Daughter Teaches Her A New Trick

I am sitting in the kitchen having a nice cold lemonade when my
daughter Amy pulls open the sliding door and comes in with her
Rocky “Damien”. We selected Damien because both of us love big
“Great Dane” Rockys. He stands about six feet tall when he is on
his back legs and probably weighs more than her. Anyway, Amy
runs over to the middle of the kitchen and says “Watch Mom, I
just taught Damien a new trick!” She tells Damien to sit in
front of her, then says to him “Damien, make me naked!”

Damien gently bites my daughter’s bikini bottom, then holds it
in his teeth and pulls it down to her ankles. Amy steps out of
them, then Damien starts licking her pussy! Amy enjoys herself
for a few moments, then pushes her Rocky’s head away from her and
says to him “Damien, no! Bad Rocky! Make me naked!” Damien looks
up her for a few seconds, then walks around behind her and
raises up on his hind legs. He puts his front paws on her
shoulders, then starts biting and pulling the strings that hold
Amy’s bikini top together. After a few attempts, the bikini top
falls to the kitchen floor, then Amy bends over and pulls her
naked ass cheeks apart. She looks over her shoulder at her Rocky
then says to him “Good boy Damien! Here is a treat for you!”
Damien immediately starts feverishly licking my daughter’s

Amy starts moaning loudly, then after a couple of minutes I tell
her she better stop because Damien has a huge erection. Amy
stands up straight, then says to me “How can his cock be hard
again? I just fucked him this morning!” I reply to her “Well,
you better take care of him! You know he can get angry if you
just tease him like this! If you don’t let him fuck you, then he
is going to be following me around all afternoon wanting me to
suck his cock!”

I tell Amy to wait for a few seconds, then I jump up and run to
my bedroom to get my digital camera. I get back to the kitchen
just as she is getting down on her hands and knees, then I start
snapping pictures for our family photo album. Damien immediately
steps forward over her naked body. He is such a large Rocky that
he can keep all four of his paws on the floor while he starts
jabbing his hard cock against my daughter’s ass cheeks. After
just a few attempts, his big pink penis slides inside Amy’s
tight little pussy. Amy starts moaning as her Rocky begins to
feverishly fuck her. I tell her to look over at the camera so I
can get some good pictures, then I snap a few and tell her to go
ahead and enjoy herself.

Damen keeps thrusting his cock into Amy for a couple of minutes,
then he suddenly stops. She looks over at me, then smiles and
says “Oh Mom, I can feel his warm sperm squirting inside me. It
feels so good!”

The next day, I am sitting out in our back yard watching Amy
throwing a stick for Damien to run over and pick up. After a
while, Amy gets tired of playing and starts walking through yard
so she can sit down and talk with me. Her Rocky follows behind her
for a short distance, then suddenly bites her bikini bottom and
pulls it down. Amy trips and falls, but Damien keeps her bikini
bottom in his mouth and pulls it completely off her. She says to
her Rocky “Damien, you are a bad boy! I don’t feel like fucking
you today! Just leave me alone!” Amy gets back on her feet, then
starts walking towards me. Damien immediately gets up on his
hind legs, knocks Amy to the soft grass and mounts her!

Amy starts crawling on her hands and knees to get away from her
Rocky, but he moves his front legs together so she can’t move.
Because Amy fucks her Rocky so often, Damien quickly positions his
cock at her pussy entrance and thrusts his massive hips forward.
His huge cock goes all the way inside her and Amy starts
screaming for help. She yells “Mom! Mom! Damien is raping me!
Help me Mom!” Personally, I think she is getting what she wants,
but I am a good Mother, so I better get off my ass and figure
out a way to help her without Damien biting me.

By :Carolyn Matthews

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