Deborah is given to men and women – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

The next morning after the men left our house, I went in to see Deborah. She was lying in our bed with the sheet pulled up. She said, “you probably know what you are to do, so lick me clean and then let me sleep. I’ve taken off work and set the alarm for noon. I’ll sleep better after you make me cum from eating me out.”

She closed her eyes and relaxed while I lifted the sheet and started with my familiar duty, eating the cum of the men she had fucked. I could tell she was getting aroused. She moved her hands to my head and pulled me even tighter into her pussy. I knew she was going to climax soon. “Tonque me! Suck me! Eat their cum!” she cried as she climaxed. This new life and all this fucking has gotten to her.

I left for work. When I got there, I knew something was up, the office was buzzing, but I was left out of the loop. All I knew was that Deborah was to be here at 4:00 pm, as Carl had said.

The story from Deborah’s side:

I woke up when the alarm went off at noon. I had slept in the nude, something I had never done before. I hated George for getting us into this, but I knew that we would remain married, and that I still loved him although I was in shock and numb, and angry.

And something else. For some time, I have been getting wet and tingly thinking about the men who are going to fuck me. I hate that I do, but I do. I will never admit it, but Steve knew that I climaxed when he shot his load inside me this morning. What’s happening to me?

I also climaxed at the motel with the young students. Such hard dicks, and they wanted me! I’m 53, they’re 18, and they find me attractive? I’d like to think that, but its probably just the need of a hole to cum in. They certainly used mine! When I was riding the black young man with the big dick (it did feel good), the young man with the dark curly hair took my ass, and a blond haired handsome student stuck his dick in my mouth. It was all I could do to keep it in.

It kinda went like that all night. Pulling my hair back and fucking me real hard, pinching my tits, sucking them, fucking me. I really lost count of how many of them there were. But I know that most took me more than once. I also knew that I had cum more than once, although I tried not to.

“Took me.” That’s the right phrase. I had certainly been taken a lot. I didn’t want any of this, but what could I do? Oh, God! If that tape even got to my children. No way. I couldn’t let it happen. I wouldn’t. I will do what they want and hopefully they’ll tire of me and I can get back to my life.

Oh, no! I’ll have to fuck my principal forever! He insisted that we get together today, but I took off. I told him I’d see him tomorrow. Maybe when this is over, I can quit, get another job, in another town, maybe.

Well, at least this afternoon I get treated. Dan has arranged for a massage, facial, hairdo, makeup, and nails (fingers and toes)! I’ll be at the spa until I go to George’s office. Dan is even sending some new clothes to me at the spa. Might as well make the best of a bad, no! Horrible, situation. I wonder what Dan will make me do at the office?

Deborah’s husband, George, now tells the story:

It’s almost 4:00 and I have been told to stay in my office. The break room is off limits. I have noticed that several of my collegues have gathered in the break room. I hear some commotion and look out my window. Dan is escorting Deborah to the break room. She looks like a million! She is wearing a beautiful red dress, very low cut. She must have on a pushup bra, her tits are about to fall out. The dress is slit up the side, and I can tell she has on thigh-high hose and a garter.

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