Daughter-in-law, the next day

The next morning I awoke feeling Helen’s stimulating mouth sucking my cock. I told Helen that if she continued she was going to make me cum and I wanted to fuck her. She removed her mouth and said “it was ok, I want your load”. She also said that “we could fuck later after Doug went to bed”. She went back to sucking my dick and low and behold my first shot went right down her throat as did all the shots.
Helen got off her knees and left the room licking her lips and pushing cum that had dribbled down her chin into her mouth, smiling the whole time. I told Helen she would pay for what she did, and she said “I hope so”.
Doug arrived home around 11 am and told us all about how his first night at the Call Center went. Helen proceeded to fix Doug bacon and eggs for breakfast, and when finished he went to their room for some sack time. Helen mentioned that she had some laundry to do and headed to the basement where the washer and dryer were located.
I went upstairs and dug through my special toys, picking just the right dildo and KY Jelly then I went down to the basement to help Helen. Upon my arrival in the basement, I found Helen leaning up against the corner of the washer with her legs spread and pussy against the washer’s corner edge as it went through its spin cycle. Her eyes were closed so I knew she was experiencing pure joy.
When the washer had finished its first spin cycle, Helen stopped the machine and spun the knob around so that it was going to re-start the spin cycle. I sat on the basement stairs watching as she shuddered through her climax. As Helen backed away, I clapped my hands together telling her what a terrific show that was.
Helen looked at me and her face was turning red with embarrassment. I told her not to worry, but I had some special toys I wanted to introduce her too. I pulled out the dildo and the KY Jelly. I greased up the dildo and told her to drop her shorts and spread her legs, I inserted the dildo in her pussy and connected the vibrator to its end, I raised her blouse and started sucking her lovely tits.
When Helen placed her hand on the back of my head I turned the vibrator on and Helen really started moaning. I added to Helen’s pleasure by moving the dildo in and out of her pussy and at the same time I stuck two fingers in her ass. This action increased Helen’s moaning and was begging for more. I told her to be quite if she got any louder she would wake Doug. “She told me that a bomb wouldn’t wake Doug once he got to sleep”.
Helen reaches for my cock and found it was hard enough to pound nails, I told Helen to sit in my lap and to make sure that her ass was right over my cock. Helen grabs my dick and stuck it in her ass and slid all the way down to its base. All this time I kept the vibrator and dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. We were both feeling the sensations that the vibrator was providing, Helen started screaming that she was Cumming and grabbed my neck and held on and her cum began to flow from her pussy.
With my dick still in Helen’s ass I removed the dildo from her pussy and she fell back against my chest to rest and come down from her high. Once her breathing returned to normal she removed my dick from her ass and got up and turned around bending over at the waist she started sucking her ass juices from my cock. I slipped my hands under her T-top and played with her nipples as she was sucking my cock. I told Helen that I wanted to fuck her, and she said that she would love that, but she didn’t want to get pregnant, I laughed and told her not to worry “I was cut, tied, and certified”.
She smiled at that and sat right down on my dick. Her pussy was warm and slick with her juices. Helen moved up and down on my cock as we sucked face. It didn’t take Helen long to reach that point of no return, she threw her head back and screamed that she was Cumming. I had also reached the point of no return and unloaded my best load of the day. When Helen climbed off my cock, I wasn’t at all surprised when she reached between her legs and scoped up the juices flowing from her pussy and started licking her hand and fingers.
I went back upstairs and was reading the newspaper when Helen finally came up. She mentioned that she needed to visit the market and purchase a few things for dinner. I told her to make sure and purchase a couple of Cucumbers, Radishes, Tomato’s, and Lettuce as I wanted a special salad for dinner.
When Helen returned from the market I was sitting at the table having coffee. I started looking at her purchases and especially the Cucumbers, one was smooth but the other had small skin warts, I told Helen to place that one in the refrigerator. Helen prepared dinner, and went to wake Doug; I went upstairs to my computer so I could watch Helen and Doug. I had my house wired with nanny cams when I moved in; as I connected with their room I saw Helen on her knees giving Doug one hell of a blowjob. When Doug came, he held Helen’s head so he was deep in her throat as he blasted his juice. I smiled and returned to the kitchen so they would never know that I had left.
After dinner we all sat around watching TV and when it was time for the kids to retire and Doug to go to work, I said “good night” and went to my bedroom. I stripped and lay on top of the covers waiting for Helen. Helen arrived and immediately stripped and climbed on top of me, I grabbed her hips and made her scoot up so her pussy was available for me to suck. I placed my arms around her thighs as I licked and sucked her pussy I was playing with her “little man in the boat”.
It became harder and harder to hold her still because of the sensations she was experiencing. She leaned back and one of her hands wrapped its self around my cock and she started jacking me off. After a couple of minutes she let go of my dick and grabbed my head pushing her pussy hard against my mouth. It was then that she screamed “I’m Cumming!!” I kept licking her pussy after she came as she kept trying to get me to stop because of being very sensitive. She finally fell off me and laid there panting trying to catch her breath.
I crawled between her legs and raised them so they lay on my shoulders, I wet the head of my cock with her pussy juices and breached her backdoor, I went all the way in to the hilt causing her to moan and grab my ass cheeks. As I commenced moving in and out she kept moaning and praising me for initiating her into butt fucking. She told me “I love getting ass fucked” that’s when I told her that I was going to fill her shit shut with a load she would not readily forget. She said, “Give me all you got”, “I want to feel you’re cum inside me”. When I shot my first load she moaned and screamed “OMG!! I’m Cumming too”.
I told Helen to slip downstairs and fetch the Cucumber she placed in the refrigerator, when she returned I place the Cucumber in a condom and laying Helen on the bed I inserted my new found dildo into her pussy. She immediately started squirming hollering “It’s cold!!!” I kept pushing and when I began fucking her she rolled her eyes and came so hard that she passed out. After she returned to the land of the living I asked her to tell me how she felt. She told me that the sensations were so intense that she felt like the top of her head was going to come off. I was laughing as I told her that I wanted her to chop it up and put in our salad for supper tonight. We hugged and cuddled till she fell asleep, she did not return to her bed as she normally did after we had fucked, she remained with me.

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