Deepa Submits

Friends, my name is Deepa, I live in a town in Bihar, and my age is 42 years. My complexion is wheatish more towards blackish. My body as my friends and admirers call me voluptuous. Let me tell my friends about my figure, I am 5 feet 3 inches weight 80 KG. My ass is 54 inches and breasts 44 inches DD Cup. I have only one son who is 14 years now. My ass is protruding backwards and my breasts are very heavy with big black areolas.

My husband’s business is wholesale goods, in this connection; he often stays out of the town. There is no one else in our family. My In Laws have expired. My husband has taken his business forward without any support from family and relatives. He has earned a lot of money. We have also built home, and were living a happy and prosperous life. In the meantime, my husband did some new business and he met a Dilbag ji. It has been 10 years working with Dilbag ji. My husband who used to do other business earlier stopped all started working with Dilbag ji only. Now he used to bring and sell only his goods.

Day by day, our business started picking a new height and we forgot the value of money. We spent a lot of money that was earned from business. I did not always ask about what he is doing, he must have been doing well, in these ten years, Dilbag ji came to our house many times, after seeing me, he always passes some comments that had double meanings. I always to through away the sexual comments from him by only smiling or ignoring him. He never skipped any opportunity to show his sexual desperation towards me. I did tell my husband many times that Dilbag ji is not a good man, but he did not take it seriously and said he is a dirty minded man, avoid him as far as possible.
I had an idea that he is a CHODU (Lady Hunter) type of person and he strives for all women. To my knowledge, he also made my husband addicted to women. I started to fight with my husband for his bad habits but he never listened to me.

In Friendship of Dilbag ji, my husband also got addicted to liquor. Due to his bad habits, he started spending lavishly on prostitutes, and he was diverted from business. Consequently, day by day our money was lost.

Now Dilbag ji would come to our house whenever he used to joke dirty with me and fight with my husband often. I had an idea that we have to pay a lot of money to Dilbag ji. Dilbag ji used to grope and give me piercings often. Many a times he used to touch & press my ass as well but my husband does not dare to speak anything to him. Whenever I was angry, he would ask me not to say anything, just keep quiet

In few days, my husband told me that our business is completely over and we owe Millions of rupees to Dilbag ji.

The ground under my feet slipped, I went into depression after that day and my husband was affected by depression more than I was. He closed the business and all our money that we saved in these years was gone. I contacted all my relatives, if we get any help, we can do business again but no one has helped so that the business can stand again.

Meanwhile, Dilbag ji again came to our house and started asking for his money, my husband was not in such condition that he could say anything to him. He always slept on the bed. I told Dilbag ji all about us, he said, Deepa, do not make me feel small. I am still ready to help I was filled with joy and happiness.

I thanked Dilbag ji, while leaving; Dilbag ji said that Deepa you know what is in my heart for you

I questioned him what need to do. Because I had assumed that, this help would not be free.

He said, Deepa, I have seen you since 25 years. You are a ripe fruit. You do not know what effect my heart has on my mind when I see you. He said, “You always wear a sari. When I see you walking, your thick butts sway and jump from side to side and up and down. I can say that you did not find the right man to take care of you!”

While doing this, he showed me his cock from inside the tracksuit that looked like a pipe.

I was trembling inside and had never think of these manipulations and humiliation even in my dreams. However, I did not lose my courage.

Dilbag ji: said that these big melons make me crazy. I had crush on many women in my life but I never came across a beauty like you, made for lovemaking. You know that my wife is cold for sex now, so I want a permanent solution. Therefore, I will be useful for you and you reciprocate the same to me.

Me: what I need to do?

Dilbag Ji: if you come to Delhi, bring your husband along, but you will have to spend one night alone with me for fulfilment of my sexual desires by submitting yourself to me completely. I do not want to entertain any ifs and buts. In return I will lend you lot of money so that you can once again build your business.

Me: I will tell you after deliberation. However, you keep this secret with you only.

I told my husband that I have spoken to Dilbag ji, he is very considerate and favouring us. Especially he consider yourself as his brother. He has told me to come to Delhi with you. I am happy that we will do business again.

I told Dilbag ji – My husband is ready to come to Delhi with me. Before we go to Delhi Several times I spoke to Dilbag ji, he understood my gesture and started showing a lot of affinity to my husband. My husband and I left for Delhi.

When we reached Delhi, Dilbag Ji offered me the whole shop to choose from for my kind of goods and said, take whatever you want. I did not want to miss the opportunity and took as much as I can.

That day was Saturday when we had to come back, so Dilbag ji said, “Come on tomorrow, and let’s go somewhere to roam.” My husband agreed and we started for Nainital.

Just a few minutes away, Dilbag Ji stopped the car at a shopping centre in Delhi and said let us have something to eat. We had lunch, but while coming back, Dilbag ji said softly to me “Today is the big night” I have to become his. I turned red with shame.

Dilbag ji: I shall buy you new dress — (salwar suit) that I would like you to take. I shall also buy you new set of Lingerie.

Dilbag ji handed me a bottle and said this is a hair removal cream. I kept the bottle, not needed to be told for its use and occasion.

Dilbag ji gestured to me while walking to stop at a shop. This was a very big women shop. At the behest, I went in and along with my husband. After spending a lot of time, we bought a few set of good lingerie’s. My husband Asked for whom it is, I told him that a few are for Dilbag ji’s wife and family members. After spending few more minutes my husband felt tired and went to sit in a corner for rest.

Inside the shop, he showed me a wide variety of attire and gave me a salwar suit and a Summer Dress.

I tried both dresses and the summer dress was only reaching my mid-thigh. It was hugging my ass and my melons like second skin. Dilbag ji told me this I have to wear in night.

I wore the salwar suit. It was a very tight fitting type salwar suit. Its top was made of some elastic material that hugged my whole body. My whims were forgetting their full dignity. My both boobs were ready to spill out and fly like a pigeon in prison.

I told Dilbag ji that I am not comfortable in such cloths and my husband would not like these kind of outfits. He said that you go show it to him, and see what his reaction is.

I showed my husband – he said it is good but what about money – I said Dilbag ji has paid for it.

My husband did not say anything

We started for Nainital.

Dilbag ji had already booked the rooms when we reached Nainital.

Our room was on the second floor and Sunderji’s first floor.

Once we were settled in our own room, my husband said that you look very sexy today. I feel like fucking you right now.

I said I am not going to fly you should wait until night.

Then after some time Dilbag ji called us and said let us go for dinner.

We went to restaurant cum bar.

My husband and Dilbag ji started drinking and I took wine after Dilbag ji insisted very much.

Meanwhile, a friend of Dilbag ji and a woman also came. Dilbag Ji gave me his introduction as Mohit, and said something to my husband but I could not understand.

After dinner, Dilbag ji told my husband that his friend shall take him for some work and would drop him at the hotel.

My husband said yes without any objections. I was very surprised. Dilbag ji said, “I will take care of your wife, you go and my husband left.”

Dilbag ji made me sit in his car took me to the hotel. He told me that your husband would not come overnight; I asked why he said that I would tell you later now you are mine.

I had to keep my promise I nodded yes!

Dilbag Ji told me to go to your room and wear the dress that I had given you and come to my room.

I was getting very nervous. There was also some vibration in my legs. Still I came to my room applied the hair removal cream on my pussy. I also shaved my armpits and legs with the razor of my husband.

I looked in the mirror for my pussy, it was more exposed and the lips were looking very thick and puffy.

My pea size clit was also trying to peek from its hood and labia.

I did not have much time, left with me; I was also dying to experience the ultimate sex and passion while submitting to another man. I put on the summer dress, I was looking vulnerable, I wore red lipstick anklets, wore medium heels sandal. I Left the hair open on shoulder.

I saw myself in the mirror, my boobs were out, butts were poking behind and the summer dress was around mid-thighs. In the dress, my rounded, thick, and blackish brown thighs were on display. Seeing myself in mirror, I became red with shame; my pussy was on fire and sweating heavily. I felt like some dams have broken in my body and I am unable to stop the flow of fluid from my pussy. Perhaps the effect of the wine was that I was ready to surrender myself to Dilbag ji and was desperate for the upcoming passionate sex session.

I was not sure I could meet the expectation of my desirous body and Dalibag ji. It took me to collect all nerves and my courage to come to Dilbag ji’s room. Dilbag ji opened the door; he was staring at me as if he has seen some angel at his door. He thanked god for his good fortune and took me into the room. He embraced me in his arms and held me tightly. Initially I was hesitating but after some time surrendered to his embrace. He grabbed my ass cheeks and clung to me and put his lips on my lips, slowly my lips also parted and he started rasping my lips. His tongue was moving in my mouth, exploring every corner and hands were freely roaming on my body in lust. I was melting in his arms ad surrendering to him. Now I was not thinking that he brought me to this situation by force. Now this has become my desire of being loved by such a powerful man.

He made me sit on the couch next to him. He poured two glasses of wine and said, sip it slowly.

Drinking wine, he started touching and caressing my thighs. His hand was moving north towards my upper thighs near my crotch. Every time when his hand come near my pussy, I thought that now he will touch the pussy but it did not happen.

When my voice started to hit some heavy blows, he held my hand and took me to the bed. He started kissing me on my cheeks and behind my neck. Oh my god … he knew where is my start button. I got instantly started. He pulled my sundress from my shoulders and exposing my big melons covered in Red Brassiere. He started unstrap my brassiere and my both boos were dangling in front of his lips. He took out both my boobs in his hands and started checking weight and bigness of the balls. He attacked them like anything and started licking the nipples, lightly biting on and around nipples. I tell you that I have direct connection between pussy and my boos, even by breast licking I can cum many times and I was having the same feeling that, any time I may explode in an orgasm.

Thank god he understood the sound of ssssssssss started coming from my mouth and while my eyes were closed. Sucking Boobs, he was now going down and started peeling my dress consequently; my dress came to my feet. He started looking in my eyes.

He now started to pull my panty down I lifted my buttocks of the bed to slip it from my thighs and ass. As soon as my panty got out of my body he threw it out of the bed simultaneously my eyes met his eye, I was unable to face him still smiled at him mischievously. I pressed my thighs close, and hid my pussy.

Dilbag Ji again started licking me from the bottom to the top. The extent of this happened when he took my toe in. I started getting goose bumps a sensational wave was flowing from head to toe. I could not bear it, I started pulling him on myself, and then he came upwards, spread my legs, and started looking at my pussy.

My pussy lips were sticking to each other he pulled them and open. My blackish labia and my pea size hood was peeking at him. Dilbag ji said, “KYA MAAL HAI” (what a piece of cunt). He put both my legs on his shoulder and buried his mouth in my pussy. Initially he liked out lips and slowly inserted his tongue in my opening. I was ready to come and sticky water started flowing out of my pussy. It must have been a few seconds when he put his tongue on my clitoris, I started to come and felt my first orgasm from anyone other than my husband. The orgasm was so powerful that I felt I should pass out of the effect of the orgasm. Dilbag ji rammed my tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy like some fruit or ice cream.

Now he came over me and put his Cock near my mouth. He asked me to play with hammering tool and feel it. I opened my mouth and started licking the Big Black Cock. After sometime, when the head of his cock got inside he was trying to force entire Cock in my moth up the throat. His cock was so big for me to take to the hilt in my mouth. Seeing my inability and inexperience, he lied me on the side of the bed and told me to hang my head down a bit from bed.

I asked, “What are you doing?”

Now he was on the ground and I was head down from the bed. He inserted his cock in my mouth again. It slowly went in. In this position, his cock was going deep into my throat. The sound of Gogogogo was coming from my mouth. Then I realized that something is going down my throat. He held my head firmly until I swallowed completely cum down my throat. This was the first time I swallowed cum. I was almost on the verge of vomiting. He did not leave my head until I settled down a bit and he ensured that now I cannot spit his cum out of my mouth.

I had a strange feeling; I was feeling angry as well. Seeing that he said now you are all mine, taking that cum in your stomach I have put a baby in your body not in your womb.

I said I cannot hold and may vomit. Then he said take long gulp of wine that will clear the bad taste from your mouth. My throat was cleared by drinking wine. Now Dilbag ji lay on the bed with me.

After some time he embraced me and started caressing my bum. He was embracing me tightly against his body. After some time Dilbag ji started to caress my cunt that was once gain getting wet. He started dipping his figure in my cunt and brought to my mouth. The finger was wet with my juice, he asked me to lick it. I hesitantly took figure in my mouth; I found that the taste was not bad.

He was now fingering my cunt while licking my boobs and putting the figure in mouth. I was enjoying the process. My boobs are very sensitive and sucking my nipples was making my cunt wetter. In between, he started to smooch me and his tongue probed my mouth. He was trying to push his tongue deeper and in return, I was very excited to push my tongue in his mouth. We were really enjoying this. During this, I never allowed his cock to slip from my hand. He was asking me how is that, I said nice – long and thick.

After some time I asked him to fuck me, he said you come on top. I agreed and laid him down on bed and straddled him. I measured it was coming to my belly button. As the time was passing by, I was becoming more impatient to put his cock in my pussy.

I aligned my pussy and holding his cock in hand started to push downwards. With slight pressure the head went in, it stretched me well and fitted nicely. I started taking more and more and now full cock was in my cunt, buried until his balls. It was strange feeling and he was exploring me much deeper than ever. My pussy was pulsating and squeezing his cock. Now it was too much for me I started to ride him up and down — up and down.

Just in 2 minutes, my pussy gave away and I came like anything. The orgasm was from deep inside me that I never felt. I thought the soul should come out of my body through my cunt. I lost my stamina and breaths.

He immediately put me down and climbed on top of me and started fucking me very hard. Thump thump … thump sound was coming through collision of my inner thighs, bum and his thighs. I recovered from my orgasm and put my hand around his neck. Dilbag ji started to kiss me and once again exploring my mouth and stopped fucking me. While he kept his cock in my pussy, I asked him could you fuck me as foreigners are fucking other women. He asked how. I said from back. He got my point and asked me to get on all fours. He positioned me at the edge of bed and I looked at him he was holding a tube of KY jelly. I asked what is that. He said I would come to know. Do not worry I will not do anything to harm you.

He came behind me and inserted his cock slowly. I felt it going even deeper that missionary sex. The cock was hitting my uterus a little pain was also there. I said it is very deep I cannot bear, but he did not hear me and placed the tube at my anus while applying his spit on my puckered hole. The tube was filling some liquid in my ass and felt cold. After filling my ass with the jelly, he inserted his thumb in my puckered hole. In addition, started moving it in and out in slow motion. When my hole got used to the insertion he once again started fucking me from behind. I tell you the feeling of cock in my cunt, thumb in my back hole was creating double sensation, and I was feeling another orgasm building inside me. I told him that I am going to cum again he said he too is very near and started fucfking me more speedily.

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