Daughter Fucked her Dad : Daughter Sex Diary

One day I was going though some of my mother’s things. I’m twenty years old. I still live with my father. My mother died the day I was born. My father is well off financially. Anything I wanted he got for me. Our relationship was pretty normal. He’s always supported anything I wanted to do.

It was a Sunday morning. I got bored so I went up in the attic. I noticed a chest in the corner. I haven’t been up there much. It was the first time I noticed the chest.

When I opened it up I noticed it was full of my mother’s things. Dad never really talked about her much. I know he really loved her and he still misses her. I can’t even remember a time since my mother’s death that he’s ever even went out on a date.

I found mothers diary. When I opened it up I got a surprise. There were five pictures.

One was mother wearing just her bra and panties. She looked very sexy. As I was looking at the pictures I realized these were taken when she was about the same age I am now. I looked like my mother. I don’t mean just a little. If you took and picture of me and compared to a picture of her, no one could be able to tell us apart. Same face, hair and even build. Exactly, another picture showed her in a white bra, garter belt with white hose. She was wearing high heels. The third picture was her lying on a bed naked. When I looked at the next picture I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was dad totally naked. I could see everything. His dick was huge. Now. I’ve been with two different guys and I thought they were big, but daddy’s dick had them beat. I stared at the last picture. I think it was dad and mom fucking. All I could see was a dick in a pussy. I think my dad took the picture while he was fucking my mom. I kept staring at it. My dad’s dick was sunk all the way in my mom. I’ve never seen my dad naked. Not even once. We also never talked about sex. Dad’s always just been this guy that’s always there with anything I needed. The pictures got me to thinking. I know he still misses mom a lot. I think that’s way he never talks about her. It would be too painful for him. I wanted to make my dad happy again. I look just like my mother. Maybe if I acted like her he would see me differently. I realized what I was thinking. I wanted my dad to fuck me. I wanted this for two reasons, one I think I can help him since I look exactly like my mother. For him it would be like making love to her again. Second, I wanted to know what my dad’s dick felt like in me. When I thought that I started getting wet. I laid the picture of dad on top of the chest. I lowered my shorts and pushed my panties down around my feet. I started finger fucking myself while looking at my naked father. It didn’t take to long to orgasm. When I was done I looked at the picture of mother again. She was shaved. I shaved but left a thin hair line on my pussy. That would have to change if I was going to fuck my dad.

During my shower I shaved my pussy bald. The wasn’t a hair on it anywhere. I felt really good. After I put on my nightie I sat on my bed and wondered how I could get my dad to fuck me. I couldn’t just walk up to him and say,”Hey dad, I’m horny, come and fuck me.” I would have to think of ways to make him start seeing me differently. I would have to remind him of mom and at the same time do things to make him look at me.

This gave me an idea. I looked in an old box stored in the back of my closet. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. My school uniform when I was sixteen. The white blouse, short black skirt, knee socks and black shoes. After I ironed it I put it on. It still fit me. The skirt was a lot shorter. I guess I grew a few inches since I was sixteen. It covered my ass, but not by much. I put on a pair of white panties. I looked in the mirror. This just might work. I bent over as if I was picking up something. When I did you could see my white panties almost all the way up my ass.

When dad gets home he won’t know what hit him. It wasn’t long until I heard him pull into the garage. I heard him get his beer and sit down in front of the TV. I walked into the living room. “Hi dad,” what’s up?” I said as I stood in front of him. I saw his mouth drop open. He was staring at me. I watched his eyes look me up and down.

“Why are you wearing your old school uniform?”

“I wondered if it still fit me. What do you think?” I said as I spun around. I knew I spun fast enough that he got a fast look at my panties.

“I like it. It still fits you. The skirt is a little short. I guess you’ve grown since you were sixteen.” He couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. I watched him “adjust” himself. I knew I had an effect on him. Wait until he sees this. I bent over acting like I was picking something off of the rug. I felt the back of my skirt raise up showing almost all of my white panties. I didn’t have to worry about dad catching me looking at him. He was too busy looking at my ass. I could tell by the bulge in his pants he liked what he saw. When I rose back up he diverted his eyes from my ass. I wasn’t done teasing him yet. I walked over and sat in the chair in front of his chair by the TV. When I sat down, I made sure my skirt rose up almost all the way to my panties. I left my legs just a little apart so he could see the white panties covering my pussy.

“How was your day today, dad?” He answered and was trying to act normal, but I could see his eyes dart from my face to my panties. I knew I was giving him a good show and I could tell he was enjoying it. After about twenty minutes I stood up. I figured I’d teased dad enough. I went to my room. Normally I close my door, but not this time. It was getting late so I started taking off my clothes. I took off everything but my panties and bra. As I was going though my drawer in my dresser I looked up in my mirror. I could see dad was in the hall way. He could see in my room and he was looking at me. I found a shorty nightgown. It was white and you could almost see though it. Dad was still watching me. I took off my bra and let it drop to the floor. My dad could see both of my tits in the mirror. I ran my hands over them. He was still watching me. I picked up my nightie, raised my arms over my head and let it slide down over me. It came to just below my panties. I looked in the mirror again and dad was gone.

He was interested but I don’t think he’s ready to fuck me yet. I’ve got to make him see mom when he sees me. I remembered the picture of her in a bra, garter belt and hose. I had to think of a way for him to see me dressed like that.

The top of my nightie was very loose. I bent over in front of the mirror. When I did, you could clearly see both of my tits. I left my room and went into the living room. Dad was back in his chair watching TV. I stood in front of him. “I’m going to bed, Dad,” As I was saying this I bent over to kiss him good night. I watched his eyes go to my tits. After I kissed him on his forehead I stayed bent over. I put my hands on his shoulders. “Dad tomorrow, could you pick up some take out when you come home?”

“Sure honey,” he answered still staring at my tits. “Anything you want,”

I rose up and headed for my room. So far everything was going well. I don’t think it will take me long to get my dad to fuck me. I lay in bed trying to think of a way to get him to see me in the bra and garter belt. If I can figure that out, I bet I could get him to fuck me while I was wearing them. I fell asleep thinking about dad’s big dick.

When I woke up in the morning, dad was already gone. I didn’t have classes today, so I decided to go and buy a white bra, garter belt and hose. After my shopping trip I went to my room. I put on the new underwear. I made sure the bra I brought was two sizes too small. When I put it on, it pushed my tits up very nicely. It barely covered my nipples. The bra came to just the top of my nipples. You could see everything else. It was the first time I’d ever wore a garter belt. It felt very sexy. The three inch heels made the outfit. I picked up the picture of my mother. If someone would have taken a picture of me you would not be able to tell us apart. We looked exactly alike. Dad will be very pleased. He gets to fuck his daughter and at the same time think about my mother. That’s when I got an idea. I couldn’t wait until dad got home. I put a skirt and blouse over the new underwear.

I heard dad pull into the garage. I waited until his got his beer and sat down in front of the TV. I went in the living room and sat down next to dad. We talked for a little while. That’s when I brought up being in the attic. I told dad I found mom’s diary. I mentioned the picture of mom in her underwear. Dad said he had forgotten about that picture.

I got up and went into my bed room. I got the picture and sat down next to dad again. I gave him the picture. He kept staring at it. “Your mother was a very sexy woman. She wore this because she knew I loved seeing her in it.” Dad looked up at me. “This picture was taken of her when she was your age. You look just like her. I’ve never told you this but sometimes when I look at you I see your mother. I still miss her.”

“Is that why you have never dated?”

“Just look at this picture, no one could look as good as this. She really knew how to turn me on.”

I stood up. “Dad I think I know someone that looks as good.”

Dad looked up at me with a puzzled face.

I started to unbutton my blouse. “What are you doing?” Dad asked me.

“Just watch, dad,” I said as I unbuttoned another button. I knew he could see the top of my too small bra. I heard him take in his breathe. I undid the last two buttons. Dad couldn’t take his eyes off me. I took my blouse off and let it fall to the floor. I reached behind and unzipped my skirt. It fell to my feet. I stepped out of it.

“Well, what do you think? Do I look like mom? ”

“Oh my god, you look exactly like your mother. I mean exactly. I swear, there isn’t any difference. Why are you….”

I reached over and put my fingers on his mouth.” Tonight I’m my mother. I want you to fuck me like you fucked her. I want this. I want you to do anything you want to, to me. I’m wearing this for you. Fuck me dad, fuck me.”

I lowered myself. I put both of my knees on each side of dad’s legs. I could felt his dick press against my pussy. I bent over and put my tits in his face. I whispered in his ear.” You need this and I want this.” I felt him put his hands on my bare hips. It really felt good. He reached up and unhooked my bra. I rose up and pulled both straps off my shoulders. The bra fell, freeing my tits. Right away dad put a tit in his mouth and started sucking on it. My whole body at the touch of his mouth sucking my tit came alive. He put his other hand under my panties and rested it on my bare ass. I let out a moan. “Dad lets go in your bedroom,”

I lay down on the bed on my back. I watched dad take off his clothes. His dick was pointing straight in the air. It looked as hard as a rock. I could see it moving with every beat of his heart. My mother was a very lucky woman. I just hoped it would fit in me. It was long but what really got my attention was how wide it was. Dad crawled up on the bed. He took a hold of each side of my panties and started pulling them down. When he got them to my ass I raised up so he could take them all the way off. He pulled them off. He then put his hand inside my thighs and spread out my legs. He spread them out then raised my knees. My dad looked at my bare pussy. I was spread out so wide he could see everything. He started sucking on my pussy. I cummed the minute he stuck his tongue in me. I reached down and pushed his face as deep as I could in my pussy. I raised my hips high enough so he could keep sinking his tongue deep in me. I cummed so hard the second time I think I passed out for a few seconds. I have never cum twice with anyone. I’ve already cummed twice and my dad hasn’t even put his dick in me yet. I didn’t realize how a mature man knew what to do. My dad was doing all the right things to me at the right time.

I could hardly catch my breath. “Dad, you have to fuck me. You have to fuck me now. Give me your dick. Put it in my pussy, Fuck me daddy, and fuck your daughter like she never been fucked.” I started pulling on his hair so he would rise up and get in position to fuck me. It worked. I felt him start working his way up. He sucked on my belly button, then right below my tit, then moved up and started sucking on my tit again. He was fondling my other tit.

I could feel the head of his dick against my pussy. I reached down and open my pussy lips as wide as I could. I raised my hips so I could get his dick in me. I felt him push toward my opening. I was wet, but it wasn’t going in. I reached down and took a hold of his dick. I pulled on it. The head went in just a little. Even that little bit was spreading my pussy lips wider than they have ever been spread. “Push, dad push. I want more dick in me. Bury your dick in your daughter.”

Dad pushed again. It slipped in deeper. I screamed. Dad stopped pushing. “No, no dad, keep pushing, it feels wonderful. Keep pushing your dick in me.” That was all he needed. Dad starting pushing his dick in. He would pull out a little and push even harder back in me. Each time his dick kept going deeper and deeper in me. My pussy walls were spread out so far I thought he was going to rip me open. Dad picked up his speed. I felt him hitting the back of my pussy. I looked down and saw there was more dick to get in me. I wanted all of it. I grabbed his ass and pulled him the rest of the way in me. I was filled up. I have never felt anything like this. “Oh dad, Oh god, I never want this to stop. Fuck me dad, fuck me harder.”

My dad started pounding his dick in me as hard as he could. I was meeting every thrust. I couldn’t get enough of his dick. My father’s dick in me was right. I knew now I was going to want him to fuck me again and again.

All of a sudden dad pulled out of me. “What?” was all I had time to say? Dad slid me to the side of the bed. He rolled me over on my belly. He pulled me part way off the bed. It was a high bed. My knees touched the floor and my ass was sticking in the air. I felt dad ram his dick right back in me pussy. He even started going deeper. I could hear him grunting as he kept fucking me. “I’m getting ready to cum,” I heard him tell me.

“Cum in me daddy, cum in me.” Was all I could say. I pushed my ass toward him so he could stay deep in me. “Ohhhh, Ohhhhh,” dad moaned. He started shooting loads of cum in me. I could feel him filling up my pussy. His cum just kept coming. Load after load , after load. There was so much cum it was actually shooting out of the sides of my pussy and he was still pounding it as hard as he could. I knew as he was cumming in me, he could see me. He could see my naked back, the garter belt and my hose. Best of all he could see his dick buried in his own daughter. He could watch it move in and out of me as he pounds my pussy. I was pleasing my dad. I was giving him something he thought he had lost. I hope I was a good as fuck as my mother. Dad started slowing down. He was still moving in and out of me. I could still feel his dick moving in and out of me. He slowly pulled it out almost all the way , then slowly, very slowly pushed it all the way back in me. I’d never had someone fuck me slow before. Another orgasm hit me. My pussy juices were shooting all over his dick. My whole body was still responding to his slow thrust in me. This was the longest orgasm I have ever had.

I felt dad pull out of me. Before he could do anything else. I turned around, sat on the edge of the bed and took a hold of his dick. I lowered my mouth and pushed his dick between my lips. I started sucking on the head. I opened my mouth more and put as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. I started sucking on it as hard as I could. Dad grabbed my head and started pushing me up and down on his dick. I could taste his cum and my pussy juices. I felt dad’s dick getting soft. I still kept it in my mouth. Even when it got soft I kept sucking on it. Finally I took it out of my mouth. Still holding on to it I looked up at my dad. He looked down. I could imagine the image I gave him . His daughter sitting on the edge of the bed, holding his dick, looking up at him. Next time I’ll get him to take pictures.

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