DC Universe, Hormonally Mine

The boy was more nervous than he had ever been in his entire life. And considering everything he had accomplished in the 2 years after his 12th birthday, that was saying something. But none the less he had to go forward with his plan. He had spent months coming up with his plan and he had used the best minds he could and now it came down to the next few minutes. The boy had chosen the perfect spot, the perfect park and the perfect time of night to reach his goal. Now he just needed to wait for his perfect superhero.

Power Girl soared through the evening sky. The blond super hero was using a special cellular tracking device from STAR Labs to track down a specific cellular signal. Specifically the cellular signal transmitting to her personal phone. Not the transmitters used by the JLA or the JSA or any other communication devices used by half a dozen other groups, but the personal cell phone she used for her secret identity. She had started receiving picture text messages two days ago. Pictures of her getting in and out of costume in her secret identity, which wasn’t so bad on its own as most of the heroes had dealt with this problem a time or two. What made this more of a problem than usual was that more than a few photos contained nudity.

Power Girl knew her physical attributes were her most recognized features and it could be a embarrassment to her. Whereas Wonder Woman was a very beautiful woman she came across with more of a regal presence than “sexpot”. Black Canary was easily distracting in her tight leather and fishnets but people quickly came to realize she was the type of woman you could relax around, have a beer with and talk motorcycles with. But with Power Girl nobody could get past her body.

Power Girl was a little above average height and nearly 6 ft. in her blue boots. Her legs were left bare in her uniform which resembled a one piece white bathing suit that started just below her jaw and had sleeves that led down to blue, elbow length gloves and a chest wide circle across the front showcasing her genourous cleavage. She wore a red belt askew across her wide hips and a red half cape held in place by a golden clasp worked into a golden rope set above one shoulder and below the other shoulder. Power Girl’s over all body was muscular but not quite masculine with broad shoulders and a slim waist and a tight ass. The muscles in her arms and legs were well developed without being outrageous and gave her nice, thick thighs. But she knew what most people couldn’t get past were her giant breasts. Easily 40 double Ds, her breasts would look more at home on a porn star’s body but hers were completely real with a natural tear drop shape and a pleasant jiggle whenever she moved and a slight sag due to gravity but were still unbelievably firm and perky. With plump, pink lips, a cute up-turned nose, sky blue eyes and natural blond hair cut into a longish bob, Power Girl was easily every fan boy’s wet dream.

Tracking the phone signal Power Girl flew out to New York and then to Gotham and Metropolis and then straight east. As she got closer to the West Coast and past Central City the signal grew stronger. The last picture she had received was one of her readjusting herself after one of her breasts had popped out of the cut-away circle of her uniform during a fight, the whole breast and bright pink nipple fully exposed. The picture also had the text, “Find me” with a time added on.

As Power Girl flew faster and faster the tracker zeroed in on Los Angeles and then on to a small suburb and finally a small park. She quickly took a look around the park from above and saw several people milling around enjoying the early evening air but only one person stood alone underneath a lamp post with a burnt out bulb. The boy appeared to be no older than fourteen and was holding a cell phone that the tracker was now locked onto.

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