It was hot as fuck, and dad said the HVAC guy wouldn’t be out to take a look at the AC until in the morning. So, I finally got fed up, and tried to push my mattress out the window. I had to fold it up like a taco, but finally I got it out there, and I was already sweating hard, but I took a cold shower, and dried off.

I had no idea that anyone else could get up there. I mean yeah, I get up on the roof all the time, but I didn’t think anyone else saw me, or anything. Honestly, I was just grabbing a pair of shorts out of the drawer when I heard Becky laugh behind me.

“Uh!” I covered up my crotch, but she was just on the roof over the garage, with her head held up on her elbows, laying sideways on the mattress.

“It’s too late,” she shook her head, “I already saw your balls.”

“Becky, what are you doing up there?” I kind of turned sideways, and picked up the towel to cover myself up.

“Looking at you naked, you’ve got a nice body, didn’t anyone never tell you that?” It was embarrassing, but I had no Idea that she liked me, or even. Well, knew how to climb up on the roof. “You sure don’t have anything to be ashamed of.” She stuck her head in, and looked down. Then, she reached out to grab a magazine, and I saw her tit flop out of her top. “You sure aren’t gay.” She turned one of them around, and started flipping through it.

“You really like my body?” Now, I was kind of getting chubby under the towel, looking at her tit, and watching her flip through my nudie mags.

“Yeah, you’re hot, and what’s your mattress out here for?”

“The AC is out, so I thought it would be cooler up there.”

“Huh, well you can sleep with me tonight, if you want, my AC works just fine.”

“Okay,” I grabbed my shorts, and a pair of pants, but she pulled her arm back in, and watched me. Holding her head propped up, just like she was when she caught me changing.

“How do you make it bigger like that?” Of course, that made me drop my towel, and I was getting pretty chubby.

“It’s getting hard, I saw your titty, when you reached in to look at my nudie mags.”

“Oh,” she looked down, and pulled her top down. “You like it,” pulled the other one out, I guess because she’s right handed? No wait, this isn’t a mirror, she’s left handed? She gave it a squeeze, and a jiggle, but leaned over so she could hold her head up with one hand. “Huh, I thought it looked a little shrunken, and shriveled.”

“Well, I just took a cold shower.”

She frowned, “Does that work?”

“It cooled me off a little, but now I’m getting hot again. Why don’t you come in for a little while? You’re not in any hurry to go back to bed.”

“I can’t wait to get you in bed,” she stared climbing in, and though her shirt slipped up, I could still see her jiggle inside it. She didn’t have any bra on, but then I saw she was wearing a dress. “You know, when I offered to sleep with you, I wasn’t talking about sleeping.”

“I know, you want to have sex?”

“Yeah, but in here? Aren’t you afraid your mom, and dad will catch you?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well, my mom, and dad are out, it’s date night, so I have the house to myself.” She pulled my pants up, “So get dressed, we’ll go over there, okay?”

“Okay, sure.” I couldn’t believe my luck!


Becky (fM)

My friends call Lewis a “Loser,” just because he still lives at home, and he doesn’t have a job, but I for one don’t mind. I like his body too, even though he’s not like a football player, which most girls seem to like.

I guess I fell in love just watching his window, over the porch, but then he graduated, and all summer I just had to get a closer look. I guess it helps that his parent’s front porch is real easy to climb up on, there’s these whatchamacallit posts on either side, but between them, they’ve got these metal |S| shapes, and I kinda have to wonder what the S is really for, but I can climb them like a ladder, and all I can think of is Sex. They stand for sex for me, but then the roof is like a pyramid with the top cut off, and a little square up there, right in front of the window.

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