Dennis consoles gramma after granpa’s death

A few months later my grandfather passed away and once the funeral and all the legal stuff were resolved, my grandmother asked if I could stay at the house for a few days to help go through my grandfather’s clothes and tools. Although I had never been really close to them, my mother encouraged me to help out.

The first 2 days were uneventful but 2 days without sex was more than I was used to. At home, I could corner my mother and get her to give me a blow job or fuck her if my father wasn’t around. This, in addition, to scoring with some of the local girls, seemed sufficient. Now, far from home, and sleeping on the couch, I found myself waking up with a hard-on but gramma always seemed to be around so I couldn’t jack off. If I tried to sneak into the bathroom to masturbate she would always knock at the door and inquire if I was alright.

Accordingly, I, for the first time started to look at my grandmother in a different light. I was horny as hell and as you know no doubt when a young man is horny almost anything will get a rise out of him.

Because she had gotten pregnant when she was in high school and my mother had given birth to me when she was in college, gramma was not your typical grandmother. I realized that she was only 54 and looked even younger. The years had been good to her and like my mom, her daughter, she knew how to look after herself. I f I had to compare her to anyone I’d say she looked a lot like the movie actress and original Charley’s Angel, Jaclyn Smith, except for one department – her tits. The more I checked her out, I realized that Gramma was a very voluptuous woman. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? She was much larger than mom and her measurements had to be in the 38-27-36 range which even under normal circumstances could get a rise out of any normal male let alone one with the sex drive that I had. Grandpa had been one lucky bastard even though he had been so bitter.

I needed some relief and since she was preventing me from taking care of myself, it seemed only fair to my insatiable libido that she could fix that for me. Could I score with her? I reasoned that if she was anything like her daughter once I got her going she might be an incredible lay. The more I stared at her in her tight little sundress with no stockings on and her tiny feet in open-toed sandals, I found my manhood starting to strain against my shorts. What would she say? What would she do if I walked over to her, ran my hands over her tight little buns and cupped her firm bountiful breasts? As I thought this she turned and caught me ogling her.

“What’s wrong? ” she asked. “Is my make-up on crooked? Is my hair standing on end? ”

“No.. no… gram… I just realized how beautiful you are. It’s obvious where mom gets her good looks. ”

Obviously I had unnerved her with my honesty and she stuttered a thank you, smiled, and coughed nervously as she started to blush. I stood up in all my glory since my cock was by now totally erect and showing down the front leg of my shorts and started to step towards her. She looked right at my crotch, jumped back and stammered, “We’d better get back to cleaning your grandfather’s closet.” With that she almost raced out of the room and ran up the stairs.

Giving her and myself a few minutes to recover I adjusted myself when my penis had deflated and headed up to join her.

We worked quietly sorting socks, underwear, pants, sweaters, jackets and suits into various categories : goodwill, friends, laundry, and garbage. She made me try on grampa’s old sweaters to see if I was interested in keeping any of them. This meant of course that I could take my top off each time I tried a new one on. The styles weren’t to my liking of course but my grandmother seemed to be enjoying the show as she commented several times that I looked good in each one. Better than grampa she said. Such an off the cuff comment but it reinforced my desire to prove that I was “better than grampa” in another way.

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