Deborah services the men at the company at their pleasure – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

Steve and Carl had taken Deborah back to the bedroom. I was on the couch watching TV, or trying to. I knew they would be fucking my wife because of my indiscretion of embezzling the money. But hadn’t she done enough? Obviously not. I could hear sounds from the bedroom.

It was driving me crazy, knowing they would have her all night and I got the couch. After several minutes, Steve called out for me to bring them beer. I brought one Bud light, one Coors, and one Smirnoff, just like they ordered.

When I got in the bedroom, Deborah was on her knees in the bed, Steve was taking her from behind. Carl was in front of her on his knees. I was confused at first, but I realized that he was making my wife lick his ass! I really hated him. My anger rose. Carl saw it and knowing I couldn’t do anything about it or I’d make it worse, rubbed it in.

“Like watching your wife, I mean my whore, get fucked while she licks my ass?” Carl snickered. “Deb, tongue out as far as you can, rim around my asshole, babe. That’s it, now stick it in, do it now!”

Steve grabbed her hair, “fuck his ass with your tongue, honey. Hold it out and stick it in and out, oh, yeah!” Steve was fucking her hard, his big balls slapping my wife’s ass, holding her hair, keeping her head in the best position for her tongue to go into Carl’s ass.

“Sit down and watch,” Steve ordered me. I pulled up the chair I had sit in over a week earlier, watching my boss Dan and Steve DP Deborah. “I’m cumming!” he announced. “Oh, what a big load!” as he emptied it into my wife’s pussy. I’m sorry, I’m to call it her cunt from now on.

Steve took the beer I had brought him and keeping his dick in Deborah’s cunt, held her by the hair and pushed her face into Carl’s ass. “Back up into her, Carl. Deborah, get him deep and suck you bitch!” Steve ordered as I saw tears fall down her face.

“That feels so good!” Carl yelled out. “Keep up the good work whore!” Steve pulled out of Deborah, walked around to her face, pulled her hair and commanded her to suck his dick. “I’m sorry, Carl, but I needed to use her mouth,” Steve said.

“That’s OK,” Carl voiced. “I need to use her ass.” Carl moved around behind Deborah, spit on her ass a couple of times, stuck his finger in her ass, and ordered me to come over. “Suck this,” as he stuck his finger up to my mouth, “taste your wife’s ass juices.” I suck his finger as he asked. “Now suck my dick!” he ordered. I got down on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. I tried to get it as wet as I could to ease the force on Deborah’s ass.

Carl pushed me away, “like that a little too much, don’t you?” I didn’t. I hated it. I hated Carl. I hated what I brought on my wife. I sat back down. Carl pushed his dick into Deb’s ass with one hard shove. She cried out, but he didn’t care. He fucked her hard. “I’m literally going to fuck the shit out of your wife, and you can’t do anything about it George!” Carl vehemently stated.

Steve had taken his dick out of my wife’s mouth and was slapping his semi-hard erection on her face. “George, why don’t you be a good boy and suck my cum out of your wife’s pussy hole?” Steve told me. I got down between Carl’s legs and stuck my head between Deb’s legs and tried to eat her out. Carl’s banging of her ass made it really hard, but I tried to keep my tongue in her cunt and suck the cum out.

I moved away and sit back down, watching Carl continue to assault Deborah’s ass. He was holding on to her tits and pulling his dick almost out and plunging it back in. Then he tighted his grip on her tits even more and increased the speed on his thrusts. I hoped he would cum soon for her sake.

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