Deny of My Freedom

Amanda was 5’6” tall, with Auburn hair, 38 D bust set on a medium frame she considered to be fat rather than meaty. Her most striking feature were her piercing green hazel eyes, they had a habit of appearing to see right into your soul. Although she was only 26 years old, she already had a very responsible job as head of the typing pool for Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield attorneys at law. There were 8 legal secretary typists working beneath her and all of them would agree that she was strict but fair, she even allowed the girls to call her Mandi.

Sure when she first rose to the job, three years ago she had been seen as a push over for sob stories and most of the older women had tried to pinch time off with some excuse or other. She had always managed to see through the fake stories and recognised the truth. She was happy to help in genuine cases but did not suffer fools gladly.

Tomorrow, she was about to start her first vacation in 5 years and had arranged a temp cover for the six weeks she planned to be away in Europe. She had planned every last detail to start her journey in London and finish flying back to the states from the Mediterranean coast of France. Little did she know how much her plans would be changed?

She flew from JFK in New York to London Heathrow aboard an American Airlines 757 jet, treating herself to an upgrade to business class. She was not aware of the interest she had already started seven rows of seats behind her. Once in the air, the unfasten your seatbelt sign flashed on and people began to walk around. She rose and decided to head for the in flight lounge bar, she swore a Margarita had her name on it and was constantly calling her.

A man approached her, she estimated to be 27 or 28 years old, he asked if he could buy her a drink and she defensively declined until he persisted and she found his eyes very enthralling, they seemed to swell and draw her very soul into them.

She found herself now agreeing to have the drink with him as they slid into one of the alcoves seats near the bar. As the drinks were being made, they made small talk and she found herself telling this stranger all about her plans to tour around Europe.

She answered his seemingly innocent questions about her safety plans travelling alone, and how often she would be calling home to let loved ones know she was ok.
She admitted that she had not planned to call anyone for those reasons but would call her work to make sure everything was ok about every two weeks.

Seven hours later she had inadvertently divulged where she worked, where she was staying in London, how long and her plans for the next leg of her tour. The man then excused himself and said “I have to make a business call! I will be right back” he then slipped away.

Thirty minutes later the Captain announced, “Would all passengers please return to their seats as we are coming in to land!”

She immediately returned to her seat passing the guy she had been speaking to, she should have been more worried if she had seen properly the nudge and point he had given his colleague sat beside him.

Everything progressed as normal, the plane landed ok; they disembarked and made their way through passport control and eventually to the baggage hall. Suddenly she was tapped on the shoulder and the same young man asked if they could offer her a lift into central London as their employer always sent a limo to pick them up. Again the guy’s eyes seemed to hypnotise her and she found herself accepting.

Carefree and without a single worry, she stepped from the terminal building and straight into the black limo, with her new found companions. Again alarm bells should have been ringing as she found herself sat between the guy and his colleague in the back of the limo with blacked out windows.

As the car weaved through the traffic, she suddenly felt the two guys closing in on her, it seemed her arms were being pinned to her side by their manly bulks. She struggled as a cloth was placed over her nose and mouth and as she fought she found her strength fade really fast. She began seeing the light fading away to murky blackness and then suddenly she went limp and almost fell to the floor unconscious. She was grabbed by the two guys and held in place between them.

When she started to come round she noticed the car was no longer moving, in fact as she began to become aware of her surroundings she noticed she was no longer in the car at all. She scanned the room around her and noticed it was decidedly bare of furniture, the walls were stone with no plaster on them and the floor was also stone and cold to her naked feet. Her eyes travelled up from her feet and she realised she was naked but unable to move her hands to cover her pussy or breasts. She tried to step forward but her back was immediately pulled back and she felt the hard restraint of the wall against her spine.

She began to panic as how she got here and why she was now fastened to the wall. The first question began to dawn on her as she recalled accepting the lift from the man she had spent time talking to on the flight. Why she was here was a complete mystery to her but she feared the worst as she spotted the heavy silken ropes that bound her hands and arms to the carefully placed wall mounted rings.

Suddenly her attention was drawn to a voice, which said “Agh, Good morning Miss Brown, or should I call you slut Mandi!” she scanned the room but could see no one, here ears detected the sound coming from a beam some ten feet in front of her and then concentrating she saw the small camera.

“You may not call me anything!” she demanded, “not till you release me and explain why I have been brought here!” she continued.

“OH good, it is as I hoped you are strong willed and willing to fight, your training will be all the more pleasant for me then. But unfortunately far less so for you!” the voice continued.

“Rest as much as you can, Slut Mandi, for your training will begin in around two hours time and I can promise you that by the time the training is underway you will be more co-operative” the voice stressed. Mandi struggled against her bonds until she actually caused severe Indian burns to her wrists but the bonds held.

Suddenly she saw the man who had got her into this mess enter through a door, she screamed at him “Bastard, if you don’t release me, I will make sure your done for kidnapping!” he smiled.

“Silly bitch! You would have to be free to report me and besides, did you not accept my offer of a lift of your own free will!” he snapped back at her. “Even if you were to escape this room, this house and ultimately these grounds, you would never make it the 200 miles to London” he lied.

She was just about to scream at him again, when with a quick flick of his elbow he slapped her smartly across the face. She was stunned into silence. He leaned forward and pinching hard on her left nipple he declared this place is inescapable, sound proofed and miles from anywhere. A perfect torture chamber, where I can do what ever I like to you and no one would hear, see or do anything about it.

He turned and walked around the corner, returning shortly with a large fire hose, turning it’s nozzle full on he washed her freezing body down with icy cold water under immense pressure. So much pressure in fact that she could not get her breath and soon fainted.

Ten minutes lapsed before she stirred again, only this time she was on her back on some sort of table or bed, but the only thing holding her off the floor appeared to be a frame and the fact her arms and legs were tied tightly to this frame. Next she heard the squeaky wheels of a trolley of some sort getting ever closer, when suddenly the noise stopped, she tried to raise her head to see where the noise had come from but the ligature around her neck prevented her raising her head enough.

Then into view came Adam, the man who started this nightmare for Mandi, He smiled down at her and said that she needed to lose a few pounds before the real training was to start and he had the perfect way for her to do so. She then felt her legs being forced open and what she thought was a solid four-inch object being forced into her cunt, deeper and deeper it went till she felt it hit her womb. She began screaming when Adam threatened to pour a clear plastic tube of cockroaches into her cunt. He laughed as he said, “that’s only as a punishment”

She then felt something being forced in to her anal ring, not quite as wide as the thing up her cunt but still as hard and forceful. This item stretched her anal ring and seemed to reach into the very pit of her stomach before it stopped advancing deeper. Next she saw Adam come towards her with a rigid plastic tube, two inches in diameter and he simply said “Open wide and breath through your nose”

She refused to open her mouth, shaking her head from side to side to avoid him pinching her nose. Suddenly she felt an excoriating pain in her right nipple and it felt like something was tearing into her flesh. She immediately stopped struggling and meekly opened her mouth. The tube was pushed into her mouth and part way into her throat; she found she could still breath through her nose, despite the feeling of her throat being filled with this tube. Expecting something to be poured down the tube, she tensed her body as tight as possible, hoping that they would think she would be fatally harming herself and have to release her slightly so she could at least lash out with her feet. But it never happened; instead Adam began wrapping her feet in muslin cloth working his way up her body. When he reached her cunt and ass, he wrapped around the obstructions and continued tightly wrapping her up mummy fashion. Just as he reached her tit level, he stopped and delighted in showing her the thing which had caused her so much pain earlier. It was a two-inch wide crocodile clip with serrated edges and not only that but there were wires coming from these clips.

She sensed before she felt the biting pressure of the crocodile clip’s jaws, and then Adam wrapped them inside the muslin cloth as he continued to encase her full body. Now only her head remained uncovered and he seemed to delight in teasing her that even this would be remedied shortly. He went on to explain that the tube in her cunt was so things could be added directly into her cunt, the same with the tube up her ass, only that ones main use would be for her to expel her shit after all if they pump it in through her mouth tube it would need to have an exit route.

She tried to beg him to release her but with the tube down her throat the only sounds she made were almost unintelligible grunts. Adam then held up a large 5 litre bottle and explained this was a special formula of proteins, diet aids, glucose and laxatives, he delighted in telling her she would be having one full one of these bottles every day for the next week, and that was all she would be allowed by way of food. Further more he explained that the wires attached to the clips would be attached to a low voltage system that when her body temperature reached the point where she would start sweating she would receive minute electrical shocks passing through her nipples to the earthing rod he would be soon fastening to her big toes.

He then further explained that an outer layer of cling film would ensure a quick build up of body temp to assist in reaching that sweat temperature point. Next he continued to wrap her in the muslin cloth finally covering her eyes and ears. She then felt total isolation as all sight and sound was denied her. Her body already felt encased in a steel corset covering her from head to foot and taking deep breaths were virtually impossible resulting in her panting with rapid short breaths. This also helped generate the heat in her body; She began to feel the extra tightness being applied as the cling film wrap was applied, it spread like a creeping sickness from her feet up and with in a short space of time engulfed her entire body.

Unaware that a large buck was placed below her anal tube and heaters brought in to surround her, she found it difficult to concentrate on anything and frequently lapsed into unconsciousness, only to be brought round by the air tube becoming blocked with the next dose of her revolting liquid food.

It was not long before her naturally urges to pass water and waste, began to cramp up her stomach muscles and she found it difficult to pass water as the tube was pressed against her bladder, but she found the passing of solid waste easier but constantly running through her mind was the notion that she could imagine this sliding slowly down the clear plastic tube. Why would they want to humiliate her like this, what had she done to deserve this treatment.

Even more worrying was the nagging feeling at the back of her mind, why did they want her to lose some weight, Ok she was not happy with they way she herself perceived her weight to be, but that was her prerogative.

All the time her body was warming up, when suddenly the burning throbbing pains started, they began in her nipples and began shooting down towards her toes. At one point they became so bad that she actually pissed herself and could fell the wetness around her arse as it soaked the muslin. All the time more and more of this revolting food was passing down her throat and into her stomach. Occasionally she sensed that the food supply had been removed because her breathing became minutely easier and this was always followed by a warm wet sensation flooding her throat. She tried to believe this warm wet flooding was just warm water to wash her food further into her stomach, but she more than suspected that it was urine from her captors.

She lost all sense of time, day or night and found it become more and more difficult to concentrate for any length of time, what with the electric shocks almost constantly burrowing through her soul to her toes, and the almost constant feeling of being bloated and sickly, even the act of passing her own urine seemed a million miles away. She tried to concentrate on anything that would stop her mind from shutting down. She suspected that this was the ultimate aim of this sensory deprivation so they could brain wash her into what ever they wanted her to become.

She tried to concentrate on anything that could give her an idea of some type of timescale, she decide the only regular occurrence at the moment was the passing of the contents of her bowels into the tube, which was always accompanied by a muscle spasm in her anal ring. So it became her regulator clock, her day was measure by the cramping of her anal ring instead of hours and minutes. This worked for a while but even that had its drawbacks, as she now could not remember if she had felt it 15 times or 18 times.

She was slowly losing her mind; she mumbled her name and her co-workers names in her mind to prevent total loss of identity. But even that failed to help as she started of naming all eight colleagues and their heights, ages and hair colours. All too soon she could only vaguely remember them and now struggled to name three of them the remaining eight had been lost to her memory. The three she managed to name were the company directors she worked for, as for her typists, she could not even name one.

How long this went on for she could not say, until suddenly she felt her tightness around her head being released, or was she going insane. No she was sure the tightness was fast fading away. Suddenly small chinks of light broke through the wrappings hurting her eyes as they stung them back to life. She was soon totally unwrapped and immediate became aware of the awful urine smells emanating from her own body.

She tried to stretch her muscles which severely cramped up on her after so long with out movement and she received one almighty shock as a cascade of freezing cold water drenched her hot sweaty body. Then she noticed two naked women using towels to wipe her body down, they tried not to look at her face as they did so. She managed to see that each of them wore a tattooed mark in the form of a blue butterfly with yellow numbers on its wings.

Freedom Denied 02

Chapter 2.

The woman with the tattoo with the number of 1001 began pulling the bin out from under Mandi’s body, whilst the one with 0909 tattoo began to mop the floor area beneath Mandi. Mandi heard one of the women say, “Fuck this bitch has nearly filled this shit bin!”

The other responded “Never, the most anyone has filled it in the past would have been two months ago and she only managed about a third of the bin!”

They both sniggered as they moved out of Mandi’s line of sight; then suddenly Adam appeared and immediately slapped Mandi’s ass real hard. Mandi swore and Adam heard it, before replying he scowled and said, “So your still defiant are you!” “May be you will be regretting that after your next ordeal!”

Mandi yelled “Don’t fuck with me, I have friends!”

Adam laughed in Mandi’s face and added “So get your friends to come on over here and they too can fuck with you!” he continued, “You must be physic or how else do you explain your knowing your going to be fucked!”

The two tattooed ladies, reappeared and following Adam’s instructions they untied Mandi and prepared to reposition her into a kneeling position. As soon as they untied Mandi, she tried to throw her weight against Adam but because of the time scale of her being mummy bound her muscles were very weak and she barely nudged him. All she got was a crashing blow in the middle of her back for her trouble and the promise of an extra six lashes with the riding crop to come.

Mandi was forced on to her knees and her arms were stretched straight out sideways where they were then anchored to two upright stock pillars. These prevented her from moving or standing. Adam then unceremoniously removed the three tubes; he cared not that her cunt would be sore as he forcefully yanked the first tube from her pussy. He took even less care as he removed the tube up her arse, he noted a little blood on the end and was almost tempted to make her lick this tube clean. However he did not, but he did take his penis out of his trousers and placed the head near the tube still sticking from Mandi’s mouth. He then took great delight in informing Mandi, he was going to piss into the tube and she would be unable to do anything except swallow all his urine.

He even made the two tattooed women berate Mandi as being a piss drinking slut bitch. When he began pissing the tube could not take the flow away fast enough and so the tube appeared to fill up with the golden coloured fluid. They watched intently as it slowly filtered through into her stomach. By the time he had finished his piss, Mandi’s stomach was bloated and she herself had a severe need to go piss. She relaxed her bladder muscle only to receive Adam’s boot in her cunt area as he spotted the first trickle of her urine. Instinctively Mandi tightened her bladder muscle cutting of the flow but not cutting off the spreading pain emanating from her reddening pussy lips.

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