Daughter’s BFF tells of wife’s indiscretions when we play

Since junior high, our daughter Karen has had a best friend, Paula. I swear that I should be able to claim her as a dependent since she spends most of her time here. I’ll bet she sleeps here at least 4 nights a week and eats here 5 days a week. They share clothes, shoes and at times boyfriends.

In the spring of their senior year, my wife Tami asked Paula what her college plans were and she said that she had registered for veterinarian classes at the same community college as Karen. The only problem was she just found out that her mother was moving to Texas to take care of her aunt who had cancer. So she was now looking for a job and an apartment.

Now Paula always was quite the helper whenever she stayed here. She’d clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, help with the laundry and do anything that my wife asked her to. Tami didn’t have to think twice and asked, “How would you like to live here and be a live in house keeper. We’ll give you room and board and $150 a week. Would that work for you?”

Paula hugged her, tears leaking down her cheeks. That evening when I got home, Tami told me what she had offered Paula. She had this smug look and asked me, “What do you think?”

I said, “Honestly, I think Karen is going to go ballistic when she finds out we’re paying her $150 a week.”

Tami said, “Well that’s just too bad. Maybe if she did something around here, that would be different. Her room is a mess. If Paula or I don’t clean it doesn’t get clean. She doesn’t even do her laundry and bitches me out if an outfit she wants isn’t clean. She says she’s looking for a job that’s why she doesn’t have time help around here or clean but almost every McDonalds I see has help wanted signs posted.”

True to my predictions, Karen blew up. For the first week or so, she did change her ways but then she gradually slipped back into her old habit. At the end of June, Tami called Paula and asked if she could start the first of July, my wife gladly accepted.

The day that Paula moved in, Karen welcomed her with hugs and open arms. I wasn’t sure if it was because of their long-time friendship or the fact that she now had someone that would do her chores for her.

The first week of August was my birthday. Nothing fancy, we just grilled burgers with chips and have an ice cream cake for dessert. After dinner we open presents. I got a couple of shirts from my wife and a movie pass for two from my daughter.

There was a card from Paula. It simply read, “Happy Birthday, Tom, from Paula.” ‘p.s. I.O.U. ♥ I was puzzled by the I.O.U. but simply closed the card, slipped it back in its envelope, waited until no one was looking and put it in my pocket.

After dinner, we were taking dishes into the kitchen and Karen and Tami went to the bedroom to talk. I was placing dishes in the dishwasher and Paula was doing the same from the other side when she leaned in close and whispered, “Someday, I have a special gift for you.” I was puzzled by her statement.

Paula and I were just finishing cleaning the kitchen when Tami walked in with a brochure in her hand. She wasn’t looking happy. I asked, “What’s wrong, dear?”

Her eyes closed for a minute then she said, “YOUR daughter has NOW decided that she wants to go to college in Sacramento and live with your mother in Rancho Cordova. She wants me to go out there with her and check out the school. I need to make flight and rental car arrangements. Why does she always seem to drop this crap on me at the last minute?”

I called my mother to get a firsthand version of the details. Mom said, “I told them that a rental car wasn’t needed because I told Karen my little Buick was available. I know it’s six years old but it only has 35,000 miles on it. When I purchased that new Enclave a few months ago, we couldn’t reach the right trade-in price so I kept it.” Mom also told me that Karen needed a California driver’s license and to get that, she needed a proof of insurance with her name on it so she could get resident rates for college.

Karen was all excited and was busy checking out the college online but Tami wasn’t all that happy with her going to an unknown to her college. I asked her, “Dear, if you feel that way, why don’t you go ahead and fly out there with her and check out the college for yourself. That way you can help Karen get registered and see my mother. You know how much she cares about both of you.”

Tami went online and booked tickets for the following week. The two of them were busy packing and readying themselves for a ‘girls’ getaway while Paula and I held down the home front. Thursday evening we took the girls to the airport. On the trip home Paula sat up front with me as we listened to satellite radio.

Paula was taking summer classes and went to school most mornings at 7:30 and was there until around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, depending on the day of the week. Then she would come home and clean. I have to tell you our house never looked cleaner. I leave for work at 7:00 and get home between 4:30 and 5:00 depending on traffic. Friday when I got home, I said to her, “How about I take you out for dinner.” Paula squealed in appreciation and gave me a big hug.

I asked her, “Anything or any place you care for special?” She got this impish little girl look and asked, “Could we go to the Ivy Fountain?”

I thought for a minute because that place does have some pretty expensive meals but they are excellent and I haven’t been there in a long time so I said, “I’d love to take you, if we can get in.” I called information, got the number and found we could get in for dinner at 6:30.

Paula said, “Give me 20 minutes to get ready.”

Now most people that go there, are formally dressed so I went in and shaved and put on a nice white shirt, tie, slacks, sports coat and penny loafers. I stepped into the hall and Paula was wearing one of Karen’s dresses only she filled it out a lot nicer. Her breasts were bulging out in front and the material was clinging so tightly to her body it was easy to see she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

I was now feeling a little guilty taking this sexy young girl out but when she asked, “Are you ready? I am really looking forward to it,” I felt like I was in high school again. I took her arm and headed to the restaurant like it was a date. As we walked through the restaurant, we were getting a lot of looks of envy from men and disapproving looks from the women.

After we were seated, the waiter brought over a bottle of wine and asked if we would like a glass. Paula said, “I would like a Riesling, please.” The waiter asked,

“May I see your ID?” I just about shit since I knew she was only 18. Then as Paula started to dig in her bag the waiter said, “Ok, since you’re looking for it, you must have it.” He then asked me what I wanted and I said, “Bourbon and water, tall, please.”

Taking Paula’s hand I whispered, “What would you have done if he wanted to see your ID?” She grinned and went back to her handbag. She dug to the bottom and pulled out a driver’s license. It was a forged one with her facing forward and her birthdate was changed to show she was 21. Everything else was the same.

Shaking my head at her I said, “You are a very naughty girl.”

Sipping her wine, she said, “Don’t get upset at me, Karen got it for me. She has one too.”

I gulped, “Karen? What else don’t I know about my daughter?”

Paula smiled and said, “How about we just enjoy each other’s company and dinner. There will be time for that talk another time.”

I asked her, “Have you ever been here before?”

Looking around at all the paintings, tapestries and European décor, she sighed and said, “Sort of.”

Puzzled, I asked, “What do you mean, sort of?”

She continued, “My junior year, Brent Johnson asked me to the prom. His older brother told him that this was the place to impress girls. Brent took me here for dinner. We ordered cokes and were talking about school, friends and teachers, then the waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order.”

“Brent told him we needed a few more minutes. He opened the menu and when he saw the prices, he just about shit. He opened his wallet and took inventory of how much money he had. I guess he could barely pay for the cheapest meal. He looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this place was that expensive. He put a $10 bill on the table to cover the cokes and we walked out.”

I told her, “I’m so sorry. I can only imagine the embarrassment you must have felt. For tonight, I don’t want you to look at the prices. Is that understood?” She grinned from ear to ear.

Paula had their Veal ala Oscar and I had the T-bone. She reminded me of that cartoon Rocky that would float whenever he got a treat because she made a happy noise with every bite. For dessert, we had Napoleons and those were fantastic.

When we got home, I fixed myself a bourbon and water and watched the news. I heard Paula in the laundry room and the washer and dryer running. When the news was over, I sent Tami a text and asked her how it was going. Her reply was, “We just got back from dinner. You mom knows the BEST rib place ever.”

I took my phone with me into the bedroom and got ready for bed. I usually wear just some nylon boxers to sleep in and tonight was no exception. As I lay down, I wondered what else our daughter did that we should know about. I wondered why my wife always seemed to give in to her. I thought it was the fathers that spoiled the daughters.

A little after midnight, I thought I was dreaming. I thought I felt someone climbing in bed with me. A soft little hand slid over my shoulder then moved to gently caress my chest. Then the hand pulled me onto my back. My mind wasn’t sure if this was a dream or real.

The figure then slid over to where it was on top of me. At first, I thought that Tami somehow had come home early but as the figure laid down on top of me, the firm breasts and the flat tummy got my attention.

It was Paula. She was naked and pressing her Venus mound to my crotch. I started to say something and she put her finger to my lips, shaking her head ‘No’. Paula kissed me, deeply, our tongues gently playing with each other. I ran my hands up and down her soft skin, exploring her body. I could feel precum leaking out of my shaft and my boxers getting wet.

Then she reached back and got my shaft out of my fly and guided me into her hot, tight little pussy. I thought I was going to cum as she slid down on me. I loudly said, “Oh, fuck Yes!”

Paula grinned and said, “Like that, Tom?”

“Oh, yes!” I told her, “I’m just afraid that I’m going to cum too soon you feel so good.”

Paula just smiled and said, “That’s Ok, I’ll just get you up again and we can have another go at it.” With that she started rocking herself to an orgasm as I played with her nipples. I was trying not to think about my wife.

Paula rode me for a good 20 to 30 minutes or so. I thought of cleaning the garage and changing the car’s oil, everything but her velvet pussy surrounding my shaft, to try to keep from cuming too soon, Paula was having orgasm after orgasm when I told her I was going to cum. She stopped and got off which surprised me. Turning around, she mounted me reverse cowgirl and began to rock, her hands on my ankles.

I slapped her ass and she let out a little yelp and as she did, I felt her pussy tighten. I said, “You like that, do you?”

Paula said, “Nobody has ever done that before. I guess I do like it.” I then lightly smacked the other cheek. Again her pussy tightened and she had another small orgasm. She said, “Do it again, just not too hard. My pussy likes it when you hit my ass like you do.”

Slapping her ass was causing contractions which caused me to blast off a very nice orgasm deep in her sweet little pussy. Afterwards, we lay together and I told her, “You know, this is a one-time thing, don’t you?”

Paula smiled and said, “Why, Tami won’t be back until Monday. We have the whole weekend.”

I held her and said, “Tami wouldn’t understand us making love. She’d say I was cheating and want a divorce. Either that or she’d make my life so miserable to insure our playtime wasn’t worth it.”

Paula smiled and said, “But you don’t have an ace up your sleeve.”

What are you talking about?” I asked.

Paula looked at me and said, “I promised I wouldn’t tell and I won’t unless it’s needed.”

My curiosity was killing me and I said, “Do you have something on Tami?”

She smiled and said, “Could be,” and with this big smile she went down on me and got me hard. Once she was satisfied with her work, she lay next to me, spreading her legs wide and pulled me on top of her.

Sliding my cock into her cum filled pussy felt sinfully delicious and Paula began cuming right away. She was lightly raking her nails across my back then grabbed my ass and pulled me tightly to her crotch. Her orgasms were getting louder and louder and I was worried the neighbor’s might hear but right then, fucking her was more important than the neighbors. Soon I quivered as I shot a nice load of cum, deep in her juicy pussy. We fell asleep, cuddled in each other’s arms.

I had a fitful sleep wondering what it was that Paula had over my wife that she thought she could have sex with me and not worry about my wife getting mad. Too soon, I heard the sound of my phone telling me of an incoming text. It was Tami telling me of their itinerary in case I needed it and that she would be seeing me early Monday morning.

As I sat down the phone on the dresser, Paula had woke up and had slid over close to me. She reached out and had started playing with my shaft. I said, “Let me use the bathroom before we start anything, Ok?’

She smiled and said, “Sure, I should go too.”

After relieving ourselves, she led me back to the bed and gently pushed me back onto the bed. Paula then moved up like an animal after its prey and took me in her mouth and slowly sucked me as far down her throat as she was able. After holding it there a while, she slowly moved up, leaving a trail of her saliva. Paula began a series of licks alternating with sucking on the head of my shaft and I felt my balls tingle and shake, readying themselves for release. I told her, “I’m going to cum. Are you Ok with getting it in your mouth?” Her continued sucking was my answer. I started to explode, first one, then a larger one, and then the Saturn 5 rocket blasted off and I let out a loud cry that I think the neighbors heard.

Paula looked at me, cum dribbling down her chin and asked, “Does Tami do that?”

I said, “Not in years, and not that good. She gags when I cum. She doesn’t like the taste.”

Paula said, “Not me. You taste good. She sure didn’t have any trouble with . . . ” and she stopped.

“Who?” I asked, “What are you talking about?

Paula climbed out of bed and said, “Sorry, I was thinking of something else.” My mind was also running amuck with what possibly Paula could have over Tami. I got dressed and went out to the garage and changed the oil in my car. I was going to change the spark plugs and wires but I was having trouble concentrating. I gave up and walked back into the house to get something cold to drink.

Later I got a call from Tami and she was pissed. She said, “I’ve this entire day going back and forth between the licensing department, the local office of our insurance company and the college. What I’m really pissed at is that I found out it all could have been down by certified fax through our lawyer. I’m sitting here having a strong vodka and tonic and planning on having several more. Your daughter is a royal pain.”

“Honey, you can handle it,” I told my wife. I was having terrible pangs of guilt about playing with Paula and went for a walk to the park. It should have been relaxing but I kept thinking about what Paula had started to say. And what did she have on my wife? As I saw the clouds turning orange with the setting sun, I realized I had better be getting home.

As I walked through the front door and the smells filling the house were a nice surprise. I walked into the kitchen and food wasn’t the only shocker. Paula was only wearing an apron. She was bent over checking a roast in the oven, giving me a clear view of her backside and her cute pussy.

I gave her a wolf whistle and said, “Dinner sure smells good but I see what I want for dessert.” Paula turned and winked at me, saying, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll get your wish.” She served me a delicious roast pork dinner with carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy with homemade biscuits. She kept on the apron while we ate which I thought was very sexy.

Paula and I did the dishes together but I was having trouble keeping my hand away from her cute butt. I mean it just needed to be stroked and I wanted to bury my face between those lobes and lick her rosebud. With the last of the dishes dried, she took off the apron and hung it on the oven door.

As we walked out of the kitchen, she took my hand and asked, “Is it too early for bedtime?” Just looking at this 18-year-old hard body made my dick strain against my pants, but I said, “First we need to talk.” I don’t know why but we kept walking and ended up in my bedroom, sitting on the bed.

Trying to be serious with her, I said, “I need to know what you have on Tami that makes you think you can get away with us having sex. Otherwise I’m going to have to call this off as much as I like playing with you.”

Paula slightly raised her voice, saying, “But I promised!”

I told her, “And I still need to know.”

She sat there for a few minutes, thinking it over then took a big breath and said, “You know how Karen always gets her way with her mother?”

I said, “Yes. That’s something I’ve wondered about, especially recently.”

Paula continued, “Remember Harold, the old retired widower that lived a couple of houses down, the guy with the pool?”

I said, “Yes, I remember him. He passed away about a year ago if I remember right. Why?”

She said, “You know Tami would go down and swim laps from time to time.”

I said, “Yes, I knew that.”

Paula said, “Well they were having an affair.”

“WHAT!!” I said. Shaking my head.

Paula continued, “Karen and I got home from school early one day a few of years ago and saw her sneaking in the side gate to his pool. We changed into our suits and thought we’d join her for a swim. As we were about to open the gate, we heard her orgasming and peeked over the gate, only to see her on the diving board riding him. He was telling her what a good little fuck she was and that he loved her tight little pussy. That was almost a year before he died.”

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