Diane’s Problem

The lithe, long-legged beauty writhed over me, thighs spread wide as
her tight cunt resisted her efforts to get my meaty cock inside her.
Diane gasped and moaned, her small hands clamped onto my forearms in an
almost painful grip. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her teeth bared in an
almost feral grimace as she worked at me, trying to sheath my eight
inch rod in her belly. Her slim hips rolled around the pivot point of
her virgin cunt, the outer lips splayed open around the plum sized head
of my rampantly erect cock, as she literally screwed herself slowly down
on my thick shaft.

She gasped and her sky blue eyes popped open as the head of my cock
finally breached the portals of her tight little pussy, my cockhead
lodging just inside. She bent her head and stared at her wide spread
cuntlips, impaled on my spike, her ass length blond hair cascading past
her shoulders and cloaking us in a shimmering, golden world all our own.

She smiled then, a small, private smile of victory and her hands
loosened their grip. My hands slowly slid up from her narrow hips where
they had been lightly holding her, past an impossibly tiny waist and
onto her swollen softball sized breasts, with their fat, puffy nipples,
like strawberrys perched on a mound of vanilla ice cream. Her eyes
drifted to my face, and her breathing hitched as I gently pinched the
turgidly erect little buds.

The tireless engine of her hips started up again, but slower this time,
screwing herself inch by slow inch, down the rigid shaft, her full lower
lip caught in her teeth. It was, quite possibly, the most erotic thing I
had ever seen, anywhere, in my 25 years, and it just got better as she
straightened up, gathering the thick mop of her hair in her hands and
piling it on her head and holding it there, elbows out to the side,
back arched, her proud titties thrust out as she undulated on my
gradually disappearing cock.

My eyes raked over the ripe little body on display for me, her creamy
white breasts starkly outlined by her summer tan, the rest of her
flawless skin a coffee-and-cream shade of brown, except for the small,
white triangle centered around her lightly furred little pussy, now
widely split by my steel hard cock, half submerged in her hot, wet

I did nothing to help her, using all of my will power to just lay
there, resisting the primal urge to thrust my hips upwards and take
her. Her cherry was long gone, lost to gymnastics when she was in the
third grade, and an overly confident attempt at a split on a slippery

Finally, a few moments later, she was sitting on my hips, my eight
inches fully sheathed in her taut belly, a tiny, triumphant smile
pulling at her full lips, her eyes sparkling down at me.

“See?” she said. “I told you it wasn’t too big.” I smiled back at her
flushed face.

“You were right,” I admitted, looking again at her tight pussy, now
with a full beard of my pubic hair. “I can’t believe you got the whole
thing inside you.”

It was, I thought to myself, a rather remarkable feat. Diane was not a
big girl, standing at around four feet, ten inches tall and weighing in
at about 100 pounds.

She was my next door neighbor’s daughter, and I had known them for
about eleven years, since they moved in. It amazed me that she was
making a play for me, and I had foolishly decided to see how far she
would go.

She was a remarkably beautiful girl, with long, lean but well muscled
and shapely legs, a delightfully round and firm ass, slim hips and a
small waist, and fat little boobs, about the size of softballs. Her
neck was long and slender, her nose straight and small. She had big
blue eyes and full lips, and a brilliant smile, all topped by a lush,
thick mop of blond hair.

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