David learns that his two innocent little angels can be quite the troublemakers

David and the girls waved at their mother until she turned around to face the airport personnel and shortly after disappeared behind the gates and scanners of the security check. They waited there for another minute, hoping to catch a last glimpse of Jennifer before turning around and heading out of the airport.

They strode down to the nearest exit, the twins chatting amongst themselves a step or two ahead of their father. As they headed towards the car, David could not help noticing the looks his twin daughters were receiving from boys and men alike.

The twins, Ashley and Brooke, were both in their senior year of high school and even though they were twins, they were not identical twins and looked very different from one another.

Brooke, the older of the two by 7 minutes, had big brown eyes, and kept her blonde hair at shoulders’ length. She was slim and tall, standing at 5’11. She had medium sized round perky tits and tight little ass that she maintained by running track at school.

Her younger twin looked much different. Ashley, had the same blond hair as her sister only hers was long, reaching half way down her back and usually worn it in a high ponytail. She was shorter then Brooke by a few inches and was not as skinny as her sister. She had a very womanly figure with curves in all the right places, large firm breasts and a juicy ass.

Both girls were undeniably gorgeous, but as their father walked behind him, noticing the looks darting towards them, all he saw were his 2 little princesses. They exited the airport, entered the car and started the short drive home.

Although he didn’t quite admit this to himself, David was a little frightened about being alone was his daughters for the next couple weeks. His wife, Jennifer, had a long overseas work trip she was very excited about. It was clear to David that he would not let her miss it so in order to keep her mind at ease, he arranged ahead of time to take time off from work while his wife was away and help at home with the girls. Jennifer was grateful for the gesture from her loving husband and left for her business trip happily.

David wasn’t used to being at home during the day, and even more so parenting and advising two teenage girls, but they were his girls and he loved them so he figured it wouldn’t be that hard.

“So girls, what are your plans for the rest of the weekend?” David asked his daughters as they drove back home. It was a Saturday afternoon and he knew his girls were scarce around the house on weekends. The girls stopped their chatter and looked at their father like they just realized he was there.

“We’re going to a party at Jessica’s house tonight” Ashley said while looking at her father through the rearview mirror.

“And tomorrow we’re probably just gonna chill at Alex’s pool” Brooke continued from the front seat.

“Sounds fun,” David said to his daughters while keeping his eyes on the road, “just make sure you get home before your curfew at 12.”

“Dad,” Ashley said after looking at her sister, “you do remember mom bumped our curfew up to 1 am last month right?”

“Oh right, sure honey. So be sure to be back home by one.” David said feeling a little ashamed. In truth he didn’t know his wife extended the curfew but didn’t want to come off like he wasn’t up-to-date about all the rules in the house so he played along. The girls seemed happy and continued to chat about what they were going to wear and the likes.

That night, David was sitting in the living room watching TV as the twins came to say they were leaving for the party. David almost had a heart attack upon seeing their outfits. Brooke was wearing a black tank top that exposed her creamy cleavage and a pair of jeans so short and tight, David was surprised her panties didn’t show. Ashley was wearing a bright red blouse that showed off her ample cleavage and a grey skirt that barely reached a third of the way down her thigh.

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