Daughter learns how to kiss from Daddy with Mommy’s permission

My daughter Emily and her father Michael had a nightly ritual of giving each other a goodnight kiss. They would kiss each other on each cheek followed by a kiss on the mouth while simultaneously making the “Mmmmmwah” sound. My daughter would start laughing hysterically as I would walk her to her bedroom to tuck her into bed. As our only child, she was definitely a Daddy’s girl.

As she got older, she decided that she was a big girl and thought that their kissing game was for kids. From that point on, she started simply kissing her daddy on one cheek, but still expected me to tuck her into bed. Funny how she wanted to be a big kid but still be tucked into bed safely from all the monsters. Not being in a hurry for her to grow up too quickly, I enjoyed these times with her.

It was an opportunity for her to share with me her day, especially the gossip from class she did not want to share with her father. However, when we would go on outings, whether to the beach, an amusement park or a store, she would revert to daddy’s girl mode and would always be hanging onto his arm. He was the one that would swim with her, ride the roller coaster with her and buy her whatever special treat she wanted at the store.

Soon after she officially became a teenager, she had her first period and her first crush. At times, it seamed to me that she would flirt, at times,with Michael: as sophisticated of a flirt that a girl her age can be. Micheal, of course, didn’t catch on. I suppose he assumed she was simply being her playful self. Something else also changed.

One night, while kissing her father good night, she decided to go back to their kissing game. She initiated it by kissing him on one cheek then the other followed by the “Mmmmwah” kiss lips to lips. There was a smile on my husbands face, which also made me happy. After tucking her in I asked him “What was that all about?” with him responding “What was what all about?”. “Emily kissing you like she did when she was little girl.” His response was “I don’t know. I suppose she was being silly.”

As time went on, I started noticing that the last part of the goodnight kiss started lasting a little longer, but the “Mmmwah” sound was gone. After several nights of noticing this I asked her “Is daddy now your boyfriend?” as I was tucking her into bed. She asked why I would say this and I told her “Because you are kissing him as if he was your boyfriend.” Her response was “Yes, I want daddy to be my boyfriend”, she then turned red, rolled over and covered her head and told me goodnight.

The next night she again went to kiss her father goodnight. Before kissing him, I thought it was such a daddy’s girl thing to do, she bashfully asked him if he would be her boyfriend. With a big smile on his face, as if some big revelation came to him, he said “Yes!” He went on to explain to her “If I am your boyfriend, then you can’t have other boyfriends.” I loved it! I thought my little girl was too young to be dealing with stupid young boys. She then kissed him goodnight on both cheeks and then kissed him on the mouth. It was more of a first date kiss, with her moving her lips around, still she kept her mouth closed. I was more amused than concerned. I laughed out loud and told her “That’s enough kissing for one night, time for bed.”

This kind of kissing happened every night. I suppose I should have discouraged it, but, she was after all, kissing her “boyfriend.” My husband asked me a couple of time if it bothered me. My answer was always “No. I prefer she kiss you than some stupid little boy at school.” Gradually, she started trying to really french kiss my husband, by trying to stick her tongue into his mouth while they kissed. He would shake his head and tell her she was too young for that. This went on for awhile and every time my husband would push her away laughing and telling her not now, you’re too young.

The following year thing started getting a little more serious with the kissing, but at the moment we did not realize it. We started wondering if she really thought her daddy was her boyfriend. The kisses became more frequent and not only at bedtime. In the morning, on the way out the door to school, she would kiss me goodbye on the cheek, but she would stand on her toes in front of her father, with her hands around his neck giving him as passionate as possible of a kiss with her mouth closed. Instead of being bothered, I was starting to like watching them kiss; I also noticed that I would feel my pussy tingle.

Michael and I have always had a healthy sex life. We once even had a threesome with one of the girls I worked with. The first time was not planned. Mary and I had gone out drinking on a Friday night and I invited her home after a few glasses of wine. Michael was home and so we dragged him into our conversation on why Mary was unable to find a good man. The conversation naturally turned to sex and I was bragging on how lucky I was to have Michael and what a great kisser he was. Of course, this was followed by Mary asking “What makes him such a great kisser?” I told her it was hard to explain, it would be better if she experienced it for herself. They both looked at me and my response was “What? It’s just a kiss.” (I had always had the curiosity of being with a woman as I was a bit sheltered and never experimented while in college.)

After a while, the giggling was gone and they actually started kissing. I was so turned on seeing my hubby kissing another women. Long story short, things quickly progressed. Soon he kissing, licking and fucking another woman and I was crazy turned on watching them and fucking myself with my two fingers in my pussy as I watched. After a while, I joined by first kissing him while he fucked her from behind and then slowly started licking her clit while his dick was going in and out of her cunt. After Michael came, I gave her an orgasm while licking Michael’s cum out of her sweet cunt. We had her over several times before she ended up moving out of town to take care of her ailing mother. Soon after, I became pregnant with Emily and well, life with a child was our new life.

One fateful movie night, instead of saying no, I said yes.

All three of us were on the couch on a Friday night watching a movie with my husband in the middle, with me on his left and my daughter on his right. A kissing scene came on the movie we were watching and having had a few glasses of wine, I was feeling a bit frisky and my inhibitions were down. I started kissing Michael and it soon turned into a full blown make out kiss. When we broke apart, Emily grabbed his face with both hands and turned his head to face her. She started kissing him, asking him to kiss her like he kissed mommy. He hesitated until I told him “She has to learn some time.”

While watching them kiss passionately, I secretly starting rubbing my pussy, imagining it was Mary he was kissing and soon he would be licking and fucking her. My god, my panties were soaked and I so desperately needed to be fucked. It was an incredibly hot kiss. Their lips parted and their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Watching the taboo kiss between my daughter and her father had me rubbing my twat at full speed, getting me very to close to cumming.

My daughter’s voice brought me back to reality “That was awesome daddy! I’m going to bed now, no need tuck me in mommy” she shouted as she ran to her room. I ‘m pretty sure I knew exactly why she was in such a hurry to get to her room. Michael and I also hurried to our bedroom and he fucked me hard. There was no need for any foreplay. My pussy was ready. His big, thick cock easily penetrated my cunt and we fucked several times that night with me telling him how hot it was watching him passionately kissing his little princess.

I also told him he could continue kissing her that way. I justified it to myself by telling him “besides, it’s just kissing. It’s not like you’re fucking her.”

This went on for awhile. She would give him a full blown kiss leaving to school in the morning, when he got home from work, at bedtime and several times throughout the day when they were home. I could never get enough, especially when she would sit on his lap and they would kiss for what seemed like hours to me. The best part was knowing that there was no way she could not feel his cock poking her her in the ass.

One Friday night I came home late having gone out with some friends for drinks. Having had a few too many, I ended up taking an Uber. When I got home, I came in through the front door and got a very naughty surprise. My daughter and husband were full on making out on the couch and neither of them heard me come in. She was actually straddling him and they were kissing with passion. She was wearing her two piece silk pajamas (her top was a short sleeve top with buttons down the front and her bottoms were shorts) and she was aggressively grinding herself on her daddy’s crotch while making out and moaning with her eyes closed and her hands around his neck. It was dark in the room, which made it easier for me to not be noticed.

After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that her top was completely unbuttoned and he was actually manhandling her breast. His hands were literally on his own daughter’s tits. That was so fucking hot! He was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She suddenly started grinding hard against him, I’m sure she was grinding herself against his stiff cock. Then suddenly she started shaking and gave out a cry of passion. As she cried out, he suddenly started sucking on her small nipples, giving her the pleasure that comes from a woman having her tits sucked during an orgasm.

Her cries brought me back to reality as I found two fingers in my pussy bringing me close to orgasm. The fact that I had just witnessed my husband giving his little princess an orgasm had me so worked up. From what I saw on how comfortable they were with each other, I was sure this was not their first time going this far. How long had this been going on? Again, I did not say anything, justifying it to myself that he was not fucking her. Just sucking her tits.

I quietly walked back to the front door, opened it loudly, announced I was home and closed the door behind me. I took my time getting back to the family room, giving her time to button up her pajama top.

When I walked in, they were both sitting on the couch watching the movie as if everything was normal, both trying to control their breathing. Soon after, my daughter yawned, said goodnight with kissing her father only on one cheek and went to bed. I grabbed Michael by the hand, led him to our bedroom, ripped off his clothe and started kissing him while grabbing his already stiff cock. I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth, remembering she was the reason this cock was so stiff. This dick in my mouth was the same cock my daughter was grinding against, the same cock that made her and the same cock that could be fucking her tight little pussy if I had shown up a few minutes later. As I continued sucking his cock, he started caressing my face and I started sucking him even harder.

With his hands on my face, I could tell that his fingers smelled like pussy. Oh fuck, it drove me crazy knowing he had been finger-fucking her. I soon turned around, got on my hands and knees and begged him to fuck me. He quickly got behind me, lined his beautiful, thick cock behind me and easily slid in. God, my pussy was dripping at this point! As he was fucking me, I asked him to fuck me harder. After what I had witnessed them doing, I couldn’t get enough of him. I said to him in my best little girl’s voice “Daddy, please fuck my little pussy?”. All of a sudden, it felt like his cock got thicker, longer and harder, if that was possible.

He had not fucked me so hard, at least not since we were first started dating. He was on a mission to give me the fucking of my life. I kept it on by repeating “please daddy, please…fuck me, fuck me harder!” over and over again as he gave me the pounding of my life. The intensity of what was happening soon had him coming in buckets. When we were done, my cunt was dripping with so much of his cum.

Thereafter, every time I would go out with the girls, I would stay out a bit longer and sneak back into the house. However, I never did catch them again. I can only imagine they must have felt it was too close the last time I came home late. The kissing continued and I continued telling myself that it’s not like he was fucking her.

What I also noticed was that she started straddling him and grinding herself against his cock. When I would make a comment such as “are you two lovebirds going to stay there all night” her answer was that she was simply spending quality time with her boyfriend. Who was I to stop them when I was getting all the benefits of their activities? The frequency and intensity of our sex life certainly increased. After putting her to bed, my husband would take me to the bedroom and fuck me hard. He didn’t make love to me – he fucked me…and I loved it!

With the morning goodbye kiss, I could swear that they looked like two long lost lovers that hadn’t seen each other in months. Her hands were around his neck and his hands would start on her waist and slowly move down to her hips, pulling her to him with their crotches grinding against each other. When he thought I wasn’t looking, his hands would be grabbing her delicious ass.

Michael is 6′ tall and played sports in college and continues to work out on a rather consistent basis and is a beautiful, sexy man How could I blame my daughter for being attracted to her father? She also started doing something she had not done since she was a little girl; she started running around in a shirt and her panties as her pajamas. Again, I was the beneficiary of these displays when we went to bed. We never really talked about it, but things always heated up in bed whenever I would ask daddy to fuck me.

By the time she reached 15, my daughter had turned into a beautiful sexy young lady. She was 5’ 5”, with gorgeous long, light brown hair down to her slim waist, hazel eyes, with an athletic body and a cute little nose with full lips to kiss for days. I suppose that was one of the reasons Michael enjoyed the kissing so much. I had also put her on the pill – my fear was that some kid at school might knock her up.

She had also joined the cross-country team the year before and her legs and ass showed it. Her breast had developed into a gorgeous full B cup that looked perfect on her body. By this time, with her looks, I assumed she would start looking outside the house for a real boyfriend. That was not to be the case.

After the night I caught them on the couch with his lips on her breasts, I wanted to see how far this would progress. I started living vicariously through her. As a little girl, I’d had a crush on my daddy. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of it. At bed time, Emily started asking that her daddy tuck her in. It would take Micheal an hour to tuck her in. When he would come to bed, I started noticing that his mouth tasted like pussy. “Are yoo fucking her?” I asked him one night after coming from her room. I noticed that I had asked in an excited tone.

He hesitated before explaining to me that a few nights prior, as they were making out in her bed, with her on top, she had started rubbing his cock. Obviously he was loving it and he did not stop her. Soon thereafter, she had managed to pull it out of his boxers and was stroking him. Again, he said nothing. In the heat of the moment, she moved down and was starting to put his cock in her mouth, that was when he stopped her, telling her she was too young to be doing that.

She said if she was not allowed to do that, then “daddy, are you old enough to do that to me?” He couldn’t help himself when she begged him. “Daddy, please pull down my panties and lick me down there.” As he was telling me what happened, I was on my knees with his cock deep in my mouth frantically bobbing my head while fingering my clit. He went on to explain that he had been licking her little pussy for the past two nights. Asking if he had gone too far, I told him “it’s not like you’re fucking her.”

Most things that happened between my husband and daughter, seemed to occur on Friday or Saturday night. This next part was no exception. Once again, it was movie night and it was a bit chilly. I grabbed my glass of wine and we all settled into the big couch, with my husband once again finding himself in the middle. I grabbed my own blanket and surprise, surprise, father and daughter were sharing a blanket. It was a teen movie that Emily had picked; ask me and I would not be able to name the movie.

In one scene the two actors found themselves in the girl’s room making out as they were removing their clothes. I started imagining that it was actually Emily and Michael on the screen; kissing and undressing each other. My god, it was such a deliciously perverted thought that I had me so fucking horny. I slowly started sliding my hand from under my blanket, towards my husband’s dick, hoping our baby girl would not notice any movement under the blanket. My panties were soaked the second I touched her hand already there!

She had been rubbing her daddy and his cock felt hard. She immediately tried to pull her hand away and he tried sitting up. I stopped them both by putting my hand over hers and pushing it back over his crotch, forcing her to rub her daddy’s hard cock. We turned to look at each other and I gave her an assuring smile. My husband was still a bit tense, not sure what to do. I turned to my right and started guiding her with my left hand while I started kissing Michael.

He started to relax and started kissing me back. After a while, he turned to her and she attacked him, shoving her tongue down his throat. She had let go of his cock and was now turned to her left with both her hands around his neck as they were at it again.

Michael had shown up wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt for movie night, nothing unusual. However for tonight, it made it easier for me push down both his shorts and boxers to grab his rock hard cock. I started stroking him while watching them make out. The blanket had been pushed out of the way by now; it was driving me crazy watching my husband enjoy the attention from another girl, especially because that girl was our daughter. After a short while, I took one of her hands and guided her fingers back around his cock.

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