Daughter Fucked her Dad : Daughter Sex Diary

One day I was going though some of my mother’s things. I’m twenty years old. I still live with my father. My mother died the day I was born. My father is well off financially. Anything I wanted he got for me. Our relationship was pretty normal. He’s always supported anything I wanted to do.

It was a Sunday morning. I got bored so I went up in the attic. I noticed a chest in the corner. I haven’t been up there much. It was the first time I noticed the chest.

When I opened it up I noticed it was full of my mother’s things. Dad never really talked about her much. I know he really loved her and he still misses her. I can’t even remember a time since my mother’s death that he’s ever even went out on a date.

I found mothers diary. When I opened it up I got a surprise. There were five pictures.

One was mother wearing just her bra and panties. She looked very sexy. As I was looking at the pictures I realized these were taken when she was about the same age I am now. I looked like my mother. I don’t mean just a little. If you took and picture of me and compared to a picture of her, no one could be able to tell us apart. Same face, hair and even build. Exactly, another picture showed her in a white bra, garter belt with white hose. She was wearing high heels. The third picture was her lying on a bed naked. When I looked at the next picture I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was dad totally naked. I could see everything. His dick was huge. Now. I’ve been with two different guys and I thought they were big, but daddy’s dick had them beat. I stared at the last picture. I think it was dad and mom fucking. All I could see was a dick in a pussy. I think my dad took the picture while he was fucking my mom. I kept staring at it. My dad’s dick was sunk all the way in my mom. I’ve never seen my dad naked. Not even once. We also never talked about sex. Dad’s always just been this guy that’s always there with anything I needed. The pictures got me to thinking. I know he still misses mom a lot. I think that’s way he never talks about her. It would be too painful for him. I wanted to make my dad happy again. I look just like my mother. Maybe if I acted like her he would see me differently. I realized what I was thinking. I wanted my dad to fuck me. I wanted this for two reasons, one I think I can help him since I look exactly like my mother. For him it would be like making love to her again. Second, I wanted to know what my dad’s dick felt like in me. When I thought that I started getting wet. I laid the picture of dad on top of the chest. I lowered my shorts and pushed my panties down around my feet. I started finger fucking myself while looking at my naked father. It didn’t take to long to orgasm. When I was done I looked at the picture of mother again. She was shaved. I shaved but left a thin hair line on my pussy. That would have to change if I was going to fuck my dad.

During my shower I shaved my pussy bald. The wasn’t a hair on it anywhere. I felt really good. After I put on my nightie I sat on my bed and wondered how I could get my dad to fuck me. I couldn’t just walk up to him and say,”Hey dad, I’m horny, come and fuck me.” I would have to think of ways to make him start seeing me differently. I would have to remind him of mom and at the same time do things to make him look at me.

This gave me an idea. I looked in an old box stored in the back of my closet. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. My school uniform when I was sixteen. The white blouse, short black skirt, knee socks and black shoes. After I ironed it I put it on. It still fit me. The skirt was a lot shorter. I guess I grew a few inches since I was sixteen. It covered my ass, but not by much. I put on a pair of white panties. I looked in the mirror. This just might work. I bent over as if I was picking up something. When I did you could see my white panties almost all the way up my ass.

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