Deborah is pimped; husband forced to watch & clean her – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

Deborah went into the school building dressed ok, but without a bra or panties, and her skirt a little short, just as Dan, my boss had told her to. I dropped her off and then went to work.

Deborah called me from school telling me how she was oogled by the students and fellow teachers due to her tits bouncing as she walked and her nipples pointing through her top.

She told me that she had gone into the principal’s office and bent over as Dan had instructed her to (I didn’t know he had told her to do this). As she had carried on a normal conversation about the new text books, she noticed that his eyes were fixed on her cleavage and wondered if he could see her nipples as her top hung down and her titties were hanging down too.

She had also bent over a few times as she was teaching as Dan has instructed her, especially near the older male students. The rest of the day went alright, though she was self conscious about the way she was dressed.

She told me that Dan was picking her up and taking her home, so I did not have to worry about her. I knew what that meant, he would be fucking her again. She gets out of school at 3:30 and I get off work at 5:00. I kept thinking about what Dan was doing with her while I worked. She was keeping me out of jail, but we were both paying the price of my embezzlement.

I got home about 5:20. Dan’s car was in the driveway. I wondered what the neighbor’s thought. I could hopefully explain it away. I came into the house and I could hear them in the bedroom.

I walked in, as the door was open, and Deborah was on top of Dan, riding his dick as another man I work with was presenting his dick to her mouth. They were all naked. Deborah was having trouble sucking his dick as Dan fucked her. I could see her pussy stretched out over his dick clearly as he pumped into her and she rose, he nearly coming out of her pussy, and then she would go down as he would thrust up into her.

I was embarrassed as now Dan had involved someone else and my wife had to take them both. I wondered how many others knew and how many she would have to fuck. Steve then held her head as she sucked him. After a while, Steve moved around behind my wife and spit on her ass.

I was afraid of what was going to happen. I didn’t think they even noticed me as I was standing just barely in the room, until Dan yelled out, “why don’t you get closer and see your pretty wife get two cocks at once!”

I moved closer and Dan told me to pull up a chair nest to the bed. I got the chair from the small dressing table and moved it next to the bed just as Steve placed his dick on Deborah’s asshole and began to push in. I could see Deb’s eyes close and her teeth clench as he slowly entered her.

I marveled how she could take it, one big dick in her pussy, and another in her ass. Dan’s thrusts had slowed as Steve fully entered her ass. Slowly at first, and then picking up speed, they both fucked her.

Her tits were hanging over Dan. He would suck one hard as Steve would squeeze the other tightly, and then they would switch. Once Steve grabbed both of her tits as he fucked her ass, slamming into her. She cried out as he did, and I could see tears running down her cheeks.

Steve let go of her tits and Dan took up with sucking one and then the other. Steve then grabbed her hair, pulling her back into him as he fucked her ass hard. She cried out again and more tears flowed.

Dan shot his cum in her and Steve followed shortly after by emptying his load in my wife’s ass. He pulled out of her, and Dan held her waist and moved her to the side as he too pulled out. She was right next to me on her hands and knees, when she said, “Come here, and put your head under me.”

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