Dee has a fetish and discovers she’s not alone – Dee’s Panties Obsession

Dee was nineteen and lived with her young Aunt, Sara. Sara had moved in with Dee after the tragic death of Dee’s parents in an horrific car accident when Dee was just fifteen years old. Sara was Dee’s mother’s much younger sister, she was twenty six at the time and felt it her duty to look after Dee after such a devastating event, and after all she had lost her dear sister so shared her loss.

The house had been left to Dee in her parents Will so at least she was secure in that way and of course the life insurance took away any immediate money worries although of course it wouldn’t last for ever.

The whole series of events had worked out well for her Aunt Sara, not that she would have wanted it to happen in quite such a tragic way but her marriage had just broken down so moving in with Dee solved a problem for her too. Dee and Sara had always got on well together which helped ease the grief they both felt.

Dee had always been a loner. She was a friendly enough girl but had never had any real close friends to speak of which suited her fine, she never felt the need. She lived in her own, some might say ‘dream world’ and was quite happy with it.

With the help and support of her Aunt she settled in to her young adult life and now at the age of nineteen she worked in the supermarket which was within easy walking distance of her home. Sara worked as a secretary for a solicitor just a couple of miles away so with the house all paid for they lived comfortably enough with no real money worries.

Dee really did live in her own little world. Although her and Sara lived together and were both quite happy they really didn’t see that much of each other. They would share meals together sometimes and chat about the days events but otherwise Dee would spent most of her time in her bedroom.

You see Dee had an obsession, her life revolved around it. Pretty much every waking moment of her existence and often even in her dreams was taken up with her sexual desires and fantasies. She loved playing with herself while sniffing her panties.

She had no interest in boys and knew that her desire revolved around girls and women. At work her days were consumed with observing any women that took her eye, young or old it didn’t matter, if she found them attractive she would fantasise about sniffing their knickers. A good day at work for Dee was seeing a sexy woman, that would give her good wanking materiel for that nights session.

Most days Dee would come home with damp panties. If they were ever dry it would just mean that her juices had had time to dry after her last fantasy at work. The only time she would have to put her fetish on hold was that time of month, a time she hated and despised but had to endure.

It was late one Friday evening, laying on her bed with her finger playing with her wet pussy and her dirty panties under her nose, her bedroom door flew open. Totally startled Dee looked as her Aunt standing in the doorway, “Have you seen my…” Sara didn’t finish her question.

An awkward pause ensued as Sara looked from Dee’s panties on her face to her eye’s and then back again before regaining her power of speech, ” Oh God, I’m so sorry Dee I shouldn’t have burst in like that, I’m so sorry, Oh God!” she quickly closed the door completely embarrassed for herself as well as for Dee.

That certainly spoilt the moment for Dee. It had never happened before, Sara had always been respectful of her privacy as had Dee of Sara’s.

The next day was obviously very awkward to say the least. Neither of them had work that day which didn’t really help. They both managed to avoid each other most of the day but Sara knew she must resolve the situation as it was her fault that it had happened in the first place.

By : storyfella

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