When I was 16 I helped out our town’s undertaker for a few weeks. Most of the corpses we got were those of old people. It’s fair to say it was the most disgusting job I ever did. Undressing, cleaning, redressing old, disgusting bodies, putting make-up on their faces and all that crap wasn’t fun. But the money was better than at most other places. At that time I already knew I was a lesbian and I had fucked two girls before. And the undertaker, my boss, was a hot cougar lady, skinny with long, black hair and a stern face. Every night I masturbated thinking about her – but of course nothing ever happened. She was married to a guy and her fucking me would have been a serious crime. So I had no choice but to go home every night, clean myself from the rot of corpses and then shoving my vibrator deep into my pussy while taking a shower and fantasizing about my boss.

But then, three weeks later, we got another body. This time it was a 19-year old hot blonde chick. And I know what you think is going to happen now: I couldn’t help myself and started touching up that hot dead chick while I was cleaning her. Well, yes, obviously I did that. But things got way crazier.
That morning, when I was washing the dead chick named Allison, I did get half an hour for myself with her body while my boss was out on errands. I spent 25 of those 30 minutes trying to resist touching Allison in ways I shouldn’t. It was so fucking wrong, I knew it. But in the end I couldn’t help myself. I spread her legs and literally jumped onto her cunt and started eating. Fuck, she was delicious. She was stone-cold dead, but her pussy tasted like heaven and it was soaked in urine. It put my fingers inside her…
And then my boss returned. I jumped so quickly off the table, I tripped. I didn’t think my boss saw me do anything inappropriate to Allison, but she certainly noticed how she had startled me and how…
“Why are her legs apart?” my boss asked.
Oh fuck! I was busted. I quickly made up an excuse. “I could smell the urine” I said. “And I really wanted to get her clean so no one would be able to smell her at the funeral.”
“You stupid girl” She smirked. Did she suspect?
She told me to finish cleaning Allison and let me go home for lunch. When I came back after lunch, my boss had already dressed Allison and for the rest of the day I didn’t get another opportunity to unzip her pants and taste that perfect cunt again.
I went home in the evening and took a shower with my dildo. But now I was thinking about fucking a dead girl’s body. Fuck, I’m sick! I came hard, but it wasn’t enough. It was late in the evening when I snuck out, took my bike and went back to the funeral home. I had my own key and let myself in. I found Allison dressed and untouched and the table. I was so fucking horny I just ran over there and…
“I knew it” whispered a voice in the dark.
I fucking died I was so shocked. My boss gave me a fucking heart attack when I saw her emerge from the corner of the room. Again, I tried to quickly come up with an explanation. This time I failed. I only stuttered and then wanted to bolt. Just get the fuck out of here and never come back, I thought.
My boss’s face was unforgiving. Harsh as always. Until it was betrayed by a smile. “You wanna run? Aren’t you wondering what I’m doing here? Alone at night?”
I hadn’t asked myself that question. I stopped by the door, hesitated, wondered.
“I’ve eaten her cunt” my boss said. “Several times. She’s fucking perfect.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I starred at her in shock.
My boss continued, now grinning. “I kissed her, licked her boobs, ate her cunt, fingered her, even fucked her with a strapon. But you know what the best part is about a dead hot chick?”
I shook my head ever so slightly.
“I show you. But you must promise not to run away again. You do what I say, and you can keep your job.”
I nodded.
“Get over here.”
I slowly walked to my smoking hot boss, Allison’s smoking hot body on the table next to us.
“Take a seat at my desk.”
I did as I was told and sat down on her chair in the adjoining office. On her desk were knife and fork.
My boos walked around me, leaned over me, pushing her fat tits into my neck and opened a drawer.
“What the fuck…” I said in disbelief.
“You wanna go all the way?” my boss asked. “It’s what I always do when we get a hot cold body. I go all the way. This is the last thing I do to them. This time you will do it. You will make love to Allison in a very special way. You think you’re up for it?”
“No way! What the fuck?” I screamed.
“Do it. All of it. Or go home and never come back. If you do it you can have a full-time job here and we take care of every good body we get. Every time. Together. And you will do things to me to.”
That sounded fucking perfect to me. The best job in the world with the best boss in the world. “I have to…”
“Yes. Do it. No whining and you can have anything you want. Believe me, you’ll always want to do this once you’ve tried it. Once you go brown you never go back.” She smiled.
“Ok” I had my doubts.
My boss got a plate out of the open drawer and put it before me on the desk. “Wait. This is a bit dry. It’s been in sweet Allison for so long. Let me moisten it.” My boss pulled up her skirt, lifted her leg up high, put her one foot on the desk. She was not wearing anything underneath. I stared at her beautiful, perfect cunt with big lips. The cunt I’ve been wanting for weeks. Then she pissed. She pissed a powerful, golden stream out of her cunt and onto the table.
Allison huge pile of shit got watered down with piss. She filled the table to the brim. Lumps of shit were swimming in piss.
My boss saw my disgust and hesitation. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into Allison’s shit. “Eat it!”
The dead girl’s shit went between my lips and teeth. When it touched my tongue I realized it tasted much better than it smelled. “Eat.”
I ate. I took a big mouthful of the dead chick Allison’s shit and swallowed. And I swallowed my boss’s delicious piss with it. She kept my face buried deep in shit and piss so I almost suffocated. I had to beg for hair. When she let me come up I, suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to be close to her and Allison, deep inside her and Allison, I dived straight back in, took the next big bite of shit, chewed, swallowed. I finished the entire fucking place of shit. Then I lifted the plate and drank the remaining piss. My boss opened my mouth and thrust her fingers inside of me. She made me puke. My vomit, consisting of shit and piss, burst out of me and filled the plate once again. Then my boss buried her face in my puke, drank it while slurping, spat the piss-shit-vomit into my face, licked it off my face, spat it into my mouth, kissed me. We feasted on our piss-shit-vomit, let it go from one mouth into the other and back again. Nothing has ever tasted more deliciously.

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