Daughter discovers her parents’ fantasies about her

This story is inspired by a friend who showed me her family home and who actually had her bedroom in the attic and unbeknownst to her mom and dad, spent many an hour enjoying their lovemaking via the method included in the story. Of course, the story is fictional — all characters are simply the product of my over stimulated imagination and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence.

One further note: I diverged from my usually pattern of breaking longer stories into 2-3 parts in writing this story — it just seemed to flow better as one long story. Let me know what you think. Please offer me some feedback be it positive or negative. Enjoy!

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit.

“We’re talking enough to pay for your college, Pam,” Mom told me matter-of-factly. “I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind, but this is what’s best for the family, us and you.”

Of course, I just rolled my eyes. It just sucked — I was losing my best friend, Vicky and my sometimes boyfriend, David who I was close to giving in on the big sex question. Dammit, I was a cheerleader on one of the best squads in the state! It just sucked.

To add insult to injury, we wound up celebrating my eighteenth birthday on the long drive across the country. No big party — just an embarrassing moment when the waitresses of a restaurant presented me with ice cream and a brownie with a candle stuck in it and sang me “Happy Birthday,” in front of a laughing crowd. Daddy promised they would make it up to me later, after we got settled in Kentucky. I doubted that. The only thing good thing I could foresee was that in another year, I could escape the hick town we were moving to for college. I already had my eye on a couple of West Coast Schools.

Most of our stuff was already in the house brought before we arrived by the movers, but we spent another two days unpacking and sorting everything. The only good thing about our new home was that it had a huge attic that had been fitted out as a bedroom — the biggest bedroom anyone could wish for. Lots of room for everything. It seems that the previous family had been quite large and had set the attic up for several kids. It even had its own bathroom.

Despite the second floor having four bedrooms, Mom and Daddy agreed to let me live up in the attic. “Nothing wrong with a little privacy, right honey?” Mom said, putting her arm around Daddy’s waist and winking up at him.

Daddy just grinned and leaned down and kissed Mom on the lips, giving her a quick pinch on her butt. I just rolled my eyes. Mom and Daddy had been real lovey-dovey all the way here. They were always touching and kissing each other. “Too much information, Mom,” I said in my best sarcastic voice and then I turned and headed up the stairs to my new room to plan how I wanted to lay everything out.

I slept downstairs on a mattress that first night, but with Mom’s help, I got my bedroom cleaned up and all three of us lugged my bedroom furniture upstairs the next day and by that evening, even though I had lots to unpack, I was able to spend my first night in my new room. I said my good nights right after dinner, pecking Daddy on the cheek and giving Mom a quick hug. I was still mad about moving and just wanted to go sulk in private.

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