eyes were also filled with laughter, her jet black hair was shoved into a messy bun at the top of her head with loose curly tendrils hanging from the sides of her face, a style that he had called hot, her big tits barely staying in her tight bikini. She looked at the picture disgusted at him but more disgusted at herself for being such an idiot. What a fucker she thought again, I hope he’s getting fucked over right this moment. She crossed her long velvety smooth legs. “What a fucker” she said to herself quietly, “What a damn fucker”.

She’d quit smoking so long ago but after Chad left her, she’d returned to her disgusting habit. Getting up from the couch, she walked to the closet, opened her tool box and brought out a hammer. She walked to back to the glass table and picked up the photo. Placing the photo on the ground, she attacked it with the hammer shattering the glass of the expensive frame.

“FUCKER, FUCKER FUCKER, YOU RUINED MY LIFE YOU DAMN FUCKER” she screamed as she felt the unmistakeable tears falling from her eyes; the tears that indicated that she still had feelings for him.

Ripping the picture from the frame, she pulled out the lighter from her pocket and lit the corner of the photo, she watched it burn and listened to the quiet hissing of the flames. She watched as Chad’s face burn away; first his smile, his beautiful eyes, and then his dark brown hair. Sniffling, she blew out the fire before it burned out her face on the photo. She stared at her reflection in the broken glass, her eyes were red, her black hair messy. She was still crying over him even after two months since the incident when he had traded her to an old bastard for 7000 dollars. He had literally traded her. They had been going on a picnic that day, she had been dressed in tight blue cut off shorts and a raggedy white top. Their car had “broken” down in the middle of nowhere and that’s when fat fucking farmer Tanner Dashwood had come trucking along. He just happened not to have any tools with him but his farm just happened not to be too far from where they were “stranded” He had also just happened to have tools in his barn. When she thought about it now, the whole scenario had just been too obvious.

Maybe she had been too happy to see all the obvious signs or maybe the strong liquor that Chad had given her before the car had “broken” down had played with her senses, but before she knew it, it happened. Farmer Dashwood stopped on his farm and she and Chad had followed behind him into his barn. Once inside the barn Chad locked the door and cuffed her wrists behind her back. Farmer Dashwood had stuffed a ball gag into her mouth panting as he did so, his fat belly jiggling. Pushing her to the center pole in the middle of the barn, Chad had tied her to the pole. She had watched and listened in horror as Dashwood handed Chad 5000 dollars promising to pay him the other half after two weeks of enjoying her. Chad had smiled at her as he left telling her to have a good time. She shuddered as she thought of the hell she’d been through in those few months with Dashwood. Her pussy still felt sore even 2 months after the incident. Chad knew her too well, he knew that she wouldn’t report to the police because she would be too humiliated and he had just planned everything out so that it would seem she was away on vacation and not missing. The animal fucking and the Dashwood fucking had been too much. The bald ugly farmer never left her pussy alone for one day. He had abused her pussy and he had abused her body. She didn’t go one day without him making her feel like the scum of the earth. He had treated his barn animals better than he did her. She felt nausea beginning to rise in her throat just thinking about it all. As she was about to wretch, she heard a knock on her door.

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