David could not accept Cathy’s cheating

The cage was 25 feet by 20 feet, enclosed on all four sides and the top by high quality chain link fencing, anchored in concrete by posts. The entire fence went down four feet below ground level to solid rock. A small shed of two hundred square feet occupied a corner to serve as her home, providing protection from wind and weather. She had a refrigerator, a stove, a toilet to a septic tank, and a pump to bring water up from the well. There was a single mattress. I provided a stationery bicycle and weights for exercise. She had a monitor and VCR to play the tapes I left her. She had the sun, and the moon, and the birds, and the insects that might fly into her space to keep her company.

Several things were missing, things she would have wanted. There was no telephone, no lights, no computer, no mirror to watch herself, no makeup, no clothes to wear, no sharp objects or razors, no ropes, no radio or TV. Most importantly, there was no exit.

It had been fifty-five days since I last saw her. This was my third visit to her in the 120 days since I put Cathy in the cage.

I followed the small trail, moving the devices to hide the entrance and carefully replacing them. The location had been carefully selected in a box canyon deep in the rugged hills of west Texas due north of Big Bend National Park. It was desolate country, never visited by humans; so desolate it was not even on the route of the illegal immigrants coming across the Rio Grande. The chances of someone finding her were extremely remote. Despite that, I had taken great care to hide it.

I could see the cage now as I quietly walked to it. Cathy was lying under the awning attached to the shed. She appeared to be asleep. I stood at the gate watching her. Even now, I found her so sexually appealing, so beautiful, my cock was standing at attention, my heart beating rapidly, from wanting her.

She rolled over on the bed, her lush breasts falling with gravity. Her eyes opened, blinking rapidly, as if she couldn’t believe she was actually seeing me. Her eyes had probably tricked her into seeing someone a thousand times since there was really someone to see. Slowly, she stood and haltingly walked toward me.

The first time I came to see her, she had screamed and threatened me, berating me as she always had since that day I first caught her with Jeff. Now, she said nothing as she stood on the opposite side of the chain fence staring at me. Her face looked different as if her intelligence was diminished. She stuck her fingers through the chain link, trying to touch me but failing.

“Did you come to let me out?” she asked, her voice low and neutral.

“No. I came to replenish your supplies and give you two more tapes to watch.”

“How long are you going to keep me here?”

“The rest of your life.”

“Please, David,” she whimpered. “Let me go. I’ve been punished enough. Give me papers to sign. I’ll admit what I did and ask for nothing in our divorce. Just let me go home.”

I said nothing.

“David, talk to me! Tell me why you’re doing this?”

Again, I said nothing.

“You’re fucking crazy! Someone will find me! I know Jeff is looking for me now!”

“What did you see in Jeff? I mean, why did you fuck him so openly and wantonly when we were just married? You knew I loved you desperately.”

“I told you. Jeff had a big cock and I liked fucking him. I can’t explain it. He just turned me on.”

“Yes, you told me you’d fuck Jeff any time you wanted to…but you didn’t tell me until the second day of our honeymoon when I returned to find him in my bed with his cock in your mouth.”

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