Deny of My Freedom

Amanda was 5’6” tall, with Auburn hair, 38 D bust set on a medium frame she considered to be fat rather than meaty. Her most striking feature were her piercing green hazel eyes, they had a habit of appearing to see right into your soul. Although she was only 26 years old, she already had a very responsible job as head of the typing pool for Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield attorneys at law. There were 8 legal secretary typists working beneath her and all of them would agree that she was strict but fair, she even allowed the girls to call her Mandi.

Sure when she first rose to the job, three years ago she had been seen as a push over for sob stories and most of the older women had tried to pinch time off with some excuse or other. She had always managed to see through the fake stories and recognised the truth. She was happy to help in genuine cases but did not suffer fools gladly.

Tomorrow, she was about to start her first vacation in 5 years and had arranged a temp cover for the six weeks she planned to be away in Europe. She had planned every last detail to start her journey in London and finish flying back to the states from the Mediterranean coast of France. Little did she know how much her plans would be changed?

She flew from JFK in New York to London Heathrow aboard an American Airlines 757 jet, treating herself to an upgrade to business class. She was not aware of the interest she had already started seven rows of seats behind her. Once in the air, the unfasten your seatbelt sign flashed on and people began to walk around. She rose and decided to head for the in flight lounge bar, she swore a Margarita had her name on it and was constantly calling her.

A man approached her, she estimated to be 27 or 28 years old, he asked if he could buy her a drink and she defensively declined until he persisted and she found his eyes very enthralling, they seemed to swell and draw her very soul into them.

She found herself now agreeing to have the drink with him as they slid into one of the alcoves seats near the bar. As the drinks were being made, they made small talk and she found herself telling this stranger all about her plans to tour around Europe.

She answered his seemingly innocent questions about her safety plans travelling alone, and how often she would be calling home to let loved ones know she was ok.
She admitted that she had not planned to call anyone for those reasons but would call her work to make sure everything was ok about every two weeks.

Seven hours later she had inadvertently divulged where she worked, where she was staying in London, how long and her plans for the next leg of her tour. The man then excused himself and said “I have to make a business call! I will be right back” he then slipped away.

Thirty minutes later the Captain announced, “Would all passengers please return to their seats as we are coming in to land!”

She immediately returned to her seat passing the guy she had been speaking to, she should have been more worried if she had seen properly the nudge and point he had given his colleague sat beside him.

Everything progressed as normal, the plane landed ok; they disembarked and made their way through passport control and eventually to the baggage hall. Suddenly she was tapped on the shoulder and the same young man asked if they could offer her a lift into central London as their employer always sent a limo to pick them up. Again the guy’s eyes seemed to hypnotise her and she found herself accepting.

Carefree and without a single worry, she stepped from the terminal building and straight into the black limo, with her new found companions. Again alarm bells should have been ringing as she found herself sat between the guy and his colleague in the back of the limo with blacked out windows.

By :Niteowluk2003

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