Daughter flashes boob from bikini which leads to a great night

This is a story of this summers event on the water with my daughter. 100% fiction!

It was a hot day in july and we decided to take a day out on the water with the boat. My daughter Lauren, now a 18 year old long blonde hair beauty with firm B cup breasts and long legs and her friend Katelyn a somewhat shaplier young woman of 19 with brown hair and D-cup breasts. My friend Joe and my son William were also along.

We set off on a day on the river. We packed a cooler of beer and some snacks to munch on for the day on the water. As we left the dock and headed out, the two girls removed there shirts to expose there bikini tops. They stretched down on the front of the boat laying across there beach towels. Spreading oil upon there bodies was a beautiful site. Laurens firm breasts were fitting loosely in her red and white striped bikini top. When the wind would catch it just right, I would catch a glimpse of her pale pink nipple. instant daddy wood.

After about twenty minutes of running up the river, we came across a small beach on the riverside. A nice white sand beach surrounded by woods just inside a nice bend of the river. We pulled up to the beach and anchored with the front of the boat on the beach. We got the boat situated and one by one the girls slid over the side into the water. As they plunged down into the water, they bounced up with there heads back and chests heaved forward. How hot was my daughter. I could have whipped it out and jerked off right there and died happy. Getting ready to get out of the boat I grab a cold beer, when my daughter asks for one from the water. I handed her one and her friend then jumped into the water myself.

As we floated around and talked we mmust have drand a case of beer between me and my daughter. I hadn’t noticed how much sh was drinking. After thinking about it, she had a beer every time I did. She would get up onto the boat and get me a beer, and without my notice she was getting one as well. After we had been on the water a few hours we decided to head up river and look around a bit before heading back to dock.

As we got moving, my daughter Lauren moved over and sat next to me. Her friend Katelyn and my son sat up on the front of the boat looking around as we moved along. I noticed Lauren was a little woozzy and she started to lean against me for stability. As before, her top fit a little loose and as we got moving, my daughters nipples came into full view. I nudged her to pull her top to cover and she did with a drunken grin on her face. As we went along, her top moved open again, this time her nipples were standing erect in the cold air. My daughter had soft pink nipples that were fat and short with an inward curve to the center opening. Goose bumps highlighted the fine hairs on her skin, making her even hotter.

Once again I shrugged at her to cover up as we continued up river. the more we drove the looser and woozzier she got. By the time we had gotten back to the dock, I had seen her firm breasts about 5 times. As we pulled up to the dock, she was making heart shapes with her hands at me to tell me she loved me, all the while with her drunken grin.

We got home and unloaded the truck and boat and headed inside. I headed for the shower and Lauren was on the phone talking to friends. As I got out of the shower, Lauren was a mess. She was a sad drunk. She was crying and telling me how she missed everyone and all the wrongs of her life. As she sobbed away, I sat down on the bed next to her to comfort her. She still hadn’t taken a shower and was still wearing her bikini. As she layed her head on my shoulder, her top opened up again and this time I began to get hard. Trying to comfort her, I was becoming uncomfortable with the bulge crowing in my pants. She leaned against me telling me of her problems and I gently rubbed her back and stroked her hair, telling her it would all be alright. The more I stroked her hair the more she leaned over towards me. Soon her head was in my lap and Her bikini top was laying wide open exposing her firm breast.

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