Deepa Submits

Friends, my name is Deepa, I live in a town in Bihar, and my age is 42 years. My complexion is wheatish more towards blackish. My body as my friends and admirers call me voluptuous. Let me tell my friends about my figure, I am 5 feet 3 inches weight 80 KG. My ass is 54 inches and breasts 44 inches DD Cup. I have only one son who is 14 years now. My ass is protruding backwards and my breasts are very heavy with big black areolas.

My husband’s business is wholesale goods, in this connection; he often stays out of the town. There is no one else in our family. My In Laws have expired. My husband has taken his business forward without any support from family and relatives. He has earned a lot of money. We have also built home, and were living a happy and prosperous life. In the meantime, my husband did some new business and he met a Dilbag ji. It has been 10 years working with Dilbag ji. My husband who used to do other business earlier stopped all started working with Dilbag ji only. Now he used to bring and sell only his goods.

Day by day, our business started picking a new height and we forgot the value of money. We spent a lot of money that was earned from business. I did not always ask about what he is doing, he must have been doing well, in these ten years, Dilbag ji came to our house many times, after seeing me, he always passes some comments that had double meanings. I always to through away the sexual comments from him by only smiling or ignoring him. He never skipped any opportunity to show his sexual desperation towards me. I did tell my husband many times that Dilbag ji is not a good man, but he did not take it seriously and said he is a dirty minded man, avoid him as far as possible.
I had an idea that he is a CHODU (Lady Hunter) type of person and he strives for all women. To my knowledge, he also made my husband addicted to women. I started to fight with my husband for his bad habits but he never listened to me.

In Friendship of Dilbag ji, my husband also got addicted to liquor. Due to his bad habits, he started spending lavishly on prostitutes, and he was diverted from business. Consequently, day by day our money was lost.

Now Dilbag ji would come to our house whenever he used to joke dirty with me and fight with my husband often. I had an idea that we have to pay a lot of money to Dilbag ji. Dilbag ji used to grope and give me piercings often. Many a times he used to touch & press my ass as well but my husband does not dare to speak anything to him. Whenever I was angry, he would ask me not to say anything, just keep quiet

In few days, my husband told me that our business is completely over and we owe Millions of rupees to Dilbag ji.

The ground under my feet slipped, I went into depression after that day and my husband was affected by depression more than I was. He closed the business and all our money that we saved in these years was gone. I contacted all my relatives, if we get any help, we can do business again but no one has helped so that the business can stand again.

Meanwhile, Dilbag ji again came to our house and started asking for his money, my husband was not in such condition that he could say anything to him. He always slept on the bed. I told Dilbag ji all about us, he said, Deepa, do not make me feel small. I am still ready to help I was filled with joy and happiness.

I thanked Dilbag ji, while leaving; Dilbag ji said that Deepa you know what is in my heart for you

I questioned him what need to do. Because I had assumed that, this help would not be free.

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